The harmful effects when looking too long at the screen and preventive measures

The harmful effects when looking too long at the screen and preventive measures
The explosion of technology and the introduction of a range of new equipment has made human life becomes easier. However, few know is that the smartphones, PCs, handheld gaming accidentally "force" our eyes work harder.   According to experts working in the health and human services recommended by the United States, every day we should just sit in front of less than 2 hours. That means all the activities like watching TV, texting on the phone, working at the computer or game console are only limited to 2 hours. According to these experts, the focus too long on the screen will cause a lot of dangerous consequences to the eyes, and regret that can occur is blindness.   So why stare at the computer screen to be harmful to our eyes? Here are the causes and effects of working too long the screen.   Distance:   Our eyes work by contracting and relaxing the nervous tissue inside the device. So long as we focus on the display device, the small tissue will continue to contract in a long time, this inevitably leads to fatigue the muscle tissue is made we can not set centered on the points at different distances, causing blur, eye strain and pain in the head.   Blink:   When staring at the screen or a certain point, we probably would not blink to reach the highest concentration. Research shows that an average person blink 12-13 times a minute, while concentrating, our eyes blink only 4-5 times during the same period.   This is very harmful to the eyes by the glance is a natural habit helps to keep the eye moist and lubricated by the tears. So little wink means the eyeball is dry, this will cause dazzle, headaches and congestion.   Lighting:   Most computer monitors, telephones and game machines all use technology backlit (the backlighting). The technology makes on-screen devices can be easily seen in low light conditions (or night) as well as intense light.   At first glance, it is very convenient, but this has made our eyes become dilated or spasm again depending on light levels and time to focus on the screen. Consequently, after a while, our eyes become very sensitive to light, causing blurred vision and blurred vision.   ? Conclusion:   All these factors together caused the problems and eye diseases are common, can even cause blindness. Specifically, after a long time, our eyesight becomes weaker, leading to the distance between the eyes and closer to the screen, more concentrated and can be clearly seen to be dependent on light the screen.   All these problems are referred to the medical community is "computer vision syndrome" (Computer Vision Syndrome), the syndrome affects 150-200 million U.S. workers. Besides, in the past 25 years, the rapid growth of notebooks, personal computers and television have contributed to up 66% of myopia worldwide.   Measures: Working in areas with optimal light conditions, not too dark nor too bright. Keep a reasonable distance between screen and eyes. Break 5-10 minutes every 1 hour to work the screen, can stand up to rest or look at many different points at different positions. Or use hand massaging your eyes. Blink several times to help the eye from drying. Can use eye drops, but must have instructions from your doctor. Tinhte hope you will always have healthy eyes, beautiful and not to wear thick glasses because his eyes are too focused reading or playing games in the long run.   Refer Ahealthiermichigan, Internet ...


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