Facebook Profile Photos Sharing Statistics

Facebook has now become a huge hub of photo sharing website, where almost thousands of photo share every day from users all over the world. According to a recent analysis and statistic report from Pixable, about 10% of them are profile photos. Photo discovery app Pixable analyzed about 500,000 of its users’ profiles to come up with some statistics about the photos we choose to represent ourselves.

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Download Opera Mini 6 for iPhone and iPad - Free Version

The most popular Web Browser for Mobile Devices "Opera" has released its latest Opera version for Apple iPhone and iPad. Now iPhone and iPad users are also able to experience world’s fastest mobile browsing on their smartphones through Opera Mini 6.

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Google Introduced Google Wallet: Mobile Payment System

Finally Google has announced the replacement of human wallets and have introduced eWallet for transactions worldwide. Google has teaming up with MasterCard, Citigroup and Sprint to launch a new phone based Mobile Payment System. Which is officially known as Google Wallet, which will enable special chips embedded in many future Android devices to be used for payments? Instead of swiping a credit card, customers will be able to wave their Android phone in front of a reader to make a payment.

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Manually Activate Microsoft Office 2010: Activation Key Genuine

As I told you before about the two different ways of Microsoft Office 2010 Activation in my previous post. Where we have already discussed how you can Activate Microsoft Office 2010 by using KMS Activator software, but some people are still not able to activate their Microsoft Office 2010 copy by using KMS Activator. So for those people who are not able to make their Office 2010 copy genuine by using KMS Activator, they don’t have to worry about it because they can also Manually Activate Microsoft Office 2010 by using manual method without any cracks.

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KMS Activator for Office 2010: Genuine Activation Key

As we know Microsoft has already launched its new Office version Microsoft Office 2010 and every office users are switching to this new version and they are not aware of how to activate Microsoft Office 2010 and they are getting trial period of 30 days of product activation and also facing Microsoft Office 2010 Genuine Activation problem. So today I am going to share how you can activate Microsoft Office 2010 and avoid 30 days trial period and make your Office 2010 copy fully genuine and activate for a life time.

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Windows Phone 7 Mango Official Features and Rumors Update

Microsoft is soon going to launch its next generation Windows Phone 7.5 codename "Mango". Windows Phone 7 is due for a major update in the near future and Microsoft will integrate all its new features and updates in its upcoming Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango". According to the Microsoft new Windows Phone handsets are on the way this year from Acer, Fujitsu and Chinese mobile phone manufacturer ZTE. By adding additional OEM manufacturers to their existing partners, it is expected Microsoft will be able to reach a broader range of price points and attract a larger audience. The devices will ship with the first really dramatic update to Windows Phone 7 'Mango'.

In addition, Microsoft has confirmed new Windows Phone Mango devices will ship this year from all their existing Windows Phone 7 partners: HTC, Samsung, LG and Dell. We have already know about 30 confirmed and rumored major changes and updates present in Windows Phone 7 “Mango,”, so the other 470 changes must be either extremely minor or a load of other features that will be uncovered at tomorrow’s event. On that list we do have some big features, such as IE9 integration, multi-tasking, Office 365 support, revamped Xbox Live, Bing upgrades, Marketplace improvements and a boatload more.

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How to Optimize Videos for Facebook and YouTube

As we all know Facebook has now become one of the effective way to deliver and market product and services from producer to consumer, so how will your consumer knows about your product and services if they don’t even know what you are offering or delivering to them. So Video Presentation is now consider the most effective method of market products and services to internet consumers worldwide.

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Free Facebook Like Count Script - Facebook Like Count Calculator

Now Facebook users can calculate their Likes, Shares and Comments of a specific URL and Posts and also you can create your own Facebook Like Count Calculator for your Websites and Blogs by using PHP Script and its totally free. We have already shared before Facebook Auto Like Script through which users can get maximum Facebook Likes count by using PHP Script here.

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Leveraging Android Access From Google IO 2011

You can watch our Google IO 2011 on Levarging Android Access APIs. The main take-aways from the talk:

  • Android Access is easy --- the framework does most of the heavy-lifting.
  • Implementing Android Access does not mean you take a performance hit.
  • Accessibility is really about expanding the reach of your application.

Implementing accessibility within your application and thereby ensuring that it is usable in a wide variety of end-user scenarios will benefit your application --- both in terms of the number of users you gain, as well as how often your users use your application.

Play Angry Birds On Web Browsers - PC Version Available Now

Finally most popular game ever for mobile devices, Angry Birds is now available for PC's and users now can play Angry Birds Game within their PC's Web Browsers. Today at Google I/O Conference Google has announced the popular bird hurling game, Angry Birds for Chrome Web Store. The browser version of the game is now available and can be played at Chrome Web Store. But you are not limited to play it in just Google Chrome but also you can play it with any of your browser version either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

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Google Released Android 3.1 Update and also Announced Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Google has officially announced the latest Android firmware version Android 3.1 in Google IO Conference today. The latest firmware Android 3.1 update will be released today for Verizon Xoom 3G customers, and will continue to roll out to other customers in the coming days. The latest additions to Google Android 3.1 will be turning your Xoom into a USB host. This means people will be able to plug in their cameras and other devices, making the Xoom act like a desktop computer, allowing you to transfer photos and other digital media. The USB host will even allow users to plug in controllers (with the Xbox 360 controller used as a demo) to play games.

