Amazon Music Sale: 1.99$ MP3 Album Now

Looking for latest Music Albums? Now you can load your iPod with some new music tunes in cheap price. Amazon now offering their customers to get MP3 Album in just $1.99 for all your favorite Bands and Singers.

Now you can get following popular Music Albums in just $1.99 each.
At least some of these (including John Mayer and Pink Floyd) are on sale today only, but they'll be replaced tomorrow with at least five more $1.99 albums.

So, how can you score one for free? Turns out the Get $6 in MP3 Downloads deal I mentioned the other day is still running. You can apply that $3 credit to any of these albums--and still have a buck left over!

Note: Sorry! This Offer of 1.99$ MP3 Album has been ended, But you can still get your favorite Discounted MP3 Music Album from Amazon Store! Happy Listening!

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'Angry Birds' Available for Wii, PS3, Xbox 360

"Angry Birds," one of the most successful mobile games in history, is taking its bird-slinging game mechanics to a new platform: the traditional game console.

Rovio, the company behind the popular iPhone and Android game franchise, says that it is working on a version of the game for the Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3.

CEO Peter Vesterbacka also told the BBC that the games would launch next year, although he wouldn't reveal much more beyond that.

Vesterbacka also revealed a second piece of news: the company is actively working on "Angry Birds 2." The new game isn't a sequel to the original though, but is instead a completely new game featuring the angry birds and the evil pigs.

As for the premise of the game, Vesterbacka told the BBC that, "the pigs will be a lot more active than just being slingshotted at by birds."

He also added that there will be a lot more of the pigs in "Angry Birds 2."

Apple Discount Price for iPad, iPod and MacBook Pro

Apple's iPad tablet computer, one of the hottest items of the holiday shopping season got a price cut on the company's website Friday.

People who buy the iPad online Friday will save $41, making the lowest price for the device $458 for a model without a 3G connection and with 16 gigabytes of storage space.The top-end model, with a 3G connection and 64 gigabytes of storage, is also discounted $41, making it $788.

That's about an 8 percent discount on the base-level model and a 5 percent discount on the highest-end iPad.

Those one-day sale prices probably still sound expensive to many consumers, but the Black Friday sale is getting buzz from tech blogs because Apple rarely discounts the price of its high-end electronics and because the iPad is said to be one of the most sought-after gifts of the year.

The iPad was the No. 1 item on the electronics wish lists of kids ages 6 to 12, according to a survey from Nielsen. It was the fourth-most-sought-after item among kids older than 13. Computers, TVs and smartphones were higher on the list for the older kids.

"Given the continued pressure on consumer spending, it is difficult to know how robust a holiday season this will be for tech devices, but this survey suggests the electronics aisle will be heavily traveled this season," that survey said.

Apple also listed discounts for several other items on its website. All of these deals are good until the end of Friday only. Among them:
  • $101 off the 13-inch MacBook Air
  • $101 off the MacBook Pro
  • $101 off the iMac
  • $41 off the iPod Touch
  • $21 off the iPod Nano

Facebook Registered "Face" Trademark

Facebook has been registered the word "Face" as a trademark which is issued by the US Patent And Trademark Office as a “Notice Of Allowance” for trademarking the word “Face”

Facebook has been stepping up their efforts to fend off companies who leverage their name as part of a site and now Facebook has one more arsenal in their ongoing battle against supposed trademark infringers, like Lamebook, who has now been blocked from posting any content on Facebook, crippling the site’s traffic. Given how comment the word “face” is, it’s incredible that the Trademark Office has let the company trademark the word for “Telecommunication services, namely, providing online chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among computer users in the field of general interest and concerning social and entertainment subject matter, none primarily featuring or relating to motoring or to cars”.

While Apple’s recent FaceTime product isn’t a chat room, one has to wonder if it would infringe on Facebook’s soon-to-be-owned trademark on the word “Face” since it’s technically a “telecommunication service”.

Windows Phone 7 Jail Broken App Demonstrated

Just a week after an Australian developer discovered a way to run unauthorized code, the first ''jailbroken'' app for Windows Phone 7 has been demonstrated.

Blogger Long Zheng reports that WP7 developer Kevin Marshall has tapped into Chris Walshie's efforts to create a rudimentary augmented reality app, in the same vein as Google's Goggles app. The app uses a publicly-available Silverlight toolkit and uses the phone's camera to overlay information onto real-world objects.

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Amazon Sells Droid Phones in Penny

Amazon is now offering variety of offers for their valuable customers worldwide. Now Amazon also comes up with their latest offer regarding Droid smartphones.

Amazon is currently selling all Droid phones for a penny when customers sign up for a new Verizon Wireless contract.

