Huawei A600 smartphone officially announce

Huawei has just showcasing with the few product releases in IFA Expo Event Berlin. The latest sibling of the increasingly popular model range, align in the mid-level specs and configuration handset.

Huawei Ascend G600 smartphone is powered by 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm S3 CPU accompanied with 768MB of system memory and built-in 4GB of memory space which can be expanded by up to 32GB additional storage space via microSD card slot. The handset has a wide array of features including DLNA compatibility, Wi-Fi Direct allow the smartphone to connect to other compatible devices without needing the wireless network and Bluetooth connectivity.

Sport a 4.5 inch LVD IPS qHD touchscreen display with a resolution of 960 x 540qHD, run in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS and 8MP rear-facing camera with auto-focus and LED flash. It has 2 built-in speaker with DTS audio enhancing technology, NFC functionality, and 2000mAh lithium polymer power juicer. Huawei promises that the new smartphone will deliver more visual clarity, more speed and more power for smartphone user. The smartphone offered different color viarant in White and Black models, the pricing is not mention for sure it will discussed when this phone is nearly coming in September this year.

[VCW 2012] Use try Tele fourth line Sony's premium G

[VCW 2012] Use try Tele fourth line Sony's premium G
At VCW 2012, stand Sony have put 4 telephoto lens attached to the G ("Gold") advanced his own on a high platform so visitors can come to see and hands to use them, see very majestic. These lenses have a focal length ranging from 70 to 500mm, but their booth is not long enough for you to enjoy the ability to zoom the lens but Sony has aptly 4 lenses in front of the TV screen them so that viewers can zoom close to each pixel in the frame.   First tube pipes 70-200mm (SAL70200G) would be 41.9 million, F2.8 aperture with nine leaves and is mounted on the camera body Sony SLT-A57. My lens is made of metal, the focus ring to adjust the focus and the lens works quite light and smooth. When changing the focal length (zoom) lens, the length remains the same.   Second tubes have a focal length of 70-400mm (SAL70400G), F4-5.6 and also 9 Blades, $ 43.9 million. My lenses are also made of metal, own some other minor details are made of plastic. Yet improving quality of it is still very sturdy and adjustable rings rotate relatively smooth. There is a strange detail that is the focus ring back in front of the focus ring that can cause little confusing to start with new people. Unlike the 70-200mm above the pipe, when you rotate the lens to the length of the zoom lens will vary greatly.   Finally the tube 300mm (SAL300F28G), F2.8 and 500mm (SAL500F40G), F4.0 prices respectively 169.9 million and 299.9 million. All 4 tubes are equipped with autofocus system SSM (SuperSonic-Wave Motor) the most advanced of its kind, using the ultrasonic motor for focusing accuracy without noise.      Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_535761127"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_535761127');   ...

[IFA 2012] Acer touch adds to Ultrabook Aspire M3 and thin-lightweight Aspire V5

[IFA 2012] Acer touch adds to Ultrabook Aspire M3 and thin-lightweight Aspire V5
Acer has added touch features for my two laptops is the Aspire M3 and Aspire V5. We have seen versions do not touch them at the CeBIT exhibition held earlier this year. Screen of the two products can now get up to 10 touch points simultaneously to better use with Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system is officially sold out. Aspire M3 sensor configuration remains the same as was previously introduced with Intel Ivy Bridge CPU, 15.6 ", NVIDIA GT640M graphics card, weighs 2.3 kg and 22mm thin.   Similarly, the thin-lighter Aspire V5 which Acer has debuted configured exactly the same as you do not touch, only no screen model 11.6 ". Users only Choose between Aspire V5 14 "or 15.6" only. Both models are run Ivy Bridge CPU, NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. Template V5 14 "weighs 2.1 pounds and 22mm thick, while the 15, 6 "weighing 2.4 kg and 23mm thick. Acer has not revealed the official price and date of sale of the said products.   See: Configuring, detailed features of Acer Aspire and Acer Aspire M3 V5.   Pictures of Acer Aspire M3    Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_1249893679"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_1249893679');     Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_1698076772"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_1698076772');     Photo of Acer Aspire V5      Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_638276088"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_638276088');     Source: The Verge ...

Western Digital My Passport for Mac hard drive upgrade, launch 2TB backup user interface Thunderbolt

Western Digital My Passport for Mac hard drive upgrade, launch 2TB backup user interface Thunderbolt
Western Digital has recently upgraded the My Passport for Mac external hard drive with a capacity improvement and hardware design. New products will be equipped with a USB 3.0 port, maximum capacity up to 2TB - equivalent to a My Passport for PC launched earlier this year. Drive HDD My Passport for Mac is compatible with Time Machine, and owns Nomad crust of Western Digital, which improves resistance to shock, dust and moisture for the device. My Passport for Mac line will include the current version of 500GB, 1TB and 2TB, priced from $ 99 to $ 200.   Another storage products have also been Western Digital introduced, which is the backup hard drive 2TB capacity, high-speed Thunderbolt interface. Have a long name, My Book VelociRaptor Duo, products using two 1TB drives, the rotational speed of 10,000 rpm / min, read and write speed each turn is 400MB/giĆ¢y drive and 380MB/giay. When two drives are connected, the read and write speed can be pushed up to 800MB/giay and 760MB/giay. Western Digital My Book storage drive VelociRaptor Duo speed read is not inferior to any solid-state hard drive on the market, even higher. Products listed for $ 899.99.     Source: Engadget, The Verge ...

