Windows 8 will focus on supporting graphics acceleration hardware

Windows 8 will focus on supporting graphics acceleration hardware

Microsoft engineers just described to us details of graphics acceleration hardware to improve graphics performance OS brings a variety of styles Metro and transition effects. With Windows 8, Microsoft focused on four main goals include increasing the smooth style experience in the Metro, which provides hardware acceleration for Metro applications, enhancing the capabilities of DirectX and finally support multiple graphics hardware than ever before. According to Microsoft, the framerate is one of the important criteria to calculate the graphics performance on Windows 8. At speeds of 60 frames / sec, all effects will take place in a smooth, even when interacting with your finger on the touch screen.

In addition, open process application must also be ensured happening fast enough, from the time a user clicked on the program icon to the application that displays on the screen. The transitions, the ability to render geometry and text characters as well as improved features compared to Windows 7. On Windows 8, Direct3D 11.1 API used by Microsoft for hardware accelerated 2D graphics, text, image processing, 3D graphics and video.

Source: MSDN


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