Appcelerator / IDC: IOS leading concern of the programmer, cloud computing is believed

Appcelerator / IDC: IOS leading concern of the programmer, cloud computing is believed
The inventory of the rate of interest programmers to develop applications for each platform Appcelerator, the company provides application development platform using web technology, and well-known analyst firm IDC recently reported results of a general survey of more than 3,500 Appcelerator developers worldwide. These statistics give many interesting figures show the trend and development of existing mobile platforms. Through download reports, the writer has summarized some interesting information below:   A. Apple iOS lead in poll of developers on mobile platforms will dominate the enterprise market with 53.2% rate, but only selected IOS 37.5% choose Android. While survey data, the previous quarter, the rate of two equal parties: 44% -44%. The cause of this is Appcelerator / IDC explains: The popularity of the iPad The accident report regularly on malware on Android Android fragmentation The unofficial report of the IT managers to reevaluate the ability to support enterprise-wide system use Android with complex functions. The inventory of programmers rate forecast operating system will dominate the business environment in the long term Two. Attract developers of the Android operating system has stopped the decline after four consecutive quarters. Compared with 78.6% the previous quarter survey, in quarter 2/2012 is 78.1% said that their programmers "very interested" in developing applications for Android phones. On the Android tablet, that number is 68.8% compared with 65.9% the previous quarter. The cause of this phenomenon is Appcelerator / IDC explains: Strong growth in the number of Android devices sold in the market beat anxiety fragmentation of the operating system developer Cheap Android devices that access a large number of users easier Rapid growth in developing markets has demonstrated the importance of Android in the development strategy for global applications. The success of the Kindle that Fire of the market opportunities tablet cheap and small size The Google Android Market integration into Google Play iTunes and App Store similar can turn Google Play real challenge is Apple. The inventory of the rate of interest programmers to develop applications for each platform 3. The weakening of Android in the enterprise market is an opportunity for Microsoft to enter and occupy the No. 2 position in the future before the No. 1 challenge of IOS on the market dominated nay.Su can be performed by introducing Windows, Office and foundation of the Microsoft Azure cloud on the mobile devices in the near future.   4. Developers optimistic about the future of Windows 8 with 33.3% saying they were "very interested" in the tablet running the new operating system. These can be regarded as a large percentage for a group of devices has not been commercialized in the market. However Appcelerator and IDC said that Microsoft's challenges and its OEM partners that they must sell sufficient amounts Win 8 tablets to stimulate interest and engagement with the foundation of the programmer.   Five. The programmer has a clear desire to transition the application from an ARM to x86: For most programmers mobile applications, the transfer application from an ARM based OS (IOS or Android) to Win 8 RT (also for the ARM architecture) are expected to be easier than from ARM to x86 platform. But when asked, the programmer is also very clear about what they need in the process of converting from an ARM to x86 applications, the demand and the corresponding rate specified in the figure below:   The inventory of the rate of programmers and the corresponding need for transition applications from an ARM to x86 architecture 6. The interests of developers with Windows Mobile 7 platform plummeting (see chart above) from 37% last quarter to 25% this quarter. The cause is believed to come from sales and market share little of the platform as well as competitive challenges Nokia has been recently reported.   7. Cloud computing is still confident programmers, 83% of developers plan to integrate cloud services into their applications. iCloud and Amazon lead the list of cloud service developers trust with 50.4% and 49.1% of developers surveyed. Microsoft Azure No. 3 with 18.6%.   8. The notice (Push notification), integrated social networking services and authentication information (authentication) topped the list of cloud services platform is the programmer intends integrated into your applications.   9. Regarding the attractiveness of the app store, 84%, 78% and 21% the number of programmers who wish to launch an application on Apple App Store, Google Play, and Windows Phone Marketplace next year respectively. Source: Appcelerator / IDC ...


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