Open WebOS 1.0 reaches milestone Beta, source code available on Github

Open WebOS 1.0 reaches milestone Beta, source code available on Github
As the plan is expected in January, a team of developers responsible for building open source Open webOS operating system has officially announced version Open webOS 1.0 Beta yesterday, 31/08 / 2012. With 450,000 lines of code and 54 open-source component is released under the Apache 2.0 license form until the present time, Open webOS 1.0 Beta shows the efforts of the development team and community support for programmers this OS platform of Gram (newly established subsidiary of HP).   According to the announcement of OS development team, in this beta issue, they provide programmers with 2 Design System (Build System): OpenEmbedded and Desktop. Accordingly, the OpenEmbedded system provides the ideal development environment for bringing (porting) webOS new devices with an ARM emulator (ARM Emulator) and run the core services as db8 and node.js. Meanwhile, Desktop systems will provide the environment for enhancing the user experience with new features and allows integration of the latest open source technologies. Installed on the Ubuntu Desktop system will have all the features and components that have been released so far. Besides, the System Manager's Desktop now supports systems running applications, including the core (Core Application) such as Calendar and Contacts with the Synergy services associated with it. Third-party applications Enyo is also supported in this Beta.   However, it is regrettable that the development team did not provide any information lists the hardware is compatible with the current version of the software or any suggestions concerning the disclosure of information about the time this Beta. However, before that, a number of target information that of Open WebOS can run on the SoC (System-on-Chip) Linux Kernel 3.3 + support "and they" aim to support the foundation hard in the future. " Therefore, with the launch of the OpenEmbedded system for porting OS to the new equipment we can also predict the release Open WebOS will support the new hardware only.   If interested in Palm's former platform, you can visit the project's web site at this address for more information. Source of beta, you can address the project on Github to download.   Source: OpenWebOSProject ...

[IFA 2012] Samsung display accessories for the Galaxy Camera

[IFA 2012] Samsung display accessories for the Galaxy Camera
Following the debut of the camera running Android that many people that have to call back "Android device camera terrorist" Galaxy Camera, Samsung also showcased the accessories that came with this device. Placed in a glass, accessories for the Galaxy Camera includes the protective cover many types of hard and soft colors, large flash, ringflash mounted front lamp lens, speaker light cover, the simple tripod legs, the complex stands shining sink available in four directions (top, bottom, left, right), and a wireless charger that according TheVerge, they were told that this docking station does not work with the current generation Galaxy Camera at.   However, it is unfortunate that in spite of so many accessories attached, the combination of this accessories with how devices are not any employees of Samsung explained. In addition, the selling price or the time of accessories also not be the company said.   And here is the image Galleria accessories of cameras Samsung Galaxy Camera, invites you to see:      Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_485943271"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_485943271');     More information on this exciting camera running Android of Samsung can be found at the following 2 items: 1. Samsung introduces Galaxy Camera: 16Mp, Android 4.1, 4 "8 ... 2. On hand Samsung Galaxy Camera   Source: TheVerge, Engadget ...

Search feature in the App Store in iOS 6 is an upgrade

Search feature in the App Store in iOS 6 is an upgrade
Apple today has applied minor upgrade for the search window in the App Store on devices running iOS 6. This update is pretty quiet, users do not need to download and install the new iOS 6 because the App Store will automatically be updated on a global scale. Previously, the search window / game on the App Store are listed the results list with icons, names, vote (rate) as well as information about the price, but after this upgrade results show appears on each card.   This causes a minor inconvenience when you see a search results page instead of the previous results. In return, the search feature will display more information about the application, including icons, application name, vote, price information and photographs form (screenshot). The user will claw left and right to see the other related results while clicking on the application icon will take you to detailed information about that application.   In addition, the features suggested in the Apple Genius has also been activated. This intelligent feature will suggest the application / game related or preferred for user reference and download. Ability to find the podcasts in the App Store have been able to accomplish and require application system to listen to the podcast. However, these two features can not be used in Vietnam. The figure below is a new search interface on iPhone, iPad, Apple applied for the iOS App Store on 6 today. If you are using iOS 6, you do not have to do anything.         Source: 9to5 Mac ...

Nokia Lumia 920 PureView and Lumia 820 coming out before the introduction of

Nokia Lumia 920 PureView and Lumia 820 coming out before the introduction of
Nokia Lumia 920 PureView Still know that Nokia and Microsoft will hold events on Windows Phone on 5/9, but a few leaked images will make us feel better about the possibility of new devices will appear at the event. Evleaks via Twitter shared two images of the two machines is to run WP8 Nokia including Lumia 920 PureView and Lumia 820. Lumia 920 (codenamed Africa) with images PureView technology more advanced design with monolithic body, the back looks curved than the current Lumia 900 and a variety of colors, it's quite same template appear a few days before. Though have PureView but can not confirm that the Lumia 920 will be 41MP sensor as 808 PureView, computer screen 4 "5.   Meanwhile, the Lumia 820 is the machine code-named Arrow we saw recently with the screen 4 "3. Machine does not have technology images PureView that only equipped with Carl Zeiss optics, according to sources. Hand back of the Lumia 820 is also flat and not curved clusters camera stand out from the background. Appears in 7 colors, it seems Lumia 820 has many options in color than Lumia 920 PureView at the segment level. Greece hope this will be two of the WP8 smartphones Nokia introduced on 5/9 here.   Nokia Lumia 820 Add Lumia 820:    Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_589491670"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_589491670');     Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_1909175"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_1909175');     Source: The Verge (1), (2) ...

Japanese court said Samsung does not violate Apple patents

Japanese court said Samsung does not violate Apple patents
Samsung can temporarily forget the pain of losing Apple in the U.S., when a district court in Tokyo, Japan for iPhone does not violate Apple's patents here. According to the Nikkei, Apple accused Samsung of violating patents on sync multimedia files between devices. There are 8 products in the Galaxy line is distributed through the network Docomo and KDDI are listed on the list of violations. In a Japanese court, Apple required compensation Samsung 100 million Japanese yen (approximately U.S. $ 1.275 million), together with the ban on sales of products violations. However, the Korean electronics firms have to convince the judge that Samsung uses a different technology. Previously, both Apple and Samsung are Korean court said patent in violation of the same.   Samsung has officially responded to the victory in Japan as follows: We welcome the decision of the court. It confirmed Samsung's prestige, that we do not violate Apple's intellectual property. Samsung will continue to provide consumers with innovative products, while continuing to contribute to the development of the mobile industry in general. Source: The Verge ...

[IFA 2012] ZAGG introduced iPad Bluetooth keyboard with backlight

[IFA 2012] ZAGG introduced iPad Bluetooth keyboard with backlight
Besides headset for gamers, at the IFA 2012 exhibition ZAGG also introduced a new Bluetooth keyboard for use iPad titled ZAGGkeys Pro and Pro Plus. No protective cover iPad like the ZAGGfolio line, the new keyboard of pure ZAGGkeys line just cum keyboard function protects the screen when closed face machine with magnet structure. ZAGGkeys Pro and Pro Plus has a beautiful design with full function keys for iPad Home button, the search button, increase / decrease the volume ... The only difference between the Pro and Pro Plus Pro Plus version is more integrated keyboard backlight makes night operation easier. Battery of ZAGGkeys Pro Plus if used 8 hours per day will be three weeks before plugging the charger. ZAGG will sell a new keyboard from the end of September for $ 99 for ZAGGkeys Pro and $ 129 for ZAGGkeys Pro Plus.   Source: ZAGG ...

