Download Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac - Buy from Amazon

Microsoft has released the Mac version of Office 2011 in trial format. The trial version lets you assess Office for Mac 2011 for a 30-day period; once this period is over, you get the choice of uninstalling the program, buying the suite from a store or purchasing a product key online.

The 30-day period is half the length of time that Microsoft currently allows Office for Windows users to test out the Office 2010 suite, as they get a full 60-day test drive.
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Launch Date Of Internet Explorer 9 RC - '10 February'

Microsoft is all set ready for the launch of its most awaited browser Internet Explorer 9 as it attempts to remain competitive in the browser marketplace. Microsoft delivers everything in its latest browser IE9 to compete with other browser platform and become browser king with its contenders Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 RC build was leaked out earlier and has posted some screenshots of that leak. The version which will be going to hit the web is 9.00.8073.6018 (WIN7_IE9_Partner.110121-2300). It is believed by many that Microsoft is gearing up for the release of IE 9 and the RC builds are of near final quality. Microsoft is also taking privacy to a new level, allowing the browser to block a website's ability to use location based services too.
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Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Update List Leaks

The rumors about latest Windows 7 Service Pack still continues. Now Russian website Wzor has leaked a list of updates which compiled Windows 7 Service Pack 2 (SP2), the site claims that work on Windows 7 SP2 started in the fall of 2010, ahead of the finalization of SP1. We have already mentioned before in our blog about Release Date of Windows 7 SP 2 in middle of 2012.
Microsoft is said to include no less than 132 updates for x86 Windows 7 SP2, as much as 171 updates for x64 Windows 7 SP2 and 114 updates for IA-64 Windows Server 2008 R2 SP2 systems.

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Google Hiring New Talents and Comers - Join Google! for better Future

If you'r looking for a promising job, then why not Join Google!. Google is hiring new comers in their organization, so if you want to build your career with world's largest and biggest company Google so join it today.
Today, Google post on their blog about latest induction in company. Google announced that they added 4,500 workers in 2010. This number is seems to be high but wait, it still comes second to 2007 when they added 6,000 new people. Now Google wants to expand their business even more and bigger with new employees, claiming this year will top 2007 and become their biggest hiring year in company history. Google says;
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Release Date and Pricing of Nintendo 3DS Announced

The Release Date and Pricing of most awaited console Nintendo 3DS has been announced by Nintendo. The company has now announced specific details about the gaming platform. According to Nintendo’s site, the 3DS features a glasses-free 3D screen, a 3D “depth slider” to allow the player to adjust just how three dimensional they want their games to be, and a motion/gyro sensor to detect movement. The system is backwards compatible with the DS (with the exception of Game Boy Advance accessories). There’s also several built-in pieces of software with the 3DS, including a tool to create your Mii, an activity log, a web browser, and more.

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Follow Apple App Store On Twitter Now !!

After brings Apple iTunesMusic on Twitter, now Apple has launched Apple App Store on Twitter with the twitter name @AppStore, new Twitter account for its popular iOS and Mac App Store. The new @AppStore Twitter account only made its debut a few hours ago, but it has already amassed more than 35,000 Twitter followers as of this writing. For comparison, its sister account, @iTunesMusic, has more than 680,000 followers.
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Secret of Facebook Marketing - Interesting Facts about Facebook Marketing

Everybody wants to know about the secret of facebook marketing facts. To enhance your online business presence on most popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc you must know the facts and figures about latest trends. So today i am going to share the secret of Facebook Marketing, which will helps you to build and make your social networking strategy more effectively.

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Wireless Bluetooth Headsets - Best Available Headsets for Phones

After the revolutionary change in trend of Mobile Phones and Smartphones with Bluetooth technology, now every single mobile phone holder wants to use classy and stylish Bluetooth Headsets with their smartphones and mobile phones.

The demand of Bluetooth Headsets is dramatically increases in past few years, but to choose and buy the best and stylish Bluetooth Headset is the first priority of every mobile phone owner. So today i am going to share Best Available Bluetooth Headsets for mobile users. We have picked up 5 classy Bluetooth headsets that will keep you connected on the go and which suits on your style.
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90% of Windows copies are pirated in China says Microsoft

According to Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmer, when he met with a number of high ranking government officials, including United States president Barak Obama, and Chinese president Hu Jintao, according to

Steve Ballmer raised some issues and concerns with Chinese president Hu, discussing how 90% out of 100% copies of Windows in China are pirated and only 10% is legit. Microsoft estimates that 90% of China uses some form of pirated software on their computer, with over half of the countries residents still using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6, a claim which is backed up by
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Google Voice 'Number Porting' Feature - Port Your Phone Number

