[Video] Some new features on Windows Phone 8

[Video] Some new features on Windows Phone 8
Although the programming tools Windows Phone 8 Microsoft SDK has not been released officially, but yesterday, the Chinese forum wpxap has posted download links for leaks. As always, the SDK has always been integrated to simulate a device programmer can test and through this application, the mystery behind the Apollo updates have gradually revealed. Here are some new features on Windows Phone 8 (WP8) be a programmer introducing virtual machines. The first is the Start Screen interface. As introduced in Windows Phone Summit conference not long ago, the interface is much improved WP8, no black edges around the screen Start Screen has been removed to maximize the visibility of the screen. In addition, users can edit the size of the Live Tile with 3 sizes: small, normal and double. Accent colors for the number of interfaces are also expanded from 9 to 20 colors basic colors. The list of applications (App List) remain the same and the opening stroke is from right to left.   Lock screen no longer monotonic with a background picture and the date and time again as WP7. Instead, WP8 allows additional content such notice calls, messages, games on the lock screen settings in the "lock screen". The show is also extended, for example you can select the Calendar (Calendar) to display the form details or message (Messaging).   Some notable new features in the SDK:   Sense Data: This is an application built into the system, allowing you to manage data capacity 3G/4G on WP8. We all really understand why Microsoft added this feature on by the WP7 WP8 ago, many users have complained about spending too much money they charge 3G due to continuous update operation of the system. With Data Sense, a user can set the limits according to the data using a regime of time (One time), monthly (Monthly) or unlimited (Unlimited). Users can monitor battery out of the application to Sense Data can be reported directly to the remaining data. Backup: This feature is extremely important and also the major shortcomings of WP7 has now been overcome with WP8. As is well known limitations of WP7 is that you can not back up system, the application list, set and especially the message each time a new version upgrade or hard reset the machine. With WP8, Microsoft has a built-backs in the Settings and you can back up the list of installed applications, custom, Favorite Web pages in IE, the message, or upload images management, video on SkyDrive. Internet Explorer: integrated browser WP8 IE10 with faster page load speed and better support HTML5. In addition, a new point of IE10 is that users can customize the refresh button in browser functions such as quick list of favorite sites (favorites), stop the load / refresh (stop / refresh) and open tabs (tabs ). Camera: take pictures of the interface is enhanced with the left two buttons zoom (Zoom + / -) and instead of buttons quickly flash mode and switch applications (apps)? This is a new feature on WP8. Microsoft has a built Lenses feature to put the camera application to exploit a common interface. Bing Vision For example, when the apps button, you can translate on camera without having to open separate applications. NFC: Microsoft also launched on WP8 NFC communication with the addition of a feature called touch and send (tap + send) in the Settings. Hub: Hub on WP8 Most are improvements. Maps app now has built a map using data from Nokia and you can download maps for offline use. Xbox and Music + Videos Hub will bring a new face close to the theme of Microsoft SmartGlass. In addition, users can access your music Xbox Music - is designed to replace the Zune. Pictures Hub also been improved with many feature selection (multiple select) or select all (select all) to delete or share. Features basic image editing includes additional cut (crop), Tumble (rotate) and tweak the image (auto fix). And many other features that the SDK is not fully supported, but it is clear that Microsoft has added many improvements over Apollo updates that the company never announced. Hopefully in the coming weeks, Microsoft will reveal more when the SDK is officially released.   Image screenshot of the new features and video demo below:      $ ("# Galleria_702684525"). Galleria ({ width: 490, height: 500, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, idleMode: false, trueFullscreen: false, });     By: the verge ...


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