Coming Accord running HTC WP8: screen 4 "3, 1.5GHz CPU, 8MP camera, Beats Audio

Coming Accord running HTC WP8: screen 4
An account called Football (members xda-developers) on Twitter recently shared render image of one of the phones running HTC's first Windows Phone 8, codenamed Accord. According to The Verge, this image was extracted from the ROM of HTC, purple shows the device with Windows Phone 7 interface. The appearance of purple may be the signal that the smartphone HTC will do my WP8 fresh with more color options. According to this member, HTC Accord will have a screen size of 4.3 "HD resolution using Super LCD technology 2, 8MP camera with Full-HD video recording capability, a microSD card slot, connectivity and NFC chip Qualcomm MSM8960 1.5GHz dual core.   In addition, some sources close to HTC also confirmed to The Verge that the smartphone HTC WP8 will be integrated technology Beats Audio sound like on some models of its Android smartphones. A built-in Beats Audio application will allow users to adjust the sound output (output) of the device. For this sample Accord, the Beats logo will be placed on the back like the One X One S. HTC is going to have an event to introduce new devices in mid-September.   Source: The Verge, The Verge ...

[The Big Picture] underground world (P2)

[The Big Picture] underground world (P2)
Caves and tunnels that are part of human life. In the past, our ancestors lived in caves, now we're digging to do a lot of different things. We dig to find ancient cultural values, to mine ... We used the cave to the permanent repository, to entertain, and effective shelter from natural disasters and caused by humans. And when the ground becomes more crowded and national borders closed, people were digging to build the system of movement and transportation of illegal goods. Here are some pictures taken below ground from around the world.      Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_2008472164"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_2008472164');     Source: The Atlantic ...

[VCW 2012] On hand DSLR K-30 and visit the Pentax booth

[VCW 2012] On hand DSLR K-30 and visit the Pentax booth
Pentax year brings exhibitions VCW many products so that people can try, which is more prominent DSLR K-30 that the company introduced in mid May. The machine model is painted blue ball should look a little strange and quite young. K-30 has a slightly larger size than with Kr predecessor but still small enough to DSLR beginners can use easily. Grip on the K-30 is large and covered with leather design feels comfortable holding. Sensor resolution of the K-30 was improved from 12.4 megapixel Kr to 16 megapixels, video recording capability are improved from 720p up to 1080p at 30fps.   The features that are new DSLR resistance to rain, dust and extreme temperature operation thanks to 81 seal protection. Unfortunately, we can not directly see the resistance of this model in the VCW. K-30 has two round "e-dial" on the front and back to adjust the imaging parameters. For example, in M ​​mode, you can use a wheel export, remaining cake adjust speed. This is a feature not commonly found on the DSLR with low price. Front wheels are arranged in a good position with your finger so easy to use, while the last e-dial on the back is located quite close to the viewfinder so your index finger should easily touch our face when looking through the viewfinder .   K-30 property autofocus module new SAFOX IXi +, providing fast response speed, high precision. The focus of the system DSLR with 11 points, including 9 cross-type points in the form. Algorithms focus of the Pentax K-30 also upgrade to bring higher performance and accuracy. When his trial found that K-30 focus is very fast and extremely precise when using pipe DA 18-135 WR, even in complex lighting environment in a booth near the front of the Pentax. Viewfinder and rear LCD for true color and light, the speed of operation of the system very quickly. You can come and experience the real DSLR.   K-30 has now started selling for $ 16.9 million just for the camera body. If purchased with 18-55mm DAL kit tube, its price is 17.9 million. Especially, if you buy at VCW it will be reduced by 1 million for the two mentioned above.   Aside from K-30, Pentax has displayed a lot of other photography products, such as the Optio WG-2 is immersed in a water tank (7.6 million for a regular, 8.5 million for GPS) , replace lens camera mirror flip K-01 (17 million with 40mm f/2.8 lens), a series of restraint K-mount lens and PNS ultra-compact Optio LS465 ($ 3 million). Please see pictures of them at the Galleria below.      Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_577348956"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_577348956');   ...

[ASUS Expo 2012] The two leading screen MX279H and O! Play ASUS HD2

[ASUS Expo 2012] The two leading screen MX279H and O! Play ASUS HD2
This morning ASUS Expo 2012 has officially opened to visitors in the cultural and sports center of Tan Binh. Besides the mainstream computer products, ASUS also showed the equipment on the other segment. In particular, notably the screen MX279H which the company announced yesterday at the IFA consumer electronics show 2012 took place in Berlin, Germany.   MX279H is one of two new product lines the ASUS Designo next screen MX239H. The screen is designed in the style of Edge to Edge Borderless, 17.5 mm thin and placed on a easy sundial allows flexible rotation angle. MX279H size 27 "use IPS panels with a resolution of Full HD (1920 x 1080). Via preliminary experience, MX279H for good visibility from all sides with up to 178-degree viewing angle. Addition, MX279H technology is also equipped with ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio contrast for high contrast 80.000.000:1 ratio. input interface of MX279H include 2 HDMI 1.4 ports and supports Blu-ray 3D.   Another special point on the screen is the Bang & Olufsen ICEpower audio system with ASUS SonicMaster technology. With a capacity of 10 Watt speakers are installed directly below the screen, the outer layer of aluminum milling scratch is typical of ASUS. Because outer space is quite noisy, so I have yet to experience the sound quality of this speaker system.   To demonstrate the ability to display and sounds of MX279H, first use ASUS O! Play HD2 once the company introduced in 2010. Although this is not a new product but O! Play HD2 is still very interesting. No need for a computer, O! Play HD2 still allow you to experience digital content on the screen MX279H supports communication and connection. On O! Play HD2, a total of 3 devices including CF card reader, SD / MMC, MS / MS Duo, 2 USB ports, 1 eSATA, RJ-45 LAN. Outputs including Composite, HDMI 1.3, S / PDIF and DLNA. In addition, the O! Play HD2 supports many video and audio formats.     Some images of the latest ASUS screen at the exhibition:      Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_1541594990"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_1541594990');   ...

