@ CME - bicycle tire air used Senenity not hit flat

@ CME - bicycle tire air used Senenity not hit flat
At the prestigious bicycle race Tour de France, the car rolled to nail or piece of metal on the road not only delay but even dangerous for a basket of the bike at high speed or slope. To ensure safety for the riders as well as removing the external factors that hinder performance impact, last year, tire maker Hutchinson SA is headquartered in Paris came out with tires Serenity does not use gas with 100% resistance to collapse. However, a basket of veteran Steve Boehmke have noticed that the installation was really difficult Serenity tires and tire rims only fit a certain size. To overcome this problem, he built the wheel with tire pair Serenity Built to eliminate the cumbersome when disassembled. Serenity tire structure.Serenity tires are made from a tube with a small cavity inside the hive and fit snugly into a shell designed for professional use. Tires tires operate as any normal bike with 60 lbs (27.2 kg) pressure, tire pressure equivalent to the mountain bike or street bike. Do not use air tires, it eliminates rolling resistance as losses from the gas stream. The weight of a pair of tires Serenity about 3 lb (1.4 kg) and integrated reflective side tires help other means can detect when moving in the night. Also, tires that also provides the ability to absorb shock better than conventional tires tube and assessed wear after 3000 miles (4828 km). Wheels glow in the night.However, Boehmke pointed out that it is difficult Serenity tires mounted and rim size not always be fitted. Therefore, he created @ CME wheels with rim pairs are made from high-grade aluminum and tires built Serenity, users only need to fit into a vehicle that can be used immediately. Boehmke said tire will withstand multiple punctures caused by nails and you just replace the coating wears away. Currently, the CME wheels with tires @ Serenity Built 2 size is 26 x 1.5 inches for most types of mountain bike except some new models use 29 inch wheels and wheel size 700 c ( 622 mm) x 1.5 inch compatible with one speed bicycles, some hard and some hybrid bike or street bike. In addition, Boehmke also offers integrated option Philippines wheel KT 8/9 number, axis 2 sides (flip-flop) a number or Shimano disc brakes. Because cookies can be customized so customers can put shaft equipped with more advanced types.  To bring its products to the crab relay, Boehmke put her up kickstarter project - a website to raise funds for the innovative products from the masses. At the present time, the project has received funding over 1678 USD 1000 USD compared to the original target. The time of product launch is expected in August this year.  By: Gizmag


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