Qualcomm Mirasol screen constantly evolving

Qualcomm Mirasol screen constantly evolving

Officially launched in January 2010, the Qualcomm Mirasol display technology that has attracted as much attention as well as carrying the hi market expectations as new electronic reading device tradition. However there seems to actually not be as expected, the business situation is not bright at its recent quarterly meeting with investors, Qualcomm has announced the official closing of the department. Technology Qualcomm Mirasol will not be developed further and it will be for a franchise partner that is interested.

After 2 years of development it has only a single reading device Kyobo e equipped this Mirasol screen. Although the technology so it has many superior features than e-ink screen monochrome tradition. Recently at SID Display Week exhibition, the firm continues to diversify its products with the introduction of new versions have added two 1.5-inch size and 4.3-inch. 4.3-inch screen has a resolution of 1280 x 720. Version 1.5-inch screen is especially suitable for smart watches (smartwatch), the product is very popular today. Good visibility under sunlight and the screen saver will do a lot better smartwatch.

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The current line of electronic books in the world today uses a single display identity (e-Ink), these displays can only serve the common reading. As electronic books grow higher, requires a good color screen displays photos, video or web content. A new technology of Qualcomm will bring up the screen color electronic reader, which it displays vivid colors that not only is more monochromatic.

Screen technology brings Qualcomm's new Mirasol name. It not only helps the devices in the future e-books are capable of displaying color but also energy efficient equipment operation. Different types of Pixel Qi screen allows switching between 2 modes (monochrome and color) of Qualcomm, the screen has only one display mode. Let's look briefly Mirasol display technology is said to have advanced performance and low power consumption of this.

Type of Mirasol screen is IMOD (interferometric modulator display) translates as screen with interference modulator. IMOD display that uses this capacity is very low power consumption, the technology that it uses almost the same with Pixel Qi (absorbs external light source). With the IMOD, the resultant image device (in this electronic book) created will be displayed on the screen by reflecting the ambient light, each pixel is a small mirror, absorbing and reflecting good morning. So where there is bright light will be large and reflective display sharper (weakness of the current mirror screen). Although this is the display technology invented by Qualcomm, but they said it would not directly produce e-books that will sell this type of screen for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Expected to use e-books first Mirasol screen will be available later this year.

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