Angry Birds Available for Windows Phone 7 - Download and Play Now

The most popular game of all time for Smartphones and Mobile devices name "Angry Birds" is now available for Windows Phone 7 users too. Now Windows Phone users can also play world’s most popular game Angry Birds on their devices. The game Angry Birds has launch with the collaboration of Rovio Mobile and Microsoft Studios. The game was first made originally only for Apple iOS, then Android and many other platforms including the web through Google Chrome, and finally it has made its debut on Microsoft’s latest mobile OS.

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'Google+ Plus' New Social Network - Google+ Features and Details

Google has just introduced its new Social Network concept named "Google+", may be a new competitor of Facebook. Google announced a new social project, but not like its previous releases of Google Waves, Google Buzz etc, but now Google is very serious with its new social project called Google+. Google+ provides the opportunity to Google users to connect and interact with people who are in their contacts with more social way. It will take all your Google contacts and adds a level of sharing and organization that makes the Google experience more social than ever.

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Nokia N9 Smartphone Review and Specification Details

After Nokia and Microsoft partnership agreement to build a quality and innovative Smartphone's Nokia has really changes its way to build smartphone's with latest technology and design. A recently introduced Nokia N9 is the best example of that change. The Nokia N9 is the latest innovative smartphone device with Nokia's latest Operating System called "MeeGo", which we had already discussed in our blog before. The new Nokia N9 is the first MeeGo-powered OS smartphone from the Finns, and we really hopes that it won't be the last because it's actually a smart looking device from Nokia.

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Facebook Redesign New Homepage Layout and Look

Facebook has frequently change its homepage design in last one year and now we have heard from Facebook sources that Facebook might change its homepage again with newly tested design and also possibly the photo viewer. Facebook tested every new feature and updates on daily basis so you might feel some changes every day so beta tests of new layouts or designs is simply business as usual for the social network.

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Nokia to Launch first Windows Phones Smartphone in Europe this Year

As we know Nokia has already announced that they will teaming up with Microsoft to build Smartphone's based on Windows Phone 7 Operating System. The two companies wants to enhance their partnership to the next level, Microsoft says the strategic partnership will allow both companies to use their "complementary strengths" to create a new "global mobile ecosystem" which will almost certainly take Windows Phone 7 market share to a whole new level. Nokia will make Windows Phone 7 their "principal smartphone strategy" (in other words, it's going to be their main operating system for all their phones) with plans to work in partnership with Microsoft on both software and hardware features. Nokia will make their primary OS for smartphones "Symbian" OS as a "franchise platform", with MeeGo soon with an emphasis placed on longer term market exploration for next generation devices, platforms and user experiences.

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Google Voice Search and Google Instant Images Feature Launched

Google has recently launched its new search feature for Google Chrome users called Google Voice Search. Android users are very well aware of voice to enable Google Search feature because its self includes in Android-based Smartphones. According to the Official Google Blog, the company has just today enabled searching using its web site via voice for PC users. This new feature which is exclusively available for Google's own Chrome Web Browser at the moment. Users will be able to see a microphone icon on the Google Search button. Chrome users can simply click on it and speak their search phrase or terms (assuming they have a microphone installed of course). At the moment only English is supported by the new Google Search PC voice feature.

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Unlocked iPhone 4 GSM Now Available in United States - Buy Now

Apple has now confirmed the news about Unlocked iPhone 4 GSM Smartphones selling in United States through Apple Retail Stores. Apple has just updated its online retail store with a new unlocked version of the iPhone 4, now customers and buyers can place the order of iPhone 4 in either black or white at a starting price of $649 for 16GB, with the option to upgrade to 32GB for $100 extra.

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10 Facts and Personal Details About Bill Gates - Success Story Revealed

As we know Microsoft's founder "Bill Gates" is one of the powerful personality of I.T. Industry today and most of the people wants to be like him. Many people know the Success Story of Bill Gates as Microsoft Chairman, but no one knows the actual facts about his personal and professional life. Microsoft's founder Bill Gates (the world's second-richest person) has revealed some personal details in interview with the Daily Mail which you have never heard before.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Smartphone Review - Hardware & Software Details

Samsung is now become the most promising company in term of Smartphone's and Tablet computing development. Samsung has recently launched its new family member of its Samsung Galaxy Tab known as Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 device with lots of powerful feature’s. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, in its current form, was born out of a response to Apple's sleek and thin iPad tablet. The original Galaxy Tab 10.1, which hadn't reached market yet, just couldn't compete, so Samsung went back the drawing board and turned out this beauty of a tablet in record time. And this one can compete.

The original 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab was the only major iPad competitor to be released in 2010, but it was hampered by the inclusion of Android 2.2 very much an OS designed for mobile phones rather than tablets. However with the release of the tablet-tastic Android 3.1 this year, the iPad 2 is about to come up against some serious competition.
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Windows Phone to Overtake iPhone by 2015 - IDC Report

According to the latest IDC report regarding Worldwide Smartphone Operating System Market Share, IDC has declared that the Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 will overtake the market share of the Apple's iPhone by 2015. In fact under the figures, the iPhone market share would decrease with Android taking the lead with 43.8% in 2015. Google's Android will keep its top spot in 2015, grabbing almost 44 percent of the global market, while Apple's iOS will hug third place with a 16.9 percent share.