After introducing Google Voice into iPhone, Google is now comes up with its new Google Voice Number Porting Feature for their users. Google is now currently testing a new feature for Google Voice called 'Number Porting', through which users will get the ability to port their existing landline or cell phone number over to Google Voice.
BGR reports that the new number porting feature is open to a selected number of Google Voice users, but it comes at a price. Google is charging a $20 number transfer fee, payable through Google Checkout. However, there may be other fees for transferring your number over. Your current landline or carrier may charge you an additional early termination fee, which could range in the hundreds of dollars to end a contract.
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Release Date of Windows 8 and Windows 7 SP Leaked Out

The latest news and information about Windows 8 and Windows 7 SP2 Launch Date has been leaked out by, who is very well known for as Infamous Leaker. has confirmed the news about the launching of Windows 8 pre beta and about Windows 7 SP2 launch.

According to Windows 7 SP2 is already actively underway since the autumn of 2010, and if all goes according to plan then the appearance of a second service pack, Service Pack 2 for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 is expected in mid-2012 " and looking forward to Windows 8, Wzor states, " Windows 8 is scheduled for the very end of 2012, so it really can be called: Microsoft Windows 2012 Apocalypse Edition, at least the server version will be named as Windows Server 2012."
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Eyes-Free Shell Refreshed

We just refreshed Eyes-Free Shell on Android Market with a long-overdue set of improvements that have been waiting to launch. Here is a brief summary of user-visible changes:

User Customizable Home Screen

You can now add additional pages of short-cuts to the home screen. You can flip through these pages of short-cuts by tapping the left or right edge of the screen. Pressing the menu key within a page of shortcuts allows you to customize the short-cuts on that page; it also provides controls for inserting new short-cut pages.

One-Click Uninstall

The default way of managing applications in Android requires many clicks through nested menus --- this is especially true when uninstalling applications. The Eyes-Free Shell now lets you uninstall applications by pressing menu while in the applications list .


Spanish and Chinese strings for Eyes-Free Shell.

And many more underlying changes too numerous to fit in this margin. Speak, Listen, And Enjoy!

Download Facebook App for Java Enabled Feature Phones

There are many Facebook Apps available online for iPhone, Mac and Android smartphones, But now Facebook have launched its Mobile App for Java enabled feature phones. Now Java users can also use Facebook Apps in their Feature Mobile Phones.

Today, the largest social network introduced Facebook App for Feature Phones through a partnership with Snaptu, extending to simpler devices functionality previously available only to smartphones. The app will give feature phone users access to Facebook messages, events, pictures, news feeds, profiles and more.

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Intel To Integrate Windows 8 Into Phones

In Intel financials conference call with CEO Paul Otellini, Intel has shared information about Windows 8 to put into Mobile Phones. Otellini discussed the company’s future plans for products, including mobile phones.
Intel openly talked about the possibility of having a mobile phone running Windows 8. The only holdback in the near future with a full OS running on a mobile device is battery life. Intel was quoted, via that Windows 8 could run on their lowest-power Intel processor.
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Enter Into Microsoft Speller Challenge & Win $10K

Microsoft have started a new competition between users knows as "Speller Challenge". In this competition people have to correct incorrect spelling of Bing Search Engine for better search results and the top five winners can win upto a prize of $10,000.
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Enter Into Doodle for Google Contest & Win $15K

Now you can win upto $15,000 by entering in Doodle for Google Contest. Google have introduced its new Doodgle 4 Google contest for users in this year 2011. Google is running their 4th annual "Doodle 4 Google" contest for children in grades K-12.

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BlackBerry Storm 3 Details and Features Leaked Out

The details and features of new BlackBerry Storm 3 has been leaked out on internet. Boy Genius Report claims to have leaked a details, features and pictures of upcoming BlackBerry lineup, the Storm 3. Leaked specifications place the phone as a serious competitor to current high-end smartphones, as well as being a decent addition to the BlackBerry lineup.
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New Official Logo of HTML5 Introduced by W3C

As we know HTML5 is the next major revision of the HTML standard, currently under development. Like its immediate predecessors, HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.1, HTML5 is a standard for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web.

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Get Facebook Updates Without Login Into Website

Do you wants to get facebook updates without being on the social network website? The answer is "Yes", Now you can get your friends’ status updates even when you can’t have the social network site open in your browser, like when you are at the office or outside at home? A new application called Facebook Desktop can do it for you easily.

When friends post updates, comment on a photo, create a new tag or do anything else that would trigger a story to go out to others’ newsfeeds, Facebook Desktop users will receive notifications on their desktops; similar to how instant messages appear.
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Shop Online On Facebook With Amazon's Quidisi

Wants to shop online on facebook? Now you can do online shopping on facebook with the world top online retailer Amazon. Amazon has launched its shops on facebook for users to do online shopping with the variety of products online. Amazon’s subsidiary Quidisi has opened up a few stores selling household items on the social network.

