Google warning Samsung is not Apple clones

Google warning Samsung is not Apple clones
The next week, court processing infringement cases between Apple and Samsung will take place. Page AllThingsSD Apple said it plans to use key words and Samsung's previous statements against the phone manufacturer from Korea. Accordingly, Samsung was aware of phone products and their tablets were "fake" a blatant iPhone and iPad products of Apple and they had discussed this issue in the company's internal .In his summary, Apple said: "These documents show that Samsung similarities between the way their products are not random, and they called it a" natural evolution "." It is the result of a deliberate plan of Samsung to grab the outstanding success of the iPhone and iPad by copying back the iconic design and intuitive user interface of them. Apple will rely on the documents of the Samsung and telling a clear story about the copying of their products. " Among the documents, some of the other shows that Samsung is not only trying to copy a certain number of characteristics of the iPad and iPhone which obviously they were warned by many different companies, including Google . Below is a summary of the templates in Apple:In 02/2010, Google told Samsung that the Samsung P1 and P3 (corresponding to Galaxy Tab and Tab 10.1) "too similar" iPad and request product samples P3 to have a different design to distinguish them from the computer this table.In 2011, the group of Samsung Product Design Group had noted that they felt "sorry" for the Galaxy S look "too like" an iPhone before.In a formal evaluation sponsored by Samsung, the renowned designer also warned that handset Samsung Galaxy S "look so like a copy of the iPhone," and they "need for reform progress ". The designer explained that the appearance of Galaxy S "looks like the iPhone so it does not point to distinguish the" and "if your hand covering the Samsung logo that will be difficult to distinguish what is Galaxy S and which is the iPhone ".However, towards the Samsung, they have some evidence that Apple was not the inventor of that design. Especially since 2006, there were some design documents internal slide shows a user interface very similar to the mobile interface of the iPhone, and iPhone is the first new release in a year then, a comparison before and after the iPhone launch, combined with some internal e-mails within the company also said that Apple's iPhone design is affected by the design of another company, Sony. So both Apple and Samsung have their own reasons and we have to wait until next week to see the court's judgment is like. Comparison Table of Samsung products before and after the iPhone launch (2007)According AllThingSD


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