Use smartphone detect anemia due HemoGlobe

Use smartphone detect anemia due HemoGlobe
Anemia is always a serious disease for all of us, the complications that it leaves is extremely heavy and can be listed as defects, cancer, vitamin deficiencies, lack of iron body, and can lead to death. There is no any method of medical treatment which could radically this situation, so in addition to eating a balanced diet, prevented by regular monitoring of blood flow is also a very important .   Understanding this demand, a group of students at John Hopkins University have invented a new type of sensor, HemoGlobe, can turn the smartphone into a device to monitor blood flow in the body. Principle of operation, similar HemoGlobe the medical device data extraction from cell phones has appeared previously, the device will only include a low-cost sensors directly connected to? Power device, from which all information about the status of blood in the body will be displayed through the screen.   Specifically, this sensor will be exposed to the fingertips of users - similar to gauge the amount of oxygen in the blood of the patient - then a light will shine directly into your fingertips, from that the sensor can determine the amount of blood in the body through different wavelengths of light appear on the skin of the fingertips. Each color corresponds to different levels of red blood cells in the blood of the body. It is understandable that the red cells (hemoglobin), also known as hemoglobin is a protein complex that contains the element iron is responsible for transfer of oxygen from the lungs to other organs in the body, as it features can change color depending on the condition and characteristics of human blood.   After checking the flow of blood in the body of the phone screen will provide color coding sequence, thus suggesting that the body is anemic or not, if the anemia in the device will indicate the level How dangerous. In addition to displaying statistics, HemoGlobe also send these results as a map as an epidemiological regular messages to the user's phone, this will be very helpful when we want to articulate the lack the body's blood doctor.   Although not yet appeared on the market, but can see HemoGlobe would be a very convenient product by measuring blood flow features smart, compact and can connect fine with the phone. There is no any method which could create artificial blood in large numbers, so if you feel healthy, each of us should join the blood donation event to help patients need blood to sustain life. On the other hand, when that body fatigue and insecurity, we should eat a balanced diet and closely monitor the blood flow with electronic devices, or by HemoGlobe future - expected to cost under $ 20.   According to Gizmag ...


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