Nikon Coolpix S800c camera the first Android powered camera announced

Nikon released a the first Android-powered camera which is runs on Android 2.3 platform means this camera can full access to Google's Play Store so you can download any and every camera app you can think of. Sport a 819k-dot, 3.5-inch OLED display screen and WiFi enabled, allowing the user to access the internet as they would on the smartphone. So you can easily upload videos and images directly from your favorite social media hub including Google+, Facebook and Twitter hassle free without connecting to PC or WiFi enable devices and other popular imaging applications.

Nikon explain that the CoolPix S800c also has the ability to connect through WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) for a fast and secure push-button connection. Nikon CoolPix S800c offers 1.7GB of internal memory for pictures and movies space storage and 680MB for application you installed right from from camera, and all of this space can be expanded by up 32GB additional space storage via microSD card slot.

Nikon S800c is a camera with has a 16MP illuminated CMOS sensor, 10x zoom lens ranging from 25-250mm, a built-in flash, shooting up to 8fps and lots of lifters and effects that don’t force you take a 1024 x 1024 pixels hot instagram-style.

The company elaborated that the new camera, which has been designed for always connected user, will further enable user captures photos and HD videos with amazing clarity and colours. Along with a variety od scene modes and creative filters, including the new toy camera effect, super vivid colour filters, as well as cross process and peripheral darkening filters.


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