Megaphone in hand Speakers for iPhone

Megaphone in hand Speakers for iPhone

Megaphone is actually a special speaker in a multitude of speakers for iPhone or mobile phone today, it is made of porcelain and non-electric. Speakers and shelves are made in Italy, in which speakers are made of porcelain with a design similar to a prison and a stereo speaker or rather ancient. I stuck with two round red leather with pattern pattern taken from the Dong Son bronze drums seem to give it a more classic look. This speaker is like a toy show class luxury than a normal speaker. The is being sold for $ 15.5 million, much higher than other mobile loudspeakers.

I tried many different types of music, the saxophone is a category which can be the best. In many album I heard the album Love Over Tran Manh Tuan shown to be very or quite far away and drives off.

The strengths of this speaker is no electricity, luxurious design, speakers and perfect wood craft with very high quality. Ability exaggerated music is average but the possibility of trimming, showing very good. Weaknesses are fragile, expensive and only available for the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s.

Thank you for your loan Phong Thai speakers make this introduction.

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