Evaluation of the new features of OS X 10.8 Lion Mountain

Evaluation of the new features of OS X 10.8 Lion Mountain
On 26/7 the past, Apple has officially released OS X 10.8 Lion Mountain, operating system version for the latest Mac computers. OS X 10.8 carrying the more than 200 new features, including these features may include tighter integration with iCloud, share the ability to improve, continue to integrate more features of the IOS (message center, notes, reminders, voice recognition). Impossible not to mention increasing the security of the system thanks to the Gatekeeper, the ability to update information quickly Power Nap and a variety of criteria can help to use our computers a lot easier. What specific changes that have something interesting, it affects how the user? Invite everyone to read.   Upgrading from previous versions of OS X   The upgrade from previous versions to 8.10 is not a difficult job. Apple has chosen method of distribution packages installed via Mac App Store, so people can quickly download to experience the Mountain Lion that may not have to go buy a copy. This measure has been used since its Mac 10.7. The installation process on both your Mac completely out quickly, not having any problems except slightly slower download speeds (which may be due to network your home). Of course, to be able to download like this we must give you 20 dollars to buy a Mountain Lion. However, this is still a very low figure compared to a Windows upgrade ever. Users who bought Macs after 11/6 also subscribe to the free download again. On a Macbook Pro 15.4 "Retina his Mountain Lion installation process only about 30 minutes, the older model Macbook Pro Mid 2009 will take away about 40 minutes. Everything is done automatically, we just to drink water and wait to experience only.   Finder and the desktop   Once installed, the first hit with new users it's a new wallpaper. This background color is lighter than the default wallpaper of the Lion, but I look better and it helps things more easily visible on the Desktop. What other components do not have very many changes.     Mountain Lion on the Finder displays a small progress bar right files and folders that you copy, besides separate dialog as ever. It will help users to track better and more comfortable work without having to constantly switch windows to consider.   On the new Finder and Preview section of it (enabled by touching three fingers on the file or press the Spacebar) that integrates a share button. With this button you can quickly send files and folders via email, drop by airdrop or send it via chat messaging. Each small section of this button will tell you in detail below.     Apple has integrated into its new operating system a few new wallpapers. But perhaps more noteworthy is the Screen Saver section of it. A series of new slideshow items will appear here, allowing you to choose from many types of displays different pictures, such as the image runs from the bottom up, reflection, Origami effects, wall effects to images attached on it, ... all very beautiful and is represented by the illustration easier to understand. Mountain Lion, an additional run screensaver text to help you learn English a new word every day with the same interpretation of meaning, and displays the album art in iTunes. Overall, the OS X Screensaver 8.10 now richer and far more interesting than Lion.     Notification Center   It can not wait to talk to you about this feature. This is one feature that I like many other brothers are expected in OS X 10.8. It is a panel located on the right side of the screen. By default it is hidden away, when to see the message, then you can click on the Notification button at the top right corner or sliding two fingers on the trackpad from the edge.     Notification Center first appeared on IOS is 5. At that time, it has changed a lot the way users receive information from other applications as they all focus on one place, very convenient to manage, not because it is too annoying warnings dance move the middle of the screen. Previously, OS X using an application called Growl to display notifications. If you use Yahoo Messenger, Adium and many other third-party app and then you know about Growl. However, these warnings should be gone then you'll forget something. As for Notification, the message will still appear there, you can say that again whenever necessary.   Notification Center allows to display notices in three ways: None, or not reported at all. Banners: it will make a small little box next to the screen for you to see, and then stowed away on the Notification Center. Finally Alerts: it is also a dialog box like Banners, but it will appear on forever until you press Dismiss or Cancel button, useful for any software related to the notice of work to do, remind small calendar ... You can adjust the display for each separate application by going to System Preferences> Notifications. Also, you can also customize the number of messages appear, application icons, sounds of the notice as well as ordering notice on the application again.   This is the message-style banner If the message appears more than make you feel too bothered, just press the Option button and then click on the icon Notification Center. You can also turn off notifications on the desktop by giving the Notification Center, scroll up, brushed off "Show Alerts and Banners". Do not worry, there are all reported in full in the Notification Center, just that it does not show up Desktop only. It also does not automatically appear when you are with keynotes presentations or when you are coming out to the screen image.   