Apple Officially Announced White iPhone 4 - Available In Stores

Apple has officially announced the White iPhone 4 for users all over the world. White iPhone 4 is now finally on sale and people can buy the White iPhone 4 directly from Apple Store. Almost an entire year after Apple originally announced the iPhone 4, which promised both a white and black model, the company has finally released it.

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Windows 8 Latest News, Rumors and Update Leaks Out

No more longer wait for the most awaited Operating System Microsoft Windows 8. The wait is over, the latest news, rumors and leaks about Windows 8 has been out and it’s spreading on internet since last 2 months. Now the early build of Windows 8 build 7955 has been leaked on internet. This information has been leaked out from who had previously leaked the Windows 8 build 7850. As with the previous build, this build is again on a private FTP but is expected to leak publicly in the same fashion as the previous build.

The new Windows 8 build 7955 contain many of the new features including a new log in screen, the ribbon interface, language profile, new taskbar, metro design theme, and other new updates. While this actual build has not leaked in full like build 7850, 7955 is a more robust Windows 8 build in comparison.

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Download Best Free Antivirus Software for Windows 7, Vista and XP

Today we are going to review Best and Effective Freeware Antivirus  Software for Windows 7, Vista and XP. As we know Windows 7 is becoming more popular version of windows all time after Windows XP these days and its market has already crossed and beat the popularity of Windows XP in America and other countries. Since more people are getting involved in newer version of Windows and using it as their primary operating system, so it’s really required some effective security tools and software to protect it from any Virus threat.
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Buy Best Digital Camera for Vacations, Events and Trip

Today we are going to review Top Best Digital Cameras for your vacations and personal events. Digital Cameras play an important role in any ceremonies and events to grab your memories and to share it with your friends and families. Photos are most valuable thing in any individual’s life to discover his personal life. What if you had no photo proof of how much better your life was than your friends and families? So when it comes to choosing the right and perfect digital camera, there are so many variables to begin with that you will be grateful you brought the right kind on your trip and events. But what is the “right kind”? Well, that all depends on your right decision at right time and for right place.

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Google Data Centers Security and Protection Video Revealed

Google has revealed a video about companies Security and Data Protection measures which has been taken from Google to protect their Data Centers from any damage or theft threats. Its a secret video which has been released from Google for customers to know how Google manage its enterprise customers from harm. The narrator points out, for example, that Google builds its own custom server technology and develops its own secure Linux OS to run its centers.

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How Internet Affects World Environment - Earth Day Special

We all know that Internet has now become one of the important element in all our life. On Earth Day we will find out how Internet is affecting our World Environment? Is it possible that our tech gadgets and online internet activities themselves might be harming the planet or earth in someway? We know that the data centers that power our favorite applications and websites are far from green, although Google and Facebook are attempting to change that, both in the kinds of energy we use and how much energy is needed.

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New & Improved Version of Google Analytics Out Now

Google has introduced a new and improved version of Google Analytics for all analytics users. Google have added many new features in new Google Analytics design, In addition to faster performance and a streamlined UI, the new Analytics also packs quite a lot of improved and entirely new functionality.

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Download iTunes 10 Now - Free Apple iTunes Software

Apple has released the new version of iTunes 10. Apple has been pushed a new update for their iTunes media player, the new update includes in new version are merely fixes a number of bugs. According to the information listed in Apple's Software Update application.

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Make Free Voice Calls Through Facebook Via T-Mobile

Now you can make free Voice Call through Facebook to any of your Facebook friends who are on Facebook Chat. T-Mobile the leading cellular company in United States have launched the new application, called Bobsled, in order to offer voice chat via Facebook Chat. The Bobsled service is usable by anyone, even those outside the United States, and allows them to make voice calls to friends who are on Facebook Chat. Voice messages can also be left on the 'Walls' of different Facebook users, and these can be made public or private.

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HTC Sensation 4G Smartphone Reviews and Specification

HTC has introduced its brand new smartphone focusing more on entertainment called "HTC Sensation 4G" also known as "HTC Sense" HTC calling it a "multimedia superphone". HTC Sense 4G having Google's Android operating system and will be exclusively available on T-Mobile in the United States. It will be released sometime this summer, according to the press release from HTC.

The HTC Sensation 4G includes the HTC Watch video feature, an app that provides access to a library of recent movies and television shows. The app's technology lets users begin watching a video without having to wait for the entire file to download, according to HTC. This video feature also lets users buy or rent videos and play them across multiple HTC devices.

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Nokia X7-00 Smartphone Review - Specification and Price Details

Today we are going to Review Nokia X7-00 Smartphone. Nokia has launched its brand new smartphone Nokia X7-00 with latest technology, The Nokia X7-00 has large 4.0 inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of this stunning device has Gorilla glass display and sensors for auto-rotate. It is powered by Symbian Os ^ 3 with four speakers at the corners. Nokia X7-00 gives users an enhanced and extensive experience in the multimedia-rich applications are Ovi Store.

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Social Media Website's Availability & Page Loading Statistics

According to the latest Social Media Statistics report from AlertSite, comparing several social media websites to find which website loads fast enough and consumes less time to load pages. The social media websites which participate in this statistic report are Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace.

LinkedIn and YouTube hold the top two spots in availability.

According to the report, the social media site increased its average page loading speed from 1.06 seconds at the end of 2010 to .75 seconds this quarter.

YouTube follows behind it with an average response time of 1.46 seconds. In third place is LinkedIn at 1.69 seconds, and Twitter at 2.59 seconds.

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Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 Only - Platform Preview Video

Microsoft has released the Internet Explorer 10 platform preview video for users. Microsoft published the video on Channel9 website and is currently developing the platform and looking for user feedback. Microsoft more said that:

IE10 builds on IE9 with support for even more standards like CSS3 gradients, multi-column, and grid layouts. In this video Rob Mauceri walks us through some of the new features of IE10 including an example of flowing of content in multi-column layouts.

According to Microsoft representative Internet Explorer 10 will not be available for Windows Vista users. Just a day after announcing the Platform Preview for IE10, Vista users will not be able to install the Platform Preview, nor the final release of Internet Explorer 10.
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Apple Released iPad 2 Advertisement "We Believe"

Apple has released the first ever iPad 2 advertisement on television. The slogan which Apple has use for its iPad 2 Ad is "We Believe". Apple continuing its marketing strategy to gain effective audience.

Apple released iPad 2 Ad on television with saying;

“This is what we believe: Technology alone is not enough,” says the slow, soothing voice-over at the opening of the ad. “Faster, thinner, lighter, those are all good things. But when technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful, even magical.”

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