[QC] Nokia Lumia Festival - price shock - great gifts

[QC] Nokia Lumia Festival - price shock - great gifts
Nokia Lumia - Windows Nokia phone blockbusters are creating festive price shock - very large gift in all the centers of the world system Media Mart. According to 27/7 to 2/8, Media Mart brings rain gift for fans of Lumia: donate rice cooker Sharp 500 days worth 850,000 VND for Nokia Lumia 610, donated 200 Sharp microwave worth 1790 .000 when purchasing the Nokia Lumia 800.     This is particularly preferential Media Mart for two phones running Windows Mobile 5.7 Nokia Mango's most attractive on the market today.   It is great that Nokia touch an operating system that they will produce the high quality machines with extremely good prices. Typically that's the latest Lumia 4.899 million contract for only 610. If purchased on Friday HOT, cardholders will own Lumia Vietinbank 610 for $ 4.654 million contract also.   Nokia Lumia 610 sold for $ 4.899 million contract at Media Mart   Nokia Lumia 610 is marketed as a perfect introduction of the Nokia Windows Phone to young consumers. Users can now access Facebook in contacts, images folder, right in Facebook chat messages. Lumia 610 Nokia browser also helps to quickly and easily with Internet Explorer 9. Especially when buying Lumia at Media Mart next 610 presents a Sharp microwave, customers can get even sim mobifone and Mobifone kit valued at 4.293 million contract.   If an amazingly low price makes you suspect the appeal of the handset, you should know Nokia has developed many applications for machines dedicated Windows Phone so whether its low-price, you also service use, very practical application and Nokia's great.   A great product in this festival is Lumia Lumia 800 Nokia design similar to the Nokia N9, plastic monolithic, beautiful design and the young gu. The mobile phone equipped with touch screen AMOLED ClearBlack technology, size 3.7 inch and 480 x 800 pixels.     Nokia Lumia 800 sold for $ 10,398,000 in the Media Mart   Additionally, Nokia introduced Lumia 800 single-core chip speed 1.4GHz, 512MB RAM, 8MP camera, Carl Zeiss lens, f2.2 aperture, dual LED flash and 16GB of internal memory. Also, cricket support multiple interfaces such as Wi-Fi robust standard n, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS global positioning. Price of Nokia Lumia 800 at Media Mart is 10,398,000 VND 9,878,000 contract price was HOT Friday, presented with Sharp microwave, sim kit Mobifone Mobifone and the value of 8,386,573. This can be seen as the price very attractive gift.   Join Nokia Lumia festival in Media Mart today and ready for the fun!   Www.mediamart.vn details see the website or contact phone number customer care 1900 54 55 66 and PBX sales by phone 04 6262 8888. ...


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