At the present time, the OS X 10.8 is not built on the Facebook sharing feature only be used with Twitter. Apple promises to update the official Facebook support this fall. I have to install a small application released for developers to use Facebook to be a demonstration to show you. When enabled in the Notification Center Facebook and Twitter, two-button "Click to Tweet" and "Click to Post" will appear. You can click on and quickly posted an update to the two popular social networking site. For Facebook, the application will update the list of groups you have meeting participants as well as the security level to specify who will see the status of your entry, just like on the web. You can also add a location for which they are recorded status by pressing the Add Location. OS X 10.8 to find the exact locations based wireless networks. The updates on the current account on Twitter, and Facebook is not.     The quick status update was a very good point of the Notification Center because it helps us save time when not on site to be able to post their thoughts. Imagine you just think is a very interesting and fun to let people know, and yet want to sign up on Facebook to run a browser, enter the web address, click Post Status ... It takes time too ! Now, just a lighter hand, a mouse click, type and registration type, that's it.   iCloud   The development plan has been Apple iCloud long cherished, and with the launch of the Mountain Lion is a cloud platform has really become much more useful than just save images and documents as before. iCloud on OS X 10.8 offers you the ability to seamlessly synchronize between multiple devices to each other, whether it is a different Mac or mobile devices iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. ICloud After logging in, you can customize things that will sync, just like on OS X 10.7, including Photo Stream features, contacts, mail, notes, Safari, Find My Mac (find Mac as lost). I will talk to each part of the new features of iCloud below.   Documents in the Cloud   This feature has previously appeared on the Apple's iWork, now it's improved and expanded to many other applications. On OS X 10.8, when you run a certain application of the app like Pages, Keynote, Numbers, TextEdit, Preview, the first interface that you see is not the main interface of software that is a window which Apple called the iCloud Document Library. The files that you sync to the cloud will be located here. The beauty of it is that you can carry on iCloud share files with others through a small Share button next to the window. If you do not like to see the files in a list, you can switch to icon view. Similar to the IOS, you can also organize these files into separate folders for ease of management more. To create the directory, we only need to take a file and drag it to another file.     With iWork, the way it works no change compared to the official launch iCloud, enough with just a little faster pace. But with TextEdit or Preview, when you see pictures, enter text, you can choose to save it instead of saving up iCloud its drive. Through an other Mac with Apple ID login and run again either this software, you will see your documents. We just need to download a user can start quickly. For example, you are processing a document or viewing photos, PDF files at home, then you need to do now, just save it up iCloud. When the company you just download it and then use, bye USB hard drive removable, self-split methods are inconvenient to send mail. From iWork documents may be viewed on the iPad, while the second sync via TextEdit and Preview are not. Document can be said in the Cloud has brought a very new experience for his job, when they can move between multiple devices together without worrying about copying the files over again.     Reminders   This is a new application on OS X 10.8, adapted from the design of the same name on IOS software. This application helps you quickly create to-do, which is attached to set the time or place to remind those things. The interface of this software is friendly, easy to use and also look more luxurious. On OS X, Reminders adds a small calendar so you can manage your prompts an easier way. Of course it can also sync via iCloud to other devices if you use Yahoo or Google Calendar reminder in these accounts will also be synchronized over a network similar to iCloud.     With each reminder a foreign adding an expiration date, you can also set priorities for doing so. If you set to None, nothing happens, even if you select Low, Medium or High, there is one, two or three exclamation mark appears above the prompt to you.   Notes   Apple says Notes applications will help simplify the notes, and help us remember more easily. Indeed, with Notes, you can note what you like, drag and drop an image from another application (or from the Finder, Desktop) to attach to the notes. You can also drag a link on, the Notes will automatically search the site name and then fill us not only as a link www.tinhte.vn/thread/123456.     Mountain Lion On OS X, double-click the name of the note appears, it will be a small window for you to move notes around your desktop, and resize it to the desired size. Not to mention can not sync via iCloud. You can record your lessons at school with Notes on the iPad, iPhone, then go home on your computer open to review, or you need the address of going away somewhere, you will copy it Notes from the web, if necessary, are attached maps. When almost there, only the withdrawal of the iPhone out and see. Fear of losing the important notes will no longer because everyone copied it Apple's cloud.   Notes attached to the desktop Just Reminders, you can also sync through Yahoo, so you can save iCloud account to record anything related to work, but then to save Yahoo account such chores. Apple have pre arrange a search bar so you can find content faster notes. Note added features to support full-screen display and sort by folder anymore.   