[KM] Smartphone - Smartchoice in NguyenKim.com

[KM] Smartphone - Smartchoice in NguyenKim.com
March / 2012, Nguyen Kim's website received a "hat trick" prize awarded by the Department of Trade and Industry, such as e-commerce Website (EC) model specialized B2C e - telecommunications consumers favorite in 2011; Website with e-commerce customer care services in 2011 and the most popular e-commerce website with the best delivery service in 2011 ... This is the result of strong investment process from Nguyen Kim for field electronic commerce, in particular, always have a lot www.nguyenkim.com website program for online shoppers, especially digital equipment products. "Smartphone - endless passion" Located in the series of programs held at Nguyen Kim for summer 2012, in collaboration with Nguyen Kim electronics corporations such as Sony, Samsung, Nokia, HTC Smartphone Week ... made for "believers" technology enthusiasts with many attractive promotions. Besides, in the event www.nguyenkim.com are attractive called "Smartphone - endless passion" for those who wish to own a smartphone, today's most cutting-edge technologies without spending any cost. Accordingly, you only need to access the registration website www.nguyenkim.com participate and share with friends on the phone to your favorite smart. The more people join you, you will have a chance to win the phone "hot" today is Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Galaxy S3, Desire HD, Sony Xperia S. In addition, there are hundreds of phone Voucher purchase 2,000,000 worth of Nguyen Kim for customers participating in the program.  The more the merrierThe program started from 20/7 to 16/8/2012 at www.nguyenkim.com for everyone, especially free with how to join extremely simple, just go through three steps:Players registering personal information including user names, email addresses, phone numbers to receive information from the authentication code by SMS Nguyen Kim.Complete the registration period was over in 1 minute, the player chooses favorite handset model and desire to own to share with friends. Content sharing is simple: set the title, slogan and say why you choose this smartphone.Then share this information to friends to accumulate pointsPlayers can share information about their favorite smartphone with friends on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Zing me ... For each person you sign up to participate, players will be a plus point . Summing up the program, players total the highest accumulated points will be master of your favorite smartphone. In addition, Nguyen Kim also donated hundreds of shopping voucher worth from 600,000 to 2,000,000 VND for the player scoring the next after 4 players determine the prize winners. This continues to be a free program made by Kim Nguyen at www.nguyenkim.com, is attractive playground for those passionate about technology, how to participate in simple, clear rules and completely transparent. Before that, the "Nguyenkim.com: Predicting free car win billions" by Nguyen Kim held for Vietnam football fans during Euro Cup season in 2012 has attracted nearly a hundred thousand people participated in the the country. In addition, Nguyen Kim also regularly organizes contests, incentive programs for customers shopping at www.nguyenkim.com as "Auction golden hour", "Surf ordering - Get thousands of gift", "Men in the kitchen," Happy Valentine "...  For more detailed program information, please visit the website www.nguyenkim.com.Commercial Joint-Stock Company Nguyen Kim63-65 -67 Tran Hung Dao, District 1, HCMC


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