On Samung Galaxy Camera hands

On Samung Galaxy Camera hands
It's a camera? It was not clear anymore, shape, seems to be so. Basically, it is a beautiful design, fashion, camera control system completely based on the Android operating system and touch screen. Button lights, zoom lens and activate the camera mode button is the button separate from the Android system. This is a segment, a completely new product, we do not have a do over it, the size, perhaps it's bigger than any modern tourist camera and its camera system also completely based on Android so you can also consider it to be an Android device has horrible camera instead see it as a camera Android operating system.     If you think we can call this Camera on the Galaxy, the answer is possible. But no speaker speakerphone or a Bluetooth headset. Samsung is not equipped with the calling application but with the heavy programmer you, that is not the problem.   I took this machine is a test machine, so I can not share with you more about the shooting experience as well as its operation. I'll do this with the commercial version and we will have much to say to each other on the machine.      Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_1108300068"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_1108300068');   Attachments: cuhiep20120831_0196.jpg File size: 102 KB Views: 0 ...

Rated portable hard drive PQI Air Drive

Rated portable hard drive PQI Air Drive
Expand the storage capacity of mobile devices is a user needs. If your device has a memory card slot, this is quite simple. But with the phone, the tablet does not support removable memory cards such as iPad, Nexus 7, iPhone, Galaxy Nexus ... the problem seems to be more difficult. We have two solutions: one is to buy a USB cable USB OTG and high-capacity memory card or two is to use the external hard drive storage support wireless connection. So in terms of convenience and easy operation, the hard drive wifi solution is somewhat more prominent and easier for ordinary users. Finally, the main character in this article is Air Drive, a portable hard drive that supports wireless connection that PQI debuted recently.   PQI Air Drive is a mobile storage device with compact size a business card size 85 x 54 x 8 mm and weighs only 55g. It has two strengths that can change the storage capacity with built-in SD memory card slot and you can easily replace the memory card with different capacity. Also Air Drive WiFi with the ability to connect to 5 devices at the same time, the built-in battery so it can work 5 hours continuously.   Compared to other wifi portable hard drive like Seagate GoFlex Satellite and Kingston Wi-Drive Mini Air Drive lighter, storage capacity can change easily. How it works of all three are the same: its own wifi and wireless mobile devices to access the data. Uptime is also quite similar when all three are published on the theory of five hours.   Design   PQI Air Drive design has a beautiful square and compact. The shell is made of alloy with a matte black along with metal rings, all made looks luxurious and scratch-resistant. The compact size of the device makes holding and carry with you quite easily, if you want to be able to put in a pocket or wallet.   The entire front of the device no more than the PQI logo in the upper right corner of the back lot of words with information about the serial, and the symbol of light. Next to no details at all.   The left edge of the device we find the USB cable, play data transfer as well as charging the battery. By PQI no bundled charger so you have to charge through the USB port of the computer. If not in use, the cable connecting the device was hidden pretty neat in itself. Cable has a short point is, when plugged into a bit uncomfortable. If PQI microUSB port here and bundled cable connection better leave, and will also take advantage of the free space for bigger batteries.   Bottom edge of the memory card slot with plastic cover. According PQI Air Drive supports SD / SDHC card with a maximum capacity of up to 32GB. However, I hate 128GB SDHC cards, it is still getting up and running good. Finally, next to the power button and the reset hole. When you push the Power left the Wifi will be activated and begin accessing data.      Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_1150480432"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_1150480432');     Activity   First time to talk about the operation of the equipment. Actual time using the battery Air Drive well, consider this film continuously for several hours, the result is a new battery after 4 hours and 30 minutes off. If you connect with several devices (up to 5), the time used will be reduced. For fully charged you need about 2h30p, when the red charging light will, until the battery is full the light will automatically turn off.   Air Drive just charging and data exchange with your computer via the USB port when it is switched off, ie can not just copy the data to the Air drive and medium access the rates on that data over wifi. Copy data speed on Air Drive depends a lot on memory card you use so it is best equipped to a high-speed SDHC card to use.   802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi card built for speed power equipment rapidly. It supports both Android and iOS, you can access the information rate by S + PQI Flash software or directly via IP In addition to using the software S + Flash, you can use the software another example Oplayer on iOS.   Time the launch of Air Drive (from actuating power button to the time the Wifi connection) quite quickly, only takes about 10 seconds. Consider this film HD720p standard with 2GB is better load fast, on iPad 3 with Oplayer, missing about 10 seconds longer on the S III with default Video Player, about 3 - 5 seconds to start considered.   Software S + Flash   S + Flash is a free software that PQI provided on Google Play (Link) and iTunes AppStore (Link), through this software you can access the data rate in the Air Drive. In addition, as noted above, you can also from browsers or other software to access the rates on Air Drive through IP:   Features and interface of the S + Flash for Android and iOS are the same, the software has six main tabs: Air Drive: manage all the files in the directory traversal Air Drive Image - Music - Video: Auto Filter data Air Drive in format, music, video. My Folder: data in the device. With Android, this is the entire list of files on your system. With iOS is limited so we only have the file in the software S + Flash only, the file that was downloaded iOS. Setting: configuration for Air Drive   You can set a password for Air Drive for convenient use in public places, this is a pretty useful and necessary function. Also in Settings allows you to change the default name of the wifi network name is Air Drive. Other functions can be selected as Factory Reset and Reboot.   S + Flash software runs smoothly on both iOS and Android. With Android it can be linked with other software to watch movies, view pictures or office documents. Normally I use Air Drive to store images and HD movie takes a lot of space. Every time you choose a video file, the software video of Android will activate (you can also set more Mxplayer).      Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_1269416402"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_1269416402');     Summary   This portable hard drive is a good, beautiful and compact design; is a good solution for you to expand the storage capacity as well as equipment used to store and carry your important data . Uptime about 4h 30p is not enough for a long trip but also to meet its needs. Supports five devices connected at the same time. There is a limit when you are using Air Drive, no internet access.   Thank Phuc Thinh product support. Air Drive will be distributed in the future, currently there is no price for this product. ...

