Over 400 tests Infographic, 01/08 published the results

Over 400 tests Infographic, 01/08 published the results
Hello, contrary to the organizers expected, the number of tests "do Infographic funding" has exceeded many expectations. After 2 weeks, we have 407 entries (including valid and invalid). This number exceeds several times the total number of subtle Infographic that worked so far. Many tests have very creative idea, beautifully presented and interesting content to make BTC surprising. Infographic Post time ended at 24 hours last night on 24/07/2012. Today BTC will start the browser and pick out all the beautiful and best Infographic. Estimated time results will be announced on 08.01.2012. Again, we have three major awards including a One handset HTC HTC Desire S and 2 C. BTC is also considering adding a number of prizes for the test too much. List of awards will be announced on 01/08 on. Note: Because of all time has expired, you should not edit your posts again, though for the time you post is before 24 am on 24/07 but if BTC was found to edit posts after a period this article will be disqualified. Here, to invite you to see all of the remaining tests Infographic: [Execution Infographic] The interesting thing - Animal World]] [Execution Infographic] Vespa History [Execution Inforgraphic] Subject swimming [Execution Infographic] Kute Kamasutra Theme [Execution Inforgraphic] Caravat, a breeze. [Execution ifographic] Why buy iphone? [Execution Infographic] The story of the universe [Execution Infographic] Do you know about bacteria. [Execution Infographic] Backstreet Boys 1996-2012 [Execution Infographic] Adidas and the journey. [Execution Infographic] The difference between the two hemispheres. [Execution Infographic] About the Solar System (Solar System) [Execution infographic] Mickey & Donald: The interesting information you may not know [Execution Infographic] "Google this, since I heard about Android and HTC go" [Final] [Execution Infographic] The formation, development and decline of NOKIA. [Execution Infographic] Facebook in 2012 - Things did not know [Execution infographic] ORANGE pain [Execution Infographic] Earth: Present and Future [Execution Infographic] August Revolution [Execution infographic] About Pho Vietnam [Execution Infographic] The HTC SENSE CAPABILITIES 4.0 [Execution Infographic] Linkin Park [Execution Infographic] The distant cousin of the human [Execution Infographic] Refuse & Garbage [Execution Infographic] Work and health [Execution Infographic] Android Versions Over the period in [Execution Infographic] Thierry Henry a legend [Execution Infographic] beats TINHTE.VN [Execution Infographic] daily nutrition. [Execution Infographic] Do you know about the Photosynthesis [Execution Infographic] Did you know: 12 Zodiac [Execution Infographic] The development of Android through the versions [Execution Infographic] Alcohol-was not the secret garden [Execution Infographic] Kiss - You know not [Execution Infographic] 7 billion people in a picture [Execution infographic] An overview of TinhTe [Execution Infographic] Work and health [Execution Infographic] Tinhte.vn and interesting things [Execution Infographic] Twitter - 10 figures surprising [Execution Infographic] Steve Jobs strength of the difference ... [