Quidsi, which was acquired by Amazon for $540 million in the fall, has created electronic commerce pages on Facebook for, and These are companies owned by Quidsi, and their social network presence together amounts to about 60,000 fans.
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U.S.A. Users Use E-Mails Than Facebook In Mobile: Statistic Report

The Nielsen Company gathers lots of useful and interesting statistics about all kinds of media. Recently it compiled statistics from several recent studies into an intriguing visual map of the U.S.A. media universe as of 2010.
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Rumour: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Release Date

Everybody wants to know when Microsoft is going to release Service Pack 1 for Windows 7. Now you won't have to wait longer. Today an update has given a strong clue that a final release of the first service pack for the operating system Windows 7 is not so far away.

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Intersection Explorer --- Now Intersections Sound Even Better

We just updated Intersection Explorer on Android Market. This version improves on the initial launch by providing more intuitive descriptions for intersections, I'll include some examples below:


Minor Street ends in Main Street to form a T-Intersection Depending on where you explore from, you hear:

  • Currently at Minor Street ends in Main Street
  • Currently at right on to Minor Street from Main Street.
  • Currently at left on to Minor Street from Main Street.

Given the 4-way intersection of Castro Street and El Camino, you hear one of the following depending on the direction you're exploring:

  • Currently at Castro Street crosses El Camino
  • Currently at El Camino crosses Castro Street.

And a lot more than will fit this margin --- explore, share and enjoy!

Verizon iPhone 4 Launch Date and Pricing Revealed

Everybody seems to be waiting for the launch date and pricing of Verizon iPhone and finally at special press conference in New York City, Verizon has confirmed that it will be carrying the iPhone 4 early next month.

Apple COO Tim Cook joined Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam on stage to announce the new partnership, saying, “We’re incredibly pleased to give Verizon’s customers the choice we’ve been waiting for.”
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Get Amazon Deals Into Your iPhone - A Free iPhone App

Wants to get updates about latest Amazon Deals? Now you can get all Amazon Deals direct into your iPhone, Amazon has finally launched "Amazon Deals", a free iPhone App that provides you an overview of the new and latest daily deals from Amazon.

From this iPhone App, you can monitor deals and even act on them, purchasing items from Amazon directly from your iPhone.
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Windows Phone 7 Gets "VoIP"; iPhone "FaceTime" Competitor ?

Microsoft had a solid CES appearance with the announcement of many new key products. But sometimes it’s not what’s said at the main events but inside conversations that can provide a peek into the upcoming products from the company.

At a high profile CES Event, a key WP7 employee delivered, in an off comment fashion, a few tips about where the platform may be headed. One feature that was discussed was that Microsoft is working on a FaceTime type like application for Windows Phone platform.
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Switch To New Facebook Profile Layout Design

Most of the facebook users have already switched to the new Facebook Profile Layout, But not everyone getting the chance to switch to the new facebook profile version. So now facebook is prompting the facebook users to switch to the new Facebook Profile Layout and facebook intimating everyone to do so.

People who haven’t yet chosen to upgrade to the new profile layout will lose that right to choose in a couple of days. Today on top of the home page of Facebook, these individuals were greeted with a note, starting with a bold headline saying, “Coming Soon: Your New Profile.”
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How To: Download Facebook Photo Albums with FacePAD

Facebook is now become one of the fastest platform of communicating and interacting with your friends and family all over the world. People use facebook for many purpose like sharing, connecting and explore new people, but one of the best feature facebook providing is photo sharing feature and people exchange their photo albums with their friends and family in many occasions and ceremony’s. Actually people loves to share their events photo albums online with their friends and family.

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Earn Money With File Hosting Service - Upload & Earn

Do you know, you can actually Earn Money Online by just uploading files and share it with your friends and you will get paid when your files will be download as many times.You will be get paid by your number of downloads and according to your file size. The answer is "Yes", it’s now possible by well known file sharing service called "FileSonic".

FileSonic is now become one of the fastest file sharing service after rapidshare. They are providing many useful features for users to upload files and download files without any delay and they are also providing a chance for their users to Earn Money Online by upload files like any other file sharing service. They have introduced high payout opportunity for their Affiliate Program users. You will not only paid by just downloading your files but also you will get money by referring your friends, they are providing 20% of referral money to you.