The deal is good for all of Verizon's (VZW) U.S. Droid phones, including the Droid X and new Droid Pro, through November 22. Customers starting new accounts will also get a $35 credit to cover the full cost of activating the phone.

Smartphone competition across all carriers seems to be sparking a race to the bottom in pricing -- a far cry from the $199 "magic price point" that's been in place so far. Droid Pro is also looking promising smartphones with new Android version.

Amazon (AMZN, Fortune 500) kicked off the smartphone-for-a-penny campaign back in August, when it slashed the Samsung Vibrant to 1 cent. Just last week, the site was selling two Windows 7 phones -- the HTC Surround and LG Quantum -- for 1 cent with a two-year contract from AT&T (T, Fortune 500). Last week's special also included some BlackBerry, Android and Palm models.

It's tough to beat a 1 cent deal, but that's applicable only to new accounts -- current customers are left out. Those eligible to upgrade their phones and extend their contracts can get a discounted phone -- for the Droid X, it's currently $49.99 -- but anyone not eligible for a trade-up will be paying full freight. That's $559.99 right now on Amazon for the Droid X.

A Verizon Wireless representative declined to comment on the offer, which Amazon said the company is sponsoring.

Motorola Milestone Unlocked Phone Quad Band GSM with 5 MP Camera, MP3, gps navigation- International Version with No Warranty (Black)
Motorola Milestone Unlocked Phone Quad Band GSM with 5 MP Camera, MP3, gps navigation- International Version with No Warranty (Black)

Motorola DROID II Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)

Amazon Offering Free Kindle E-Books Gift

World's Larget online retailer and seller Amazon is now offering you a chance to take Amazon Kindle E-Books for free as a gift from company.

Before, customers could only give gift certificates to cover the cost of an e-book.
Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G, 6" Display, White - 2nd Generation
Click Image for more info!

To receive a Kindle e-book gift, the recipient only needs an e-mail address, not necessarily a Kindle e-reader. Although the e-reader starts at $139 for a version that can wirelessly download content over Wi-Fi, Amazon also offers a number of free applications that can be used to read Kindle books on gadgets such as laptops, tablet computers and smart phones.

Amazon also reiterated that millions are reading Kindle books on the dedicated e-reader and on free apps. This still doesn't give an indication of how many people have bought the Kindle — something which the Seattle-based company has never given precise details about.

There are currently more than 725,000 books in Amazon's Kindle Store.

Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite, 3G Works Globally - Latest Generation

MySpace Integrated Facebook Connect Button

The most popular button amongst many webmasters and websites Facebook Connect has finally appeared on the signup page for MySpace. Now Myspace finally add a shocking Facebook Connect button in to facilitate their users by linking with their facebook account. Now you can login into Myspace without making another account of Myspace through your facebook account.
Click to Enlarge
MySpace users can use Facebook Connect to get updates streamed to their MySpace accounts from things they have "liked" on Facebook. It's not the first time MySpace has used its larger competitor's technology, but it's the broadest implementation of a strategy that makes it clear that the first round of the social-network battles are over.

New MySpace CEO Mike Jones hosted the conference call to discuss the move. He was accompanied by Facebook's Dan Rose, vice president of partnerships and platform marketing, on the call, who compared MySpace's use of "Mashup" to really any Web site that uses data from Facebook Connect to personalize their sites with that social data.

After a slow decline as Facebook grew, MySpace is trying to stop comparisons to Facebook by rebranding itself as a "social entertainment" site full of updates on celebrities, new songs from bands, and other content geared around the entertainment industry. Adding Facebook's broad array of "likes" gives MySpace users a quick way to assemble that data they have probably already curated over at Facebook, assuming they prefer MySpace's user interface.

Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 Goes to Beta Testers

Microsoft has sent out to select beta testers the first iteration of its service pack for Office 2010. The service pack weighs in at 294 MB and is currently making its way into the inbox of a selected group of beta testers.

Office 2010 is Microsoft’s latest version of its popular productivity suite and is used widely across corporate America. A general rule in the IT world is to not install any products from Microsoft until SP1 has been released; this is typically done to ensure stability and security for the end user.

Our tipster has indicated that there are no noticeable changes after first use. This indicates that it may be a large patch to the platform that will further enhance the security and the stability of the application.

Microsoft Office is a big ticket item for Microsoft and its imperative to their financial success that the platform be adopted widely to meet its sales and financial targets. With SP1 just around the corner, Microsoft will soon be able to expect corporate America to begin its adoption of Microsoft’s latest Office offering.

Internet Explorer 9 Preview HTML 5 Video Leaked

Microsoft has just released their latest platform preview of Internet Explorer 9. The 7th release of the IE9 platform preview brings a number of performance improvements in Charka, Microsoft’s JavaScript engine.

