Cutting boards smart idea - fear no longer cuts

Cutting boards smart idea - fear no longer cuts
Surely you Tinhte (I dare not mention her) most were very clumsy in conversation cooking, dish out delicious fear, there is a fear of other causes not only men that anyone others are not proficient cook to fear, that is ... bleeding cuts. Although men, about cuts, but not really worrying issue is whether we should "sacrifice blood" for a meal. Understanding the fears, a designer named William Rowan gave ideas on the table smart Pego cutting board with colors and some other features such as food trays, you need to sign.   In design, this cutting board table is essentially a large flat surface with many tiny holes on the surface, the purpose of this hole that is the place to be fastened to the plastic button on it. So Pego how to use the off cuts?. Users simply set up the cutting board material (vegetable, fruit, ...) then put the white plastic knob at the appropriate location of fixed objects that are placed on cutting boards, final work At this point we just cut and cut without having to use your hands to hold. Besides cutting board intelligence role, Pego also doubles as desk tasks need to sign, can tell the exact weight of the dish or material placed on it.   The Pego just stop at the idea, but this is a very interesting design and very useful for "amateur chefs" - those who are not really confident when performing operations with knife in his hand.      $ ("# Galleria_396221482"). Galleria ({ width: 490, height: 500, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, idleMode: false, trueFullscreen: false, });   According to Gizmodo ...


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