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Microsoft Surface 2.0 Demo Video & Features

Everyone seems to be waiting for new Microsoft Surface 2.0 version, now the wait is over, Yesterday Microsoft revealed Surface 2.0, an updated touchscreen display system produced in partnership with Samsung. The 40-inch 1080p display will run Windows 7 on a 2.9GHz AMD Athlon II X2 processor with a Radeon HD 6700M for graphics processing. More significant than the hardware specs though are the changes in two key areas.
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Android 3.0 Promotional Video & Features Info

As we discuss before about Android Overtakes iPhone in U.S.A by 2011. So now Android has not stopped yet. Google is growing and have introduced its next version of its mobile operating system, Android 3.0 (codenamed Honeycomb), I have just got my hands on new promotional video of Android 3.0 by Google. The video of the tablet-friendly OS was posted by the Android Developers account, but was then set to private. Thankfully it has been reuploaded all over the Internet so whether Google meant to post it or not, the video is now widely available.
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Android Overtakes iPhone in U.S.A

As we told you in our post last year regarding Android overtakes iPhone by 2013, It seems that we were correct that time and now it seems that Android overtakes iPhone in early 2011. 61.5 million people in the US owned smartphones during the three months ending in November 2010, up 10 percent from the preceding three-month period. For the first time, more Americans are using phones running Google's Android operating system than Apple's iPhone, but RIM's BlackBerry is still in first place, according to comScore.

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Free Facebook Auto Like Script for Pages and Posts

As you know facebook has now become one of the fastest way of marketing and every single companies and individual focuses to build quicker Facebook Pages and Posts to keep update their followers and Likers. So if you want to reach to the thousands and millions of Facebook Likers who really likes your Facebook Pages and Facebook Posts genuinely then you can do this in minutes or in seconds.

You could be a brand manager or Facebook page administrator. Getting as many “Likes” as possible on the social network Facebook and get thousands of followers and likers for your facebook pages within a minutes, and if there’s a way to increase a fan base though automation, there are many willing to do so.
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Google PageRank and Algorithm Update for January,11

Everything you want to know about Google Update for the month of January, 2011. Your every question would be covered in this Matt Cutts official video regarding Google Update Process for January, 2011. Matt Cutts (Google Software Engineer) have shared some useful information of Google Updates covering following topics.
  • When Google update Website Backlinks?
  • When Google update Website PageRank (PR)?
  • Google Fluctuation Update
  • Google Algorithm Update
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Restore Deleted Contacts In Gmail

Have you deleted your Gmail contacts mistakenly? Or lost your Gmail contacts data accidently? Now you won't have to worry about your deleted Gmail contacts. Now you can recover and restore your Gmail Contacts easily without any problem. Google is now offering to Gmail users reverse any changes they have made to their Gmail contacts over a 30-days time period.
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Make Free Phone Calls Through Gmail

Now good news for Gmail users in New Year 2011, Google has announced that Gmail users are now able to make free phone calls to the U.S. and Canada and also make cheap phone calls over international calls (Call around the world for pennies per minute) When calling featured was added to Gmail back in August, the company said that it’d be making such calls free “for at least the rest of the year,” with per minute rates starting at $0.02 per minute for international dialing.
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Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Hacked, Video

Someone claimed that the Windows Phone 7 marketplace had been hacked by phone hackers, reported at, because phone hackers are now seems to be busy to hack most popular smartphones like Android, Droid, iPhone and now Windows Phone 7 marketplace.
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Internet Explorer 9 Downloaded 20 Times More

Microsoft in its press release today said that latest Microsoft Web Browser Internet Explorer 9 has been downloaded more than 20 million times as compare to IE6, although at this stage it's unclear whether or not this figure is unique downloads or includes multiple downloads by the same person.

"We launched IE9 in 2010, and the response to the IE9 Beta launch on September 15th has been overwhelming," Capriotti wrote.
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Google's CR-48 Chrome OS Laptop Runs Mac OS X & Windows 7

Google have launched its first of its kind Cr-48 Chrome Notebook. The Cr-48 Chrome Notebook is the test notebook designed for the Pilot program by Google. Google will distribute the laptop through its Chrome OS Pilot Program, in a sort of public beta. You actually have to apply to join the program, and there are going to be a limited number of the laptops available.

It's ready when you are, booting in about 10 seconds and resuming from sleep instantly. There’s built-in Wi-Fi and 3G, so you can stay connected everywhere, and a webcam for video chat. The vibrant 12-inch LCD display, full-size keyboard and oversized touchpad let you enjoy the web comfortably. And at just 3.8 pounds with over eight hours of active usage and a week of standby time, it’s easy to take along for the ride.

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Download TuneUp Utilities 2011 - Full PC Maintenance Software

Are you searching for best PC Optimization and Maintenance Software to make your PC and Windows work fast and avoid unexpected delayed time? Now your wait is over. Latest version of TuneUp Utilities 2011 brings all you need for your PC maintenance to increase your system performance.

TuneUp Utilities 2011 is one of most popular PC Maintenance Software available today to enhance your PC performance and avoid your system start up delay time. It consume low system memory as compare to other pc maintenance tool to boost up your system performance, you will see dramatically change in your system performance after using this valuable software tool. TuneUp Utilities 2011 works best with Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
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