Computer integrated into Google search engine

Computer integrated into Google search engine
Google ecosystem which has pleased the more users now becoming more perfect with the continuous improvement are complementary. After adding features example sentences given to explain the meaning of the translation tool Translate, U.S. technology company has refreshed its Search tool with a useful feature: displaying a computer pocket of support when users search for related mathematical expressions and calculus. More amazing is that this feature does not just work on the web / PC, it also supports browser-based and mobile search service via voice.   To enable computer support, users simply type a simple arithmetic expression normally (for example, just by typing 10 +2 but do not press Enter and wait 1.2 seconds), then the browser will be automatically displayed on a computer like the Windows Calculator. However, Google products that have certified skills to create much better. With 34 keys, besides including the number keys 0-9, the seal basic calculations, the computer also has buttons to display the special number e, pi, the Vietnamese super functional analysis as a function trigonometric, exponential, natural logarithm and the corresponding reverse function. Clearly, the expansion button helps a lot to those who need a lightweight computer but do not want to launch the software complex, cumbersome, or brought by the heirs a pocket computer. After the computer display, users can use it like a regular computer, manipulating the mouse or keyboard and experience results.   According to Google, the computer also features a stable work on mobile platforms, to facilitate computer users should be arranged horizontally when in use to see Lanscape mode. In addition, users in the English-speaking countries can use the Desktop Voice Search to try to order the search system, when it detects they are reading an expression, the computer will appear for their choice. However, voice search often takes considerable time and sometimes incorrect operation   Reference: TechCrunch ...


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