Samsung first launched WP8 phones and its impact on Nokia...

Samsung first launched WP8 phones and its impact on Nokia...
Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft's next flagship product in an effort to return to the mobile telecommunications market - which is dominated by Android and iOS. Most names are expected U.S. software will help it do that is Nokia, a strategic partner of Microsoft for Windows Phone products. However, the unexpected happened at the IFA 2012 show yesterday, when the first Windows Phone 8 handset introduced belongs to Samsung, with products Ativ S.   When Samsung sent invitations to attend the Mobile Unpacked event at IFA 2012, all eyes of the media has focused on technology products Galaxy Note II - the second generation of the "phablet" Samsung Galaxy Note was released in IFA 2011. Thus, the appearance of Ativ S is a surprise to the market. Few believe that a device running Windows Phone 8 will appear with an important product like the Galaxy Note II. Samsung traditionally introduced the Windows Phone and Android mobile products in separate events, although the design of these products may be similar based on the same design philosophy.   Like it or not, all must admit that: Samsung has "pirate flag" Nokia product introduction smartphones running the world's first Windows Phone 8.   Ativ S is a pleasant surprise, but more interesting is the way it was introduced to the public. Unpacked event lasts for about two hours, and Samsung has to wait until the end of the announced Ativ S - which in a way speak for von is "always delicacies to the last minute." Meanwhile, Microsoft has decided to publish an article revealing Ativ S on its official blog a few hours ago. As such, Microsoft has stamped approval for the launch of Ativ S, and this is also a surpassed without nasal respect to the Nokia.   Said it must be said again. In fact in recent weeks rumors and leaks about the product Nokia phones running Windows Phone 8 have appeared in the press. Although not officially, but with what was seen also helps us to understand the company's strategy for the operating system Windows Phone. And the most important thing, not to mention, is a Nokia event will be and Microsoft held next week. Details were not disclosed in the invitation, but the emergence of market Microsoft makes sure that there will be at least one Windows Phone 8 devices to be introduced here. So, let's say Samsung has surpassed Nokia to introduce a week earlier products, but about the time difference was really remarkable, when consumers anyway have to wait nearly two more months before can own hand phones Windows Phone 8.   The Verge has contacted Microsoft spokesman Greg Sullivan to ask about the article introduce blog Ativ S and here is the answer: this is the first product of the devices Windows Phone 8 will be introduced in the near future.     Recently, Nokia or other message both official and unofficial sent to Samsung. In mid-May, vice president of Nokia's Chris Weber had a reminder for the Samsung that "beware the next generation Lumia". Not only that, right in front of Samsung's events appear a Nokia employee, holding a sign with the text "To Samsung: Nokia welcome you back to the Windows Phone ...". As such, Nokia has officially put Samsung in its sights, in the future we are likely to witness the competition between the two big names. For general consumers, competition is always a good thing.   Looking back at what has taken place, the most fun is certainly Microsoft. The hardware partners excited about the Windows Phone platform is the most valuable thing for Microsoft, regardless of who is the first product launch. Generation of Microsoft's first Windows Phone products not succeed as expected due to the loss of support from the manufacturer. Windows Phone eight, therefore, is an opportunity for the company reaffirmed its name in the mobile telecommunications market in the world.   Source: The Verge ...

Appeared some pictures of a next-generation Kindle Touch?

Appeared some pictures of a next-generation Kindle Touch?
6/9 to this would be the time Amazon held a press conference to introduce new products, equipment is unclear, but many predict a next-generation Kindle Fire will be released. However, recent images appear on The Verge is related to the new generation Kindle Touch reading. Accordingly, the hard keys in the previous version has been removed, so the new Kindle Touch can be controlled entirely by the touch operation. In addition, the new version of the book reader has a black border, the screen seems to have a higher resolution, better contrast, integrated light.   The source also said the battery could last up to 8 weeks (half-hour every day use), even when the background lighting is enabled (backlit). The new Kindle Touch is also expected to use the Pearl E-ink screen - the screen Amazon equip Kindle 3G Special Offers cheap version - to improve display quality. It is not clear Amazon will name this new reading machine is, maybe they will use the name Kindle Touch, or may be Paperwhite - as the words appear on the screen.   News from Reuters recently that Amazon will probably integrate the functions locate the position on the Kindle Fire tablet next generation. Reuters also revealed that, Amazon has decided to choose Nokia will be the provider of data location service for its devices, instead of using data from Google Maps as previous rumors. However, with this feature, many people still have questions the new Kindle Fire will be Amazon equipped with a GPS chip or not, or simply get the data via a WiFi connection.      Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_997563634"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_997563634');     According to The Verge, Reuters ...

[IFA 2012] LG performance HDTV 84 "3D 4K standard 84LM9600

[IFA 2012] LG performance HDTV 84
IFA technology exhibition in 2012 continued to witness the emergence of a product HDTV 84 "resolution 4K (aka Ultra HD) again, this time from the Korean electronics company LG. Product code 84LM9600, of the Cinema 3D, LG introduced for the first time in February this year, and began selling in Korea last week.   The same segment with the high-end products such as KD-84X9005 Sony 4K HDTV that new Toshiba launches, LG 84LM9600 be equipped with all the most advanced technology available today. TV uses passive 3D technology, comes with fashionable glasses. Depth Control features and Triple XD Engine developed by LG promises to bring the highest quality display to the user. In addition, 84LM9600 a sample Smart TV with the ability to connect to the Internet, install more than 1400 applications and access the online movie stores 3D World. Users can control the TV by voice, hand movements or external keyboard.   The current price of of Korean 84LM9600 is 25 million won (approximately $ 22,100), there is no information about prices in other markets, but the price range of $ 20,000 or more a sure thing. Let's look at some pictures on TV products LG 84 "84LM9600.      Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_887020578"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_887020578');   Source: The Verge ...