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Top Five Games Review of the E3 Expo Event 2011

It’s really been a big and busy week for video gamers from all over the world who has attended the E3 Expo. Some people love them. Some people hate them. But one thing is for sure, they are not going away anytime soon. As soon as they hit the floor at the Los Angeles Convention Center when E3 Expo 2011 opened. So the point is what we have got from E3 Expo event.

Nintendo, showed off a new version of the Wii, called the Wii U. Its controller has a giant screen built into it, enabling "second screen" effects.

Microsoft, will put live TV on the Xbox.

Sony, which is still dealing with its hacker woes, came out with a new portable gaming system called Vita.

But that was not all the news from the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, which is seen as the biggest video gaming event of the year. E3 proves that rumors of blockbuster gaming's demise are greatly exaggerated. This is supposed to be the era of social games, free games, and digital downloads and apps but the big games are all the rage, but everyone is asking which is the Top Five Games from the E3 Expo event? So we are going to review the Top Five Games from the E3 Expo 2011 event.

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How to: Upgrade to Apple iOS 5 Firmware - Tutorial

If you want to upgrade to a new Apple iOS 5 firmware version and if you don't know how to upgrade to a new Apple iOS 5.0 firmware version, than this tutorial will helps you to upgrade to a new Apple i OS 5.0 firmware without being a professional developer. This method was created by Apple lover Mert Erdir. It takes advantage of a backdoor exploit in the activation screen, which is tied to the VoiceOver system used by Apple. It was reported on at Gizmodo, if you want to see the article.

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Apple iOS 5.0 and iCloud Details and Features Information

Apple has finally announced its upcoming iOS 5.0 firmware version for Mac and iDevices at annual WWDC event. Steve Jobs holds the mike to announce the new flagship of software suites for Mac and iDevices, Apple announced that to date, they have had more than 14 billion downloads, with over 90,000 iPad apps. They have paid developers more than $2.5 billion dollars so far.

Apple started off the new feature list with notifications. Apple has removed the old notification popup system for a more inline notification system, making it less annoying when you're watching a video or playing a game. The 'notification center' will act similar to Android, where your menu swipes down, revealing alerts for all of your phone, messages, emails and more. The notification center is even on your lock screen too.

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How to Get Thousands of Clicks on Facebook Ads: Guidelines to Follow

Facebook Ads are now one of the fastest way to reach to your global targeted audience. So if you really want to get success in Facebook Ads, than you must know the effective techniques which may lead you towards success. Just place Ads on Facebook is not enough, you also have to work on it to get more visitors and clicks from Facebook users. So the question is how you will get thousands and millions of clicks on your Facebook Ads?. Well i am going to share basic steps which help you to get thousands and millions of Clicks on your Facebook Ads.

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Decide Whether Your Company Needs Mobile App

How to know whether your Company or Business needs a Mobile App of its own?

If you are running any of your business or company and if you are confused whether your company needs an app for more online presence amongst consumers all over the world and you are not taking decision confidently, the answer depends a lot on the kind of company and product or products in play. It also shifts based on the demographic you’re targeting and the current state of the mobile landscape.

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World's First Solar Energy Laptop Concept - Sun Powered Backup

The computing technology is really helping humans to make their work easier, more efficient and consume less time with more output. After the revolution of desktop computers and modern technology of laptops, now we have a concept of Worlds First Solar Energy Laptop. Now you won't have to worry about your laptops battery backup, what if your laptop battery charged with solely by the sun?

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Google, Yahoo and Bing collaborate to form

The three big internet companies and competitors of all time, Google, Yahoo and Bing have team up to create a unified project called Today it’s really rare to see three big rivals collaborate on a single project. The collaboration is a positive sign that even though Google and Bing are fighting for market share, they are able to put aside differences to help out the average consumer. Schema is a website which is all about how web developers and owners have to work on their website to gain more online identity on internet and on Search Engines.

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Google Launches 'Google Offers' a competitor of GroupOn

At this week's D9 Conference, almost every big company have declared and have revealed their most exciting new products and services, So as Google is also one of them, Google has launch a coupon website to compete with the GroupOn online coupon service at D9 Conference. The new service of coupon site from Google is known as Google Offers (beta), a real big competitor of GroupOn.

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Windows 8 Design, Interface and UI Demo Video Revealed by Microsoft

No more wait for Microsoft Windows 8 first look, Microsoft has officially declared and revealed most awaited version of Windows after Windows 7 codename 'Windows 8'. The Microsoft official event were not streamed live, the video from Computex has now been posted up for everyone to view. The upcoming version of Windows 8 will look a lot like Windows Phone 7. But the familiar PC design is still there to support systems.

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