Facebook Pays 500$ to $40,000 for Facebook Bug Report - Hack Facebook and Earn

Do you want to earn some money and penny from Facebook?, now you can, Facebook has started a program called "Bug Bounty or Bug Spotter" it’s a program which Facebook has started three weeks go with an initiative to make security more strong and to avoid security flaws of a website of 750 million users. Facebook invites all security researchers including professional and also hacker hobbyists’ persons to come and hack Facebook website.

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Pakistan To Ban Encryption Software And VPN Connections Within Country

Pakistan's Telecommunication Authority (PTA), a governing body in Pakistan which looks after and maintains country's network traffic and also examines website structure and its access points within country has blocked encryption VPN connection in Pakistan due to terrorism and other hacking activities. It’s not a first time that Pakistan has banned any particular website or connection, In past Pakistan and PTA had also banned popular social networking website "Facebook” because of blasphemous material about the religion on Facebook.

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Nokia Opens Public Voting To Name First Windows Phone Smartphone

As we know soon Nokia and Microsoft is going to launch their first ever Windows Phone Smartphone device in a collaboration and it seems that they want public attention to gain more online presence, So as a first step Nokia's North American Head of Developer Marketing, Chanse Arrington has created a poll which allows people to cast their vote and suggest the name of the first Nokia's Windows Phone smartphone device. The poll is still ON and users can cast their votes with their own choices.

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Nokia '703' Windows Phone Leak Image and Specification

Microsoft (Windows Phone) and Nokia is in collaboration to build next generation Mobile Operating System for mobile technologies and as we know they both are working on a similar project of Mobile OS called "Windows Phone Mango", So everyone is looking forward to know more about Nokia and Microsoft Windows Phone platform smartphone device, However WMPowerUser, a well-known website has revealed a leak image of Nokia 703, a new smartphone from Nokia and Microsoft which is based on Windows Phone hardware and software.

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Facebook Ended Facebook Deals Product Feature

Just after its launch of four months Facebook is now going to shut down Facebook Deals product feature. Facebook Deal was expected to become a big rival of discount offering companies like GroupOn and LivingSocial in near future, but according to Facebook Spokesman;

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'Slide' program to be shut down by Google Inc. soon

Google's own company or program Slide has been shut down by Google Inc. according to the sources Slide project was not responding according to the expectations of Google so that company has decided to close Slide program and keep their focus on Google+ Project which has become more popular than Slide. For you information Slide was founded back in 2005 and Google bought the Slide in August 2010. The main concept of Slide was to provide quality apps for Facebook and other Social Networking platforms.

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Amazon to launch cheap and low price tablet device

The tablet pc market is growing rapidly and many companies today focusing to build quality tablet pc to entertain people, in which some companies provides high ended tablets while some provides cheap tablets to entertain every class of peoples. According to the inside news from Amazon and there has been some rumored, that company has started working on its new tablet pc with very low and cheap price.

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Suitable and Cost Effective Business VoIP Service

Get the Most out of Your Business’s VoIP

You want to make sure that every aspect of your business runs efficiently and your phone system is no exception. Taking advantage of certain features could help your business operate more efficiently, reduce costs and improve productivity. Use the tips below to get the most out of your business VoIP.

Make Sure You Get the Basic Calling Features You Need

The specific calling features that you need will likely depend on the kind of business that you operate. A call center, for instance, will probably need a toll free number as well as a local number. A company that has offices in several countries might want to consider signing up for international calling features that can help keep prices low. 

Other basic features that you should consider include 411 directory assistance, fax services, and 911 emergency service.
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Rumors: Windows 8 Beta to Launch in Fall of 2011

Everybody seems to be waiting for Microsoft's next major release Windows 8 Operating System and every one keep asking when will Microsoft release its upcoming Windows 8 OS, so no more wait for Windows 8, according to the rumored spreading on internet about the pre-release of Windows 8 would be in fall of 2011. This new information about the pre-release of Windows 8 has been confirmed by Steven Sinofsky blog post at MSDN.

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Free Windows Phone Devices for WebOS Developers and Engineers

After the revolutionary change in trend of people mind and activities, now smartphones and tablet pc's has already replaced Major PC Operating Systems and Software’s usage. Last week HP had announced that they are going to dismiss WebOS platform on their PC's which creates a great hype and tension amongst many developers and technology geeks.

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Accessible GMail On Android ---- Eyes-Free Email On The Go!

Accessible GMail On Android — Eyes-Free Email On The Go

1 Accessible GMail On Android — Eyes-Free Email On The Go

I've been using Android as my primary smart phone since late 2008, and the level of email access I've had on Android in the past has always been a source of frustration. About a year ago, I first started accessing my email on Android with K9-Mail — that helped me bridge some of the accessibility gaps on the platform.

