BMW to introduce electric scooters C Evolution, maximum speed 120 km / h

BMW to introduce electric scooters C Evolution, maximum speed 120 km / h
Recently in London, BMW has released version "near production" of electric scooters called C Evolution. Similarly the e Concept introduced at the Frankfurt last year, C Evolution owns huge stature, elegance and harmony. Vehicle body side remain bommerang shape but more angular design. The seat large size clearly separated for two-face sit and taillights integrated into mirrors. Vehicles equipped with 14.8-horsepower electric motor may have reached maximum capacity of 46.9 kW, maximum speed up to 120km / h. Acceleration in the range 0-100km / h of C Evolution is considered a par with the capacity of 600cc scooter line up.   BMW said on C Evolution shock absorbers help vehicles operate smoothly in urban traffic conditions. Rear suspension unit and located at an angle almost horizontal with the road, while the front suspension is a journey backwards (upside down) with 40mm diameter shock absorbers.   BMW C evolution using alloy wheel rim diameter of 15 "and tires Metzeler Feelgreen is designed to reduce rolling resistance. Front wheel disc brakes equipped with pairs of 270 mm with 2 piston brake, rear wheel equipped similarly but singles. Also the car is also integrated anti-lock braking system ABS helps the driver to easily control the direction of steering and anti-slip braking phenomenon.   With 8 kWh lithium-ion battery (battery module using the BMW car i3) provides electrical power to the motor, the C Evolution could move distances up to 100km (the best rate for a car electric scooters), and just 3 hours to fully charge them through an integrated device, sockets or appliances public charging stations. BMW decided to use air-cooled system for the battery to save space and reduce weight. They also take advantage of large size and design of the battery casing is made of aluminum as a bearing element for the chassis.   C Evolution is particularly proactive in adopting renewable energy solutions through increasing vehicle deceleration or braking, improving distance walked by 10 to 20%. Vehicle use control panel TFT display information about speed, battery current, energy recovery and lost in the process of moving.   In addition to specifications, the C Evolution is also highly valued by environmental friendliness. BMW is expected to produce 5 samples C Evolution and displayed in a variety of European countries before the launch of the official version. BMW introduced C Evolution Video:        $ ("# Galleria_1950626796"). Galleria ({ width: 490, height: 500, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, idleMode: false, trueFullscreen: false, }); Source: Motorcycle, BMWblog, BMW-Motorrad ...


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