The initial platform preview was released just 8 months ago, and already is impressing the tech community. The latest platform preview beats out all of the competition in the WebKit SunSpider JavaScript benchmark tests, and is even faster than Google Chrome. The first IE9 beta was released three months ago.

Internet Explorer 9′s preview platform is already leading the pack in HTML5 conformance tests, showing early signs Microsoft is doing something right with their latest browser. The IE9 team has increased its performance by 345% since the first platform preview. The video posted by Microsoft also shows off how well IE9 Platform Preview 7 can handle HTML5 compared to Firefox 4 beta 7 and Chrome 8 beta.

The new platform preview brings three three new benchmark tests, including Galactic, HTML5 Sudoku, and Shakespeare’s Tag Cloud.

Microsoft also announced that since the launch of Internet Explorer 9 beta, it has seen over 13 million downloads. You can download IE9 Platform Preview 7 from

Auto Refresher Tool for Chrome Web Browser

If you are fed up with your browser hanging problem or slow connection and you continuously press F5 to refresh your web page to load it fast. Now your problem is getting solved by Google Chrome auto refresher tool. Now you can use this tool to refresh your browser without any hesitation of pressing F5 or clicking your mouse continuously.

A click on the Start button initiates the process, and the extension will from that moment on refresh the page in the given interval. It will continue to do so even if the tab becomes inactive. Users can switch to other tabs to continue their web browsing session without having to worry about refreshing the selected tab manually.

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Yahoo, Zynga Joint Venture for Mafia Wars and Fish Ville Social Apps

The most famous Social Networking Apps Development company Zynga joins up with Yahoo! for the development of its most popular games on social networking websites and facebook called Mafia Wars and Fish Ville.

These aren’t the first Zynga games to make it to Yahoo! in the partnership between the two companies, but Mafia Wars is easily the biggest. In August, Zynga counted 45.5 million Facebook subscribers for Mafia Wars, with 6.6 million in September for FishVille.

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Google Hotpot, Google Places: Location based Search Engine

Google has just unveiled its upcoming location based recommendation search engine "powered by you and your friends."

It's painfully obvious that location is one of the fastest-growing segments of the tech industry; Google has been iterating quickly in this area with improvements to Places, Images, Latitude and other services with location features. Its newest foray into the world of location-based services is Hotpot.

Hotpot takes all of Google Places' ratings and reviews features and adds a more personal touch. Currently, Place Pages mostly aggregate review data from sources such as Yelp.

With Hotpot, users will be encouraged to rate and review businesses directly from their Google-linked profile. Users' ratings and reviews are tracked with a counter at the top of each profile, and likes and dislikes are remembered and used in Google's recommendation engine.

In other words, it's aimed directly at average consumers, not web junkies who live to search. While Hotpot works well with Places data, its presentation is entirely fresh, both visually and functionally. It presents high-impact data (star ratings and images) for each place in a grid format without introducing too many details such as phone number or URL that might not be needed until the user decides to dig down another level or two.

Another part of Hotpot is its social features. Users can create a profile nickname to separate their Hotpot account from their general Google profiles (the whole web can see the Places nickname, but only friends will see the linked Google profile and the user's real name).

Google uses Gmail accounts and linked Google profiles to help users find their friends. Friends' reviews and ratings will be visible, and users will get recommendations based on what their friends like.

When you search for specific places, such as "sushi Berkeley," in Hotpot, you can filter your search results to see businesses or other places you haven't rated before; you can also choose to see only places that have been rated by your Hotpot friends.

Get New Facebook E-Mail Account: Social Inbox Service

Facebook has finally announced their E-mail service features for their facebook users. Now you can get all your Facebook Messages, Chats, and Texts all in same place with this new E-mail service same as you use your G-mail, MSN and Yahoo E-mail account for sending and reciecing E-mails. You will get another domain of by creating your Facebook E-mail Account.

So if you want to get your Facebook E-mail account you just have to visit this URL: and click on the “Go To Messages” button Or "Request Invitation" button as pictured in the image below. That’s all you need to do!

Microsoft Docs Support Facebook Groups Now

As we mentioned before that Microsoft soon going to integrate Facebook Group in its upcoming Microsoft Docs. Until now, sharing a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF document with other FB users implied doing it individually or choosing every recipient one by one. Not anymore. With the new Facebook Groups integration you can now share a document with a pre-arranged group of peoples.

Unlike Office Web Apps, enhances their service with several social networking features. When you share doc, this will post on the Group’s wall via Facebook’s newsfeed, and it will show up on each member’s indivdual wall too. People can also comment on the document on the post or beside the document itself. The coolest thing about this is that you don’t have to have Microsoft Office installed in your computer to use this application. Simply use Microsoft Office Web Apps via Docs and you’re set.