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Microsoft Most Dominating Company in Operating System Revenue

According to the latest report from Gartner Research about the Worldwide Operating System Revenue and market share from companies and vendors, It has been declared that Microsoft is still dominating in making of Operating Systems for PC's, according to the amount of revenue it generates. Last Year in 2010 Microsoft had $23.848 billion revenue from its Operating System business, which gave it a 78.6 percent share of the entire worldwide OS market for that year.

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Microsoft To Officially Buy Skype for $8.5 Billion

War between Google, Facebook and Microsoft to Buy Skype is over now, Microsoft has officially announced its intention to Buy Skype, the Internet phone software company. This morning's Press Release announced that the price that Microsoft is Paying for Skype will indeed be $8.5 Billion in Cash, as previously revealed on Monday night by the AllThingsDigital website.

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Google Officially Launch 'Google Music Service'

Everyone seems to be waiting for the launch of Google Music Service, so no more wait for music freak persons. Google has finally launched its Music Service website called Google Music (Beta), quite similar to Amazon's Cloud Player. Google Music is basically based on Google’s Cloud based music player which allows you to listen to any music you upload to the anticipated cloud service offline, and it tracks what you’ve listened to recently to make it automatically available offline. You will also be able to easily select which songs/artists/playlists that you want to make available offline.

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Facebook Diverting More Traffic to News Websites and Channels

Pew Research Center‘s has published a report today about the Facebook influence upon news readership in which they have mentioned the importance of How Facebook diverting traffic to News reading websites. We have already seen numerous reports point out Facebook’s growing influence upon news readership and Pew Research Center‘s Project for Excellence in Journalism released data showing exactly that.

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Top 100 Fastest Growing Brands of 2011 - Global Brands Report

Milward Brown’s has published a report about the Top Fastest Growing Brands of 2011 in which they includes websites from different categories like social networking websites, technology websites, search engine websites, online shopping website, restaurants, commercial banks, stock markets, insurance companies etc. The most interesting part of that report is that first time Milward Brown’s has includes the social network website in their categories.

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Online Ticketing Service 'GrouponLive' from Groupon and Live Nation

Soon internet users will be able to get Online Ticketing Service from Groupon and Live Nation. Because Groupon and Live Nation has team up to launch a new Online Ticketing Deals on local events channel called GrouponLive.

GrouponLive, the service will combine Groupon's local distribution abilities with Live Nation's roster of events. Consumers will be able to use GrouponLive to find limited-time deals on sporting events, concerts, theater shows, and other live events, the companies said. However, it will be limited to North America.

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New and Improved Facebook App for BlackBerry Smartphones - Download Free

BlackBerry has released its new and improved Facebook Application "BlackBerry v2.0 beta app" for their Smartphones with new and improved features includes; native contacts, phone, and SMS apps; adds some new feature to chat and profiles; and makes it compatible with the outdated BlackBerry Device Software v5.0. These changes and enhancements underscore Facebook’s increasing role as an aggregator of contact information that augments one’s own phonebook.

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Google Redesign Search Engine Reuslts Page - Experimenting & Testing

Google always experiment a new things and tests for its product and now Google has just started to redesign its Search Engine Results page. One of our valuable readers has just accidently got this image and news from relevant sources that Google is redesigning its whole Search Result Page and making changes to its current design with a new color scheme and a lot more white space.

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Earn Money Through Facebook by Watching Facebook Ads

Now Facebook users can Earn Money Online by just watching Ads on the Facebook website. Last Thursday Facebook has introduced a new program that allows users and consumers to earn financial incentive by just watching facebook ads.

Facebook will now reward their users who watch certain ads on the website with Facebook Credits, which can be redeemed to purchase goods on Facebook Deals, the company's new Groupon like daily deals service. The incentive amount, however, is not huge. Initially at least, the average ad will yield one credit, which is the equivalent of 10 Cents.
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Samsung I9001 Galaxy S Plus Smartphone Review, Price and Features

Samsung Galaxy series is somehow getting more popular than any other series. So Samsung has yet again come back with its latest Android based Smartphone called Samsung I9001 Galaxy S Plus which is also popularly known as Samsung Galaxy S 2011 Edition is another Android based Smartphone of Galaxy generation. Samsung I9001 Galaxy S Plus have got lots of built-in features which makes it quite unique from other smartphones available today.

Samsung I9001 Galaxy S Plus is basically based on Android V2.3 Gingerbread OS and it is powered by 1.4GHz Scorpion processor. It has HTML browser and FM radio with RDS. It has A-GPS Support and it will be available in Black and white colors. The Galaxy S Plus is a 5 MP camera comes with touch focus, face and smile detection. Video Recording is supported resolution of HD, 1280×720 720p@30fps. You can also use various other facilities like Digital compass, document editor, organizer and Social networking integration. MP4, TV-Out, Gmail, maps, and Google search facility is also available. It has Super AMOLED capacitive touch-screen with 16M colors. It has 2G network GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and 3G network GSM HSDPA 900/1900/2100.

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Free Download Ubuntu 11.04 - Officially Released

If you are Ubuntu Geek than this news is for you, Ubuntu has released the new version of Ubuntu 11.04. You can download it from the previously linked site free of charge. Among the various new features, the Unity interface is set as the default UI, and includes the launcher (an OS X like dock), Its most noticeable change is the application launcher on the left side of the screen. Similar to Windows 7 taskbar, it lets you drag and drop icons to and from it, as well as launch apps quickly and easily. According to the Ubuntu website, the OS can boot in as little as 7 seconds.

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