[WP Guide] Using "Find My Phone" find lost phone

[WP Guide] Using
WP7 is a very good function used to find lost phones, called "Find My Phone". When the phone is lost, you can use any computer, open up the web browser will see the machine where you are on the map. You can generate an alarm to know that being near him or not, may order the remote lock with a password and even delete all data in it. InstallVery simple, go to Settings> Find My Phone> Check the second item "Connect to these features faster ..." and "Save my location ...". Done. Positioning deviceFor machines where you are, you use your computer to open a web browser, the site www.windowsphone.com / en-U.S. / find and sign in with your Live account.A large map will appear and indicate the current position of the machine. To be sure, you should click on the words "Refresh" to determine the top again.  Lock, remote data deletionOn the computer screen has three main functions, namely: "Ring" (pronounced press), "Lock" (lock) and "Erase" (delete data). RingThe machine will play a sound on the phone if the phone is lost somewhere near, you will easily discover. LockYou can record a message on the screen while locking the phone, type in the 4-digit password used to unlock and email to get unlock instructions as needed. Done button "Lock" to lock conducted. When you find your phone, you simply enter the 4 numbers to unlock the machine.  EraseThe device is Factory Reset (Format) and return the computer entirely new situation. All data will be deleted phone, including applications, photos, music, account ... Note: After using this function Erase the "Find My Phone" will always turn off and you can not locate it anymore. To erase, you click on the Erase button on the screen, select the box marked "YES! Erase Immediately my phone." Done Erase button below.
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