[IFA 2012] LG performance ultra-wide LCD screen with 21:9 ratio

[IFA 2012] LG performance ultra-wide LCD screen with 21:9 ratio
As previously announced, LG has brought IFA event 2012 ultra-wide LCD screen size 29 ", the codename EA93. Device using the substrate IPS (In-Plane Switching) - promises more realistic hybrid color - screen resolution WQHD (2560x1080 pixels) with 21:9 ratio and ultra-thin screen edges, targeted customers require more display space horizontally to multi-tasking or favorite movies. Besides, EA93 screen can tweak windows and window size is divided into four separate screens, allowing users to easily manage tasks. addition EA93 supports diverse connectivity ports such as USB 3.0, Dual Link DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI and mhl. Currently, price points and selling the ultra-wide LCD screen LG has yet to be announced, but a number of sources predict EA93 will be available in January next year.      Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_484518093"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });    ('# galleria_484518093');     According to The Verge ...

Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 Windows Phone 8 smartphone photos leaked

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia's first image features a the latest flagship smartphone equipped with Windows Phone 8 based platform is now surfacing and got early debut in render from earlier today and the images of the prototype model version of the same device leaked out.

Nokia Lumia 820 images is to be running on Windows Phone 8 build 8.0.9735.0 with 335MB of RAM and you can clearly see the this images at branding on the handset. Equipped with 4.3 inch display and it will arrive with Nokia's magical new imaging technology and it has been rumored to powered by dual-core processor, expandable storage capacity, NFC and 4G LTE connectivity. Nokia Lumia 820 smartphone sports a 4.3 inch touchscreen display with equally colorful jazzy looks and probably a more affordable price. While the Nokia Lumia 920 designed similar with Nokia N9/Lumia 800 with a great new colors but with a larger 4.5 inch display panel. Both devices features the new Windows Phone 8 logo plus adding the Nokia PureView camera technology which is currently employed with Nokia 808 PureView.
Nokia Lumia 820

According to the leaked rumor and speculation that a PureView Windows Phone Lumia could offers 21MP sensor main camera, both Nokia 920 and Lumia 820 smartphone seem to be focus on the camera with Carl Zeiss lenses on the both gadgets. As, usual no other word on the specification or even the pricing, though, with Windows Phone 8's new multi-core and higher-resolution screen support. These images are close to the final products Nokia will launch at its upcoming event.

Source: @evleaks

Samsung Ativ Tab powered by Window 8 OS officially announced

Samsung has new series of products based on Windows 8 which other giant manufacturer had first having for the announcement. The slate tablet running Microsoft’s ARM-compatible Windows RT operating System. This is the first tablet from Korean Electronics Company that employs Windows 8 tablet slate come in a form of Ativ Tab. According to the press release, the name “ATIV” is a reverse of the word “VITA”, means “life” in Latin word and “ is pledge by Samsung to make everyone's life extraordinary with excitement”.

Samsung Ativ Tab sport a 10.1 inch with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels which can support 1080p content for playback and 720p recording). Equipped with Samsung’s Exynos quad-core chipset with has a clocked speed of 1.5GHz processor. It comes pre-loaded with Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student Edition, IE version 10 and Samsung promised that It will boot up instantly.

It has a option of 32GB or 64GB of storage, 2GB of RAM, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n (Wi-Fi Channel Bonding), Bluetooth 4.0, GPS support and support Accelerometer, compass, Ambient sensor, Gyroscope and Grip Sensor.

Powered by a Li-Ion 8,200mAh battery, Samsung Ativ Tab look like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 but Ativ Tab is more powerful compare to Note 10.1 which has a 7,000mAh battery power. also look set to house two front-facing speaker grilles. Comes in 5MP rear-facing camera with LED flash and a 1.9MP front-facing VT camera. It also offers like USB 2.0 port and micro-HDMI output port and supported devices that plug into these ports should work automatically without the need for extra or third party software.

Asus Zenbook U500VZ ultrabook announced

Asus has just showcasing their latest Zenbook range of product at IFA Berlin event comes in the form of U500VZ ultrabook the new models in Zenbook siblings.

Houses with aluminum shell and sports a 15 inch full HD display with IPS technology and anti-glare coating as well as a full-size keyboard with separate numeric keyboard. A super-thin laptop PC with has a measures in at just 19.7 mm thick, but boasted with high-end specs and 15 inch full HD display.
Powered by a 3rd generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor and a Nvidia GT650M graphics engine, the Asus U500VZ comes with a range of storage options including Solid State Drive (SSDs) configuration with up to 256GB SSD included or a 128GB SSD and 500GB of Hard Disk Drive (HHD).
Asus has not mention in price details and the availability for this ultrabook, but they are expected to be launched later next month or early October this year, same as Window 8 will arrived.

Samsung Galaxy Camera powered by Android OS is now officially announced

The rumours confirmed! Samsung has plan to set to released a new Android based Camera which is showcasing at IFA Expo Event at Berlin.

Now Samsung has indeed to introduced their latest product line in the form of Samsung Galaxy Camera which is equipped with a 16.3MP CMOS Image sensor, F2.8 23mm, 21x Super Long Zoom lens and it will run on Google's latest platform Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS. Just about the only feature missing from this device is a feature which can cater and support calling capabilities from local network using SIM cards, with have a full access to the Google Play Store and of course, the Samsung exclusive Apps for their exclusive products.

The device is named the Samsung Galaxy Camera which is powered by Exynos 4412 SoC running processor at a clocked speed of 1.4GHz completes the picture and should provide enough grunt to make everything run nice and smoothly. It also takes video recording in 1080p at 30fps real-time and has built-in GPS for the navigation. It will be compatible with various VoiP apps, such as Skype, which will enable it to be used for making voice and video recorder and video call over 3G/4G or WiFi connectivity.
Samsung Galaxy Camera includes a comprehensive set of 35 powerful photo editing features through the “Photo Wizard”, allowing users to makes professional quality edits on the go. The new features take advantage of the ultra-fast quad-core processor and HD Super Clear LCD, giving access to a features like Auto Face Calibration so edits can be made in precise details and with ease. The target audience with the Galaxy Camera seems apparent, if you're looking to get into some semi-professional photography ( Galaxy Camera's auto-assist “ Pro Mode”), this may be the tech for you.

Sony Xperia S Tablet officially announced

After the many speculations, rumor and leaked of several photos and specification of Sony latest tablet, now is got to be true in IFA Expo Event in Berlin, which is Sony has revealed it newest Sony Xperia S which is showcasing it at the major event. The new version of Sony Tablet S is slimmer and lighter, though Sony says it's more lightweight that an iPad. It also offers a rear-facing camera on the Xperia Tablet S is now 8MP and 1MP front-facing camera and slightly lighter at just 1.26lb down from the 1.3lb.