Over the last few months, our friends over in GMail Mobile have been adding accessibility support to the GMail client on Android. What is truly exciting is that this support is being added to existing releases of Android including Froyo (Android 2.2) and GingerBread (Android 2.3). This means that GMail on Android is now accessible on existing devices — get the update from Market and give it a spin.

1.1 Typical Usage Pattern

Here is my typical usage pattern when accessing my corporate email at Google. Note that the volume of email I receive on this account is extremely high, and includes many mailing lists that I typically do not read while on a mobile device. To limit how much email I download to the mobile device, and to ensure that I attend to the most pressing email messages while on the go I do the following:

  • I have defined a GMail filter that assigns label to-mobile to messages I want to access when on the go.
  • Typically, this includes email addressed directly to me, and other priority items.
  • I launch GMail to open to this label.
  • I quickly skim through the list of displayed messages to here the subject and a quick overview of the message.
  • If I decide to read the complete message, I select that message via the trackball on my Nexus One to hear the message in its entirety.
  • And finding an email thread I am looking for is just one click away — press the search button, and use up/down to navigate your search history.

See our help center documentation for additional details.

Author: T.V Raman <raman@google.com>

Date: 2011-08-10 Wed

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Upcoming Mozilla Firefox UI Interface Design Revealed

The world's most popular and second largest use Web Browser Mozilla, has revealed photos of its upcoming Mozilla Firefox 8 web browser latest user interface designs, looks and function. The new look of Mozilla Firefox is seems to be clean, nice and tidy as compare to its previous release. The new and refreshed design of Mozilla's web browser will be seen in Firefox version 8 for users. The next version of Mozilla Firefox 8 will be released in early 2012.

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iPhone 5 Is Available in China On Sale

iPhone 5 is available in China, yes you heard it correct, but not the original one. It seems that entire world is waiting for the launch of Apple iPhone 5 Smartphone but not Chinese people. The website called GizChina.com has revealed some of the photos of iPhone 5 Smartphone on its website but the website claims that it’s not the original iPhone 5 made by Apple but it’s a Chinese made Clone of iPhone 5. The website more said that the product is being made from a factory based in Shenzhen, China which is where the real iPhone is also being made. So if you don’t want to wait for the release of original iPhone 5 than you can get iPhone 5 clone in China.

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Turn Your Smartphone Into Mobile Hacking Device Through Android App

Mobile Phone Hacking is on its peak so that Smartphone's owners have to look after their mobile phones seriously to avoid dangerous hacking attempts especially "Android Smartphone Users". Because it has been rumored spreading on internet since last weeks about an Android App called Anti or Android Network Toolkit, which perhaps going to launch in Android Market Next Week. This new Android Application Program has been introduced by which Israeli security firm Zimperium which is revealed at the Defcon hacker conference in Las Vegas Friday and plans to make available to all Android users in coming days, is designed for penetration testing in theory, searching out and demonstrating vulnerabilities in computer systems so that they can be patched. Anti aims to bring all the hacking tools available to penetration testers on PCs to smartphones, with an automated interface intended to make sniffing local networks and owning remote servers as simple as pushing a few buttons. However, the way people tend to use smartphones can also put them at risk. Herring noted that mobile users tend to be in distracting environments, so they generally provide only short bursts of divided attention to their phones.

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Apple iCloud Storage Announced and Price Revealed

Apple was just revealed its new service called iCloud back in June but didn't revealed its availability but now wait is over Apple has declared its new cloud service called iCloud and the users can also get their hands on it, the site is live for all users and developers here http://iCloud.com. But the site is still in beta stage so you have to wait for full release of a website for fully control and features.

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Different iPod Models Classification and Comparison

In today’s world, there are plenty of gadgets that have performed their bests in the technological circle. One of them is the iPods. The iPods are the gadgets that have been recently updated by the Apple Company. They have made this innovation a success for they have also seen the benefit of this gadget. This one is portable and can carry as much data as possible.

As one may have observed it, there are already plenty of people who have been hooked with the iPods. They love to collect models and even have their own kinds and brands. For those who want to have their own one, they also select the best for themselves. They use those models that would help them attain their needs and desires in the usage of the iPods.

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Comparison Between iPhone 3G and iPhone 4G Smartphone Competition

iPhones come in varied form and design. Nowadays, there are already a lot of new technologies that have been invented to create satisfaction and convenience. One of them is the iPhone.

There are models of iPhones. There are already a lot of sprouting different brands and models. There are even some imitations which aim to copy the beauty of an iPhone. However, they are not very successful. Imitations will really never prosper for they will never be able to create something good as a certain device unless they are going to have a thorough study of this and have their modified versions.

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