British Telecom: Over ⅓ Android malware application

British Telecom: Over ⅓ Android malware application
Over 1/3 applications on the Android operating system contains some form of malware, operating or not operating, that conclusion was made after the application of the test 1000 UK carrier British Telecom (BT ). Shocking information was made in a discussion of NetEvents America conference in Miami has been held recently with the participation of many companies and major telecommunications carriers.Wayne Rash, a technology journalist executive session to discuss the test said he had a phone Samsung Galaxy S3 and equipment that Rash said that "some people considered the best smartphone on the market today" and surprisingly, he finds malware in the Google Android applications are provided. This seems to make statement on BT's become weight.However, although BT still not completely convinced that many people believe, the reason is because they [BT] did not specify whether the application of tests to be downloaded from Google Play Store, App Store or Amazon the app spread over the network (that may have been cracked or not). Hopefully in the next few days BT will have more accurate information about their claims.In another aspect of mobile security, Jill Knesek, of BT security experts and a former network security experts from the FBI, who made the above statement by BT, also adds just a malware example of the possibility of penetration of mobile systems, the actual GPS devices (GPS smartphone also has one of them) can also be hacked, "a young woman who may be stalking, raped and killed before people realize the need for security of GPS information ".On the other mobile operating systems, BT said they will check with our malware problem in the future.Sources: Forbes, EETimes


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