Sony Xperia Tablet S is equipped with a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor and 10 inch IPS display with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution will be showing off all media and gaming content. But more than its pure power Sony's promoting some of the software on the device, this tablet was a nifty IR-capable universal remote control and Sony's beefed up the functionality even more, adding support for macros so you can turn on a bunch of devices at once or easily tune to a certain channel in just a single press. Sony Xperia Tablet S will be available in either 16GB, 32GB and 64GB version for a price tag start at $399.00 - $599.00 respectively and will be available in the market later next month start from September 7th this year.

Toshiba Satellite U925t slider Ultrabook-Tablet Windows 8 annouces

Toshiba has surprisingly announces it newest devices with a slide-out screen and Widows 8 ready for action at IFA 2012. comes in the form of U925t ultrabook-tablet. Toshiba Satellite U925t is a compact, soft-touch body is built in the same as the wide-screen with a combination of tablet and ultrabook in a sliding design that's not only surprisingly light built a real heavyweight when it comes to power performance.

Sport a 12.5 inch with a slide-out Gorilla Glass touchscreen and rear-facing 3MP camera in the back for when you need to capture a quick shot and video chat as well. Slide the display up further and you'll reveal the LED backlit keyboard, which provide plenty of travel given that this is sliding design model. As the tablet models, Toshiba U925t has all the sensors you'd expect, including ambient light sensor, gyroscope, magnetometer and 3D acceleration abut also get NFC built in for sharing file and pairing devices.

Packs a Core i5 processor, Intel HD 4000 graphics and 128GB of Solid State Drive (SSD). It also has Intel's Wireless Display technology. This machine has 2 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI output port, a headphone jack, physical volume rocket, display rotation lock and lots of available Windows 8 tile-based app space in the demo unit as it visible on the image. On the software features, this tablet-ultrabook combo will features several Toshiba Window 8 apps, including Toshiba Desktop Assist, Toshiba Central and Book Place and News Place.

This Windows 8 hybrid measures a mere 0.78 inch thin and weighs 3.2 lb,Toshiba Satellite U925t will launch on October 26th along with Windows 8 OS, Toshiba did not mention regrading the price details for this tablet-ultrabook, for sure Toshiba will bring it to the market at a right price.

Samsung ATIV S Windows 8 phone, the first windows 8 phone officially announce

Samsung has first officially announces it new Windows Phone 8 device, comes in the form of Samsung ATIV S with the latest technology, especially for everyone who want a superphone comes in the latest features and configuration.

Samsung Ativ S is powered by dual core Snapdragon S4 processor with a clocked speed of 1GHz accompanied with 1GB of RAM and comes either 16GB or 32GB models, both of which comes in microSD card slot for additional storage space as needed for your multimedia content. Ativ S windows Phone sports a high-end 4.8 HD inch HD Super AMOLED Corning Gorilla glass panel and 8MP of rear-facing camera with autofocus and LED flash complemented with 1.9MP front-facing camera. It also features a host of Samsung apps, like the Music Hub and the Media Hub for the U.S. Market. Older Windows Phone could not handle dual-core SoCs, which is why seeing such potent piece of silicon inside the first Window 8 phone based is such a big deal. An impressive hardware configuration design is matched by the device's extremely beautiful design and the use of premium materials in its construction.

There's also compatibility for HSPA+42 and support for NC (thinking file-sharing and soon, payment). It's all powered by standard 2300mAh batter which is made with brushed aluminum casing and Samsung opted for a physical Windows button instead of a capacitive accent. It has a measure of 137.2 x 70.5 x 8.7 mm (h x w x t) a form factor Samsung calls a “chic hairline design.”

HTC 10 inch Tablet photos leaked, possible it will be appeared at IFA Expo in Berlin?

HTC has been reported that they will revealed a new 10 inch tablet at IFA Berlin with unique design configuration.

As you can notice, the tablet offers a very sleek and slim design along with a thicker bezel around the bottom where the front facing camera. As now specs are unclear, however the tablet appears to be 10 inch and has a unique bezel that differentiates itself from the current tablet market. This makes it the perfect area for getting a firm grip on the tab, but the again HTC won't anxious about striking on Apple's trademark patent, will they are?

HTC made their Sense Interface available for tablet is on going in process as what HTC smartphone has running HTC's Sense User Interface. Assuming this is to be believed, this is a rather unique looking tablet and resembles a digital photo frame or maybe even tiny monitor as well. Its definitely not something you see everyday, which might means HTC is trying to separate itself from the other competitors in the tablet battle.

In this scenario, since there has been no official announcement yet, on pricing or worldwide availability has been leaked as for now.

Archos GamePad Android based Gaming Console announced

Archos has just introduced a new device to their range in the form of Handheld Gamepad gaming console. Comes in the form of GamePad, which is sports a 7 inch screen and physical controls, including face buttons, shoulder buttons a D-pad and a pair of analog nubbins which resemble the circle pad on Nintendo's 3DS.

Archos GamePad will be powered by 1.5GHz dual-core processor accompanied with quad-core Mali 400 MP graphics. This handheld gaming console is running on Google's Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) platform means it can access full services of Google suites like Google Play store and be Google certified device.

The unit also features a patented technology that allows virtual controls to be mapped to the physical controls, with Archos boasting that “ over a thousand” Android apps are already existed in store can be played using the GamePad. It also offers like HDMI output port and microSD card slot to compliment the 8GB of built-in storage capacity. Archos says that the GamePad is coming in October this year with a price start at $188 and according to the source that it will ship simultaneously in both Europe and the US market, maybe soon this device will hit the major market in Asia as well.



Levono K860 smartphone is finally announced

Lenovo has recently revealed their new Levono K860 smartphone, although there is no pricing indicated details to support with it. However, it looks like Lenovo has just announced the K860 smartphone will be available in Chinese market with a price tag only at 2,199 yuan ($345 USD). This Android based smartphone which has been designed to provide users with the benefits of a small tablet and smartphone in combination in one.

Sport in 5 inch HD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, quad-core Exynos 4412 processor supported with 1GB of system memory, same as the one under the international Galaxy S 3 model. Runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich platform.

