[More sophisticated] You look forward to the 6th generation iphone with any changes?

[More sophisticated] You look forward to the 6th generation iphone with any changes?
After many rumors in recent months plus the introduction of the iPhone scheduled for 2 years, you can see coming, probably in October Apple will introduce the 6th generation iPhone (iPhone 5?) Promised appointments continue to be valuable improvements. But with the experience that Apple has brought to users in the past time that we can hardly predict the next-generation iPhone will be "nothing special"? Performance or design?!? - Over the past five generation Apple iPhone has demonstrated superiority compared to other models have different operating systems and performance optimized hardware capabilities. Apple products have always been considered a treatment system "weak", but in reality it is no weakness at all when the 600MHz processor on the iPhone 3G is assumed on the new OS, the game runs fine assessed as heavy and high graphics, new iPhone 3G version in 2012 continue to be sold on the market that the user still needs attention and is absolutely yes, they are still happy with that compared processor with the other OS was deemed too old and weak. - Next to the iPhone 4, was introduced in June 2010, with 1.7 million units sold in the first 3 days. The iPhone version has been completely stripped the, different than the previous version is 3G, style, handling systems etc. .. Users completely satisfied with this version until today when the appearance of the iPhone 4S. Many people when used via the second device is the iPhone 4 and 4S have a comment that there is no difference in treatment systems, the game played on iPhone 4 and 4S does not seem much difference all. Until now most of you are using iphone iphone 3Gs or 4 are satisfied with their equipment, some of the things you left no new enhancements. - By October last year, Apple introduced the iPhone 4S, though the machine only change the system processor while the external design completely changes nothing compared to iPhone 4, but only in the first 3 days of sale numbers were up to 4 million. Although no design makeover as the iPhone 3G to iPhone 4 but sales still surpass many iphone 4. This shows that users also have overlooked design issues outside to experience the processor speed for the system is almost twice as powerful processor and graphics chip is 4 times compared to the iphone 4.  Conclusion: iPhone is the device hardware is optimized thanks to the IOS operating system, the machine does not need to have a very powerful processor is 2 or 4 people but can still meet the entertainment needs of young Smart phone users today. As for design, one would also expect his phone holding up quite nicely and should be beautiful "than" the other machine.- Over the recent rumors, we have an iphone with the new style, a new processor and quad-core may be a larger screen. But this is all just rumors ..... So you expect the next iPhone really is, is a breakthrough in design or a set of super-powerful processor?


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