[IFA 2012] LG performance HDTV 84 "3D 4K standard 84LM9600

[IFA 2012] LG performance HDTV 84
IFA technology exhibition in 2012 continued to witness the emergence of a product HDTV 84 "resolution 4K (aka Ultra HD) again, this time from the Korean electronics company LG. Product code 84LM9600, of the Cinema 3D, LG introduced for the first time in February this year, and began selling in Korea last week.   The same segment with the high-end products such as KD-84X9005 Sony 4K HDTV that new Toshiba launches, LG 84LM9600 be equipped with all the most advanced technology available today. TV uses passive 3D technology, comes with fashionable glasses. Depth Control features and Triple XD Engine developed by LG promises to bring the highest quality display to the user. In addition, 84LM9600 a sample Smart TV with the ability to connect to the Internet, install more than 1400 applications and access the online movie stores 3D World. Users can control the TV by voice, hand movements or external keyboard.   The current price of of Korean 84LM9600 is 25 million won (approximately $ 22,100), there is no information about prices in other markets, but the price range of $ 20,000 or more a sure thing. Let's look at some pictures on TV products LG 84 "84LM9600.      Galleria.loadTheme ('/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / Azur / galleria.azur.min.js'); $ ("# Galleria_887020578"). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: 'fade', });             Galleria.run ('# galleria_887020578');   Source: The Verge ...
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