In addition, Lenovo K860 boast an impressive 8MP rear-facing camera complement with 2MP front-facing camera for self-portrait and video chatting purposes and a high-capacity 2250mAh Li-Ion battery for power juicer. K860 smartphone look like a very promising smartphone with pretty configuration that were initially launched in the market so far. It measure 143.6 x 74.5 x 9.6 mm and weighs at 185 grams.

LG Optimus L9 smartphone pack in latest features

LG announced another Android smartphone in Optimus L series lineup, packs with a dual-core power performance. The handset will sit at the top of the popular among the L-series models of LG Mobile. Android ICS running device which come in the form of Optimus L9, this device are essentially stylish for consumers on budget-wise.

LG Optimus L9 equipped with a 4.7 inch IPS touchscreen display, 5MP rear-facing camera with VGA front-facing camera companion.Powered with dual-core 1GHz CPU should be enough for most of your everyday task. accompanied with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of built-in memory on board. It has a features like Qtranslator function will let you translate power in 44 foreign language to 64 user languages. With Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, LG Optimus L9 can also recognize letters upon scan with the camera itself, while relying on electronic dictionary or online translation engine to translate words, sentences or phrases. It's LG's own take on Google app already available on most Android smartphones.

It has a measure of 131.9 x 68.2 x 9.1 mm thin body with a slimming metallic streak and modern square style that offers a comfortable grip from its slim and stylish design.
The Optimus L9 is a great smartphone that appeals to evry consumer,” said Dr. Jongseok Park, President and CEO of LG Mobile Communications Company. “LG will continue to offer differentiated value through the Optimus L9 and strengthen our position in the smartphone market.”

SAMSUNG GALAXY S 3 offer new additional 4 new color option

Samsung Mobile has just introduced new colors to their Samsung Galaxy S 3 smartphone, Galaxy S 3 has 2 standard color variant (Marble white and Pebble blue) which is available on the market presently, now Samsung added not just one but 4 color option for their Galaxy S 3 smartphone includes; Amber Brown, Sapphire black, Titanium gray and Garnet red. This new color option of Galaxy S 3 were inspired by Earth's richest materials. Boasted carefully crafted organic appearance with gently curved lines and clean, soft features which are accentuated by these latest color options.

every inch of the Samsung GALAXY S III has been created to reflected the natural elements that inspired its ergonomics design, from the softly shaped curvature to the minimized bezel. By expanding the colour range of the Galaxy S III we are continuing to evolve the Minimal Organic design theme of the handset. The colour options we have added evoke the phone's emotional and natural aspects in a very simple but effective way.” - according to Minhyouk Lee, VP and lead designer of GALAXY S III at Samsung.

The availability of the new inspired color Galaxy S 3 will vary depending on the country and network carrier. There is no certain changes in terms of under hood system array. When this colour option will arrive in the market and have chances to choose one, what color are you?

source: global.samsungtomorrow

Lenovo S880 smartphone is coming in Philippines market

Lenovo Mobile has introduce another smartphone in Philippines market, equipped with dual-SIM and Android based smartphone which come in a tittle named “Lenovo S880”.

Lenovo S880 smartphone packs in 5 inch WVGA TFT capacitive multi- touch screen display screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Under the hood the handset has a powered by 1GHz MediaTek MT6575 Cortex-A9 processor accompanied with PowerVRTM SGX531 pro 3D graphics, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of built-in storage but can be expanded additional storage via microSD card slot. Armed with 5MP front-facing camera on the back and 0.3MP front-facing camera for self-portrait and video calling. Run on Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich platform, this phone can access full services of Google’s suites like Google Play store , you can download and installed useful and fun apps as you like and other Android smartphone can do.

Comes in standard Polymer Li-Ion 2250mAh battery for power juicer, offer a wide range of connectivity and features like, built-in GPS and A-GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, A2DP Bluetooth Stereo, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, microUSB 2.0, FM radio, Gravity sensor, proximity sensor, light sensor acceleration sensor, schedule Power On/Off. It has a measure of 142 x 78 x 9.9 mm and weighs of 200 grams.

Lenovo S880 smartphone will be soon to released in your favorite gadget store across the Island with a price tag of Php14,999.00

CyberpowerPC Zues-M and Zues-M2 ultrabook anounces

CyberpowerPC has released their latest ultrabook comes in the latest specification and features that will come in the tittle named in Zues-M. Comes in two configuration models, of course! has different price tag in every model design. CyberPower Zues-M sport a 14.1 inch screen display with ultra-responsive and ultra-sleek ultrabook with has the ideal combination of performance, portability and smart capabilities to get any user through the day long.

This ultrabook is named after the all mighty powerful god of Greek “Zues” which is packs in an Intel Core i5-3317U Ivy Bridge dual-core processor complemented with energy-efficient Intel MH77 chipset, 8GB of RAM and 60GB of Solid Sate Drive storage (SSD) capacity with a price tag of $699. While Zeus-M2 model offers the same with its processing performance with 16GB of system memory (RAM) and 120GB Solid State Drive (SSD) at the price start at $799.00

Nokia Lumia 815 Windows 8 Music phone with asymmetric design

Nokia Lumia 815 windows 8 phone ideally designed for music phone incorporate with Windows Phone 8 based phone with has an asymmetry designed as it goes.

 Nokia Lumia 815 sport a 4.5 inch AMOLED touchscreen display panel with 1280 x 768 pixel resolution, boasted with Gorilla Glass protection covered all over across the whole front display panel. Equipped with12MP front-facing camera with Carl Ziess optics, dual LED flash and can support 1080p video content (recording and palyback), along with 3MP front-facing camera can be used as self-portrait as well as video chatting purposes. It has a total of 4 large speaker and support for Dolby Digital Plus technology located behind a black aluminium band which coated around the Nokia mockup.

This handset is powered by dual-core 1.6GHz processor with has a partition for multimedia and comes in 32/64GB of storage capacity complemented with microSD card slot for additional space storage. It features a 2500mAh battery for power juicer and in connectivity features it has support microUSB, Bluetooth, Nokia AV 3.5, NFC and DLNA certification.

This cool handset design concept is produced by Edgar Mkrtchyan where surfacing his creation at
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