Facebook Vs. Gmail E-mail Conflict

We know facebook is now introducing its new service call E-mail Inbox. Which is quite getting news from most of the Tech Experts that its a new battle between Google and Facebook.

Facebook is supposedly launching an email service this coming Monday and the hype is pretty high at this point. With many young users leveraging the Facebook inbox as their primary messaging service rather than email, why would Facebook find it necessary to launch their own email service on Monday? One answer is that Facebook needs access to the inbox to determine individuals’ true authority and influence.

If the rumors are correct, this might explain why Facebook and Google have been going at it recently with concerns to user data. Google has been preventing Facebook from importing Gmail data, and perhaps this is because such a feature would help people migrate from Gmail to Facebook email with ease.

Is Google right to be worried? We won't know for sure until Monday, but, in the meantime, here are five ways Facebook email could keep Gmail on its toes:

  • Smarter Conversation View 
  • Groups Integration
  • Integrated Bios
  • Photo Slideshows
  • The "Like" in Links

Facebook has now updated its name server to publicly reflect that the company owns the domain name. Facebook would have to make it public within 24 hours of any product launch, which means that many people are now expecting Facebook to use the domain as part of any email product released on Monday.

Successful Facebook Advertisement Strategy

Today we know facebook is one of the effective platform for marketing and advertising. Every website wants to get connect with facebook and get their potential customers. Now facebook advertisement leaves all other advertisers and publishers behind and has become one of the most successful advertisement arena. Facebook is going after brand advertisers as their primary revenue channel, hoping to take dollars away from television advertisers as their share of the attention economy continues to increase. It appears that the strategy is a smart one as Facebook now accounts for 23 percent of all ad impressions in the United States. Contrast that with Google who accounts for 2.3 percent of impressions.

This was a strategy highlighted by Fred Vogelstein’s 2009 article about the “Great Wall Of Facebook“. The company has been incredibly effective at driving attention to their site, with users spending hours on the site every month. For Facebook that attention has translated into impressions, many of which still haven’t been monetized (there is plenty of unfilled homepage inventory).

While Facebook’s self-serve advertising platform has produced tremendous results, the company is still at the very beginning of their push for brand advertisers. With numbers like the one’s published by comScore today, there’s no doubt that the company should have no problem in attracting those advertisers as they now own one quarter of the impressions in the U.S.

Flash coming to iPhone, iPad and iOS Device

Apple said it clear that iPad and iPhone will not support Adobe Flash so now company has just started work on how flash works on iPhone and iPad devices to entertain their flash users and customers. So now Company found a solution to bringing Flash onto any iOS device, and yes, it was approved by Apple.

The startup company called Skyfire, has been working hard with Apple to bring a brand new browser to the mobile phone that supports Flash video. Skyfire will use a revolutionary technology that they have been developing for the past few months that downloads video onto their servers and converts the flash video into HTML5, which will then be streamed to your iOS device.

There wasn’t any mention on CNN if there is any delay between the conversion, but nevertheless, it is Flash video on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. There are some setbacks to the application however; Skyfire won’t be able to convert flash-based games or non-video content and of course you’ll have to use the Skyfire browser.

Skyfire’s CEO Jeffery Glueck said two or three websites have opted out of the technology, including Hulu, because of their business model to charge customers on mobile devices to play video.

Skyfire will be available for the App Store this Thursday at 9am and will sell for $2.99.

Google Instant Now on Mobile Devices

As we know Google have just launched its new search feature called Google Instant. Which is quite faster way of searching any thing in Google. So now Google introduces this facility of Google Instant in iPhone and Android mobile devices. Google Instant is now available on many U.S Mobile Devices.

According to the Google Blog, the Instant search option is presently on Android 2.2 devices, as well as iPhones and iPods running on iOS 4. As of right now, Google Instant is only available in English, although Google (Google) plans on adding more languages and bringing the service to other countries and devices.

In order to test out Instant's latest incarnation, one must tap the "turn on" link beneath the search box while visiting on a mobile device. Users are advised to wait for a bit and refresh the page if the "turn on" option isn't immediately visible.

Mobile Google Instant is similar to its desktop counterpart -- it offers a list predicting what users are searching for based on what they type. The first prediction's results will automatically appear on the screen. To access the remaining results, users just have to tap their fingers on the other listed predictions. If they press "enter" or the search button, the predictions will be skipped in favor of results that match the exact search terms.

The service, best designed to work on 3G and Wi-Fi networks, can also be enabled or disabled without causing users to leave the page they're on. All one needs to do is tap the "turn on" or "turn off" link.

Google Instant made its desktop debut in September, which is when a mobile sneak peek was also made available. By the end of the month, while in the midst of rolling out Instant to other countries, Google also added keyboard navigation to the service.

Check out this Demo video how Google Instant will Works on Mobile Device.
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