Email   new iCloud also integrates synchronous solutions for account information that you have set up using OS X's Mail app Mountain Lion or IOS. All the information of the sender, signatures, markers, VIP list, email will be customized to cloud sync and push on all your devices. In other words, you just change the information on one machine, the remaining equipment will be automatically updated. Also interesting and convenient base.     Ministry iWork update itself when changes are made on IOS   New at day ago, Apple updated its iWork the new version compatible with screen Retina and more support for iCloud delicious. In addition to the documents as before, the new iWork support edited in real time with a file that you are working. For example, you are editing a file on your computer, and files are stored on iCloud. You can use your iPad to edit content, and do not need all that extra content is automatically displayed on the Mac will change. At common open this same file, the application (both IOS and Mac) will be asked to Open or Open as a general backup, and select Open to the general course, the automatic update changes . Update speed is not fast, just average, in approximately one minute, depending on your changing light or heavy. It is also possible at Internet speed test where you have not fast enough to push and pull quickly. (Long time because the machine need to upload IOS, but the Mac to push new information in seconds from the time machine finish uploading IOS press).   Sharing   Share button     Mountain OS X 10.8 user many users connected to how their friends. First of all to mention the Share button that you'll see a lot of time walking through the software on OS X (and possibly third-party applications, of course, in the future when they have additional buttons this). When you click Share, you can share content through email, messenger, airdrop, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and other actions depending on the software. For example, when viewing an image in Preview, click the Share button, you can instantly share your photos. This button also appears in the Finder, Safari, Notes, Pages, keynotes, Numbers, Message, and many other places. Do you remember how to preview a file in the Finder by pressing the spacebar does not? There is also a Share button here.     When choosing to share to Facebook or Twitter, there is a small box called a Share Sheet appears. This card will let you view content sent to prepare, and make room for you to write comments, status as well as select groups of friends are allowed to view the content (ie images) and attach location. If you post photos, then OS X allows you to select album Mountain Lion to post more. According to her, it helps us share faster than traditional methods that run the application / page, select the attachment file is left waiting for upload. Share Sheet does not always occur, because if you share it by email or Message file will automatically insert it right into the app.   Integrate Facebook and Twitter     Tight integration with Facebook is a new point on OS X 10.8. You can proceed to synchronize contacts, calendar events on Facebook to the application on OS X, so you can quickly find the information your friends on social networks. When a friend's birthday is also self-reported OS X up to us, no longer worried about angry because someone forgot your birthday again. As explained in Section Share Sheet, you can share your location, select the group is allowed to see your post as well as the option to upload photos album. Social networks are also integrated into the Notification Center of the new operating system, however it is only in Beta stage should not push the notice of Facebook but just for us to post photos, status, link only. Similarly, Twitter is also fully enjoy the features that you can do with Facebook on Lion Mountain, the only other and more happy because Twitter is already present and can be used immediately and not wait for you as an official Facebook.   Share a richer site       The next feature of the shared directory you want to talk about is when you share the site. When you're surfing the web in Safari, you see an attractive site, you can click the Share button and send to the network in several ways. If you select Email, email the default OS X will open with the contents of the web. Well, the entire contents, including text, images. This is handy because it helps your friends can see now you are willing to share what not to click on the link to download the web, it takes time. If not, you still choose to share the PDF file format (web content will merge all here) or simply send links only. As mentioned, you can send a link to Facebook and Twitter, but in the Share Sheet with thumbnails of the web but when I uploaded then no photos. Perhaps this is the fault of Apple.   Share your photos with Flickr and videos to Vimeo     With him on the Flickr photo sharing, with OS X Lion, you can forget about the web interface of the site then. Select one or more images, click Share, click on the Flickr, attached tag, title, description if needed then click Publish all the photos will be posted soon. After posting to Flickr complete, OS X 10.8 also with auto image link to us always but you do not have to like web and copy link ever again.     With film, you can share to online service Vimeo. Similar to sharing photos, you are allowed to choose to share personal, name, description of their video clips. However, capacity is limited to 524MB for a video, maybe they used free account. I do not know your account is limited waste capacity has been raised or not.   Airdrop   Features airdrop is faster to send files between Macs together via a wireless connection. The Mac may be in close proximity to the Finder> airdrop to start searching system, and when seen together, you just drag and drop files to send. But this is on OS X 10.7 feature is already there. Mountain Lion on the manipulation of them is shortened because airdrop has a built-in buttons present. You can send airdrop files and folders even further.   