1 Gbps Fiber Network Google launches with Google Fiber TV Service

1 Gbps Fiber Network Google launches with Google Fiber TV Service
In April last, Google has revealed a high-speed network project in Kansas City, USA, and today the company has officially put it into operation. This service, called Google Fiber, promises to provide transmission speeds of approximately stable 1Gbps (about 125MB per second) for both upload and download direction. Google said the service "100 times faster than traditional broadband networks" and the Gigabit speed reaches only a first step in planning for the network speed to catch up the pace of microprocessor development Very fast and the storage device. Google Fiber service no bandwidth limits, no money excess charge, users can upload / download as many as you like. Google also offered to customers with their storage capacity 1TB Google Drive. However, Google is not just about Fiber Internet, it also promises to bring "new and wonderful experience for watching TV" via Google Fiber TV services. When registered users, users will be Google will provide a set of devices, including:TV Box: is responsible for processing television signals and output Full-HD 1080p image to an external monitor via HDMI. TV Box also has ports for Component, Composite, Optical Audio port S / PDIF. It can act as an Access Point to support the wireless broadcast from Google Fiber. This device also supports YouTube and Netflix.Network Box: includes four Ethernet ports and router Gigagit n WiFi standard with speeds up to 360Mbps (3x3 antenna). Network Box also has built-in firewall and will connect directly to Google Fiber cables come out from the wall.Storage Box: This device supports 8 TV show recorded at the same time and can contain up to 500 hours of video Full-HD thanks to 2TB hard drive inside. It also has an integrated Ethernet cable for use with existing wired systems.Nexus 7: The tablets are sold to the task with a remote control for Google Fiber TV system. In addition, users can watch TV through Nexus 7 in anywhere in the home, see what is shared with friends or use it as a normal tablet.Google also has launched an Android application on IOS and to use the search feature voice through a customizable interface. In the upcoming version, this software will support more image from the TV Box TV to mobile devices of users. About the service pack, Google introduced three packages as follows:Free Internet: the user will have to spend money to install 300 USD (or pay 25 USD / month over twelve months). This package only comes Storage Box and Google Fiber network. Download speeds up to 5Mbps, upload is 1Mbps. No Google Drive increases capacity.Gigabit Internet: after spending $ 300 pre-installed, users will sign a one year contract with monthly rates are $ 70. In addition to Google Fiber network, this service pack comes with 1TB Storage Box and Google Drive. Upload and download speeds up to 1Gbps.Gigabit + TV: the most advanced package that Google introduced to charge 120 USD / month for two-year contract. It includes all four devices mentioned above, the TV signal with "hundreds of channels," Google Fiber network and 1TB Google Drive. Upload and download speeds up to 1Gbps. Users also use video services on demand. To view the TV channels other high additional cost.The money for the installation of 300 USD package Gigabit + Gigabit Internet and Google TV is a free limited time. Above rates are applicable only to residents, while the cost of services for Google enterprise has not been disclosed. Google said that until now, only one of the areas of Kansas City Missouri and Kansas are used Google Fiber. In the future, firms will in turn expand its high-speed network to more places but requires each region to have a number of people before certain registered (Registration fee is $ 10, a time limit for its decide whether to open the line for that area or not is 6 weeks). Please see the video premiere of Google FiberAccording to Google, Engadget, The verge


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