Messages     The forerunner of this application is iChat, but in Vietnam we did not use it much because the level was less support for Yahoo, manipulate settings are configured to run with Yahoo (many Vietnamese are used) also still too complicated. Up to Mountain Lion, Apple has overcome these weaknesses. Now you can chat with friends Yahoo a convenient interface is almost identical with Yahoo version for the Mac (but do not last very long version of Yahoo and more errors). You can also send messages to other friends using Message on IOS or other machines, even play them is always with Google Talk and AIM account again. Advantages of Message compared to other existing chat application is that it integrates very well with Notification (because by Apple), so you can maximize the power and convenience of the new notification area on the Mountain Lion .   During the chat, you can send files with a maximum capacity up to 100MB for your chat, including HD images and movies. A small image will appear to you to review your new image sharing, also with the Messages video for playback directly within the application. Messages also built a new FaceTime button at the top of the window so you can quickly call someone at Apple ID and log in to FaceTime. Previously, to make calls through this service, you must enter separate applications on OS X. Messages have the option to notify when a message is sent or received, so you will know his real message to the recipient or not.   This is the default interface of Messages Of course, there is lots of Messages discomfort. First of all, it does not default the list of friends to us as Yahoo! Messenger or Adium chat application that is hidden. If you need to view, choose Window> Buddy List or press shortcut key Command + 1. Second, the sending and receiving attachments is not really smooth. You can get the file from another person using Yahoo, but can not send anything away from the Message. Only if you use chat with you then do is use iMessage. When the Yahoo account to send a file, you will see a box that appears, do not any information on that chat line at all. Messages notice that he or she sends an attachment and you have to right click on this line, click Download to download the file to your computer. Also, you can not send multiple for many people, Messages not allowed to do this with a Yahoo account. In general, if you are a believer then Messages Yahoo chat is not a good option, even if just to chat and exchange information, you should consider convenience and Messages because it integrates with delicious Notification Center.   Mail, Calendar and Contacts   Mail applications has been a major upgrade in Apple launches Lion, also on a Mountain Lion, then it is only slightly updated only. Perhaps the most notable feature is VIP. Mail lets you check the users that you feel important, and all of the VIP letters will appear in a separate section. For example, I choose my friends on the VIP section, when a person's mail, the notice will appear in the Notification blue star. In the Mail, you will see how many unread mail that person. VIP list will be updated on the Mac iCloud or six other IOS so you do not have to set up VIP list again.     Calendar improvements are also helpful for us more simple operation. In addition to integration with Facebook, the new stuff in the Calendar as Calendar Side Bar (a table appears on the left of the app), a small calendar appears for the time for the event. Both Calendar and Contacts are tightly integrated with Facebook, where it will display the full data from your Facebook account. Watch as two of the most important information when using a computer, the phone has been consolidated into one place.     If you search application that displays your contacts with Address Book names will not show you where because Apple has changed its name in Contacts, then the same on IOS. Besides the name, there's not many new features appear on the Contacts, it's only one thing is more integrated Share button to send your contact information via email, Messages or airdrop. All contacts, from iCloud, Yahoo, Gmail and Facebook to be found in Contacts.   Safari   By default, Mac OS X preinstalled Mountain Lion Safari latest version: Safari 6. This browser feature embodies much interesting and attractive, making your browsing experience much easier. Impossible not to mention integration with iCloud to make smooth browsing experience whether you're holding in your hand equipment whatsoever.   First of all I want to say to the address bar and search bar are combined together. This feature has previously appeared on Chrome and Firefox (if installed the add-on), is generally more convenient to separate out. Soon after opening a new tab or you can type a web address, or content to be searched. Meanwhile, on the Safari 5 and earlier, if you want to search, move the mouse or press Tab to into the search box. It will also find web sites you have visited or saved bookmarks as soon as you start typing.     6 also incorporates a Safari-style browse through your open tabs in a very strange and beautiful, it's Tab View. Normally when you use two fingers to close in, open the web page will zoom steps, respectively. However, when zoomed out as much then nothing happens anymore. But with the new Safari, as they continue to zoom out with multi-touch, the tab will display thumbnail images (it is not really very small) in real time. Thus, you can view the contents of each tab so the tab will be easier, do not worry if you are confused on a lot of cards.                                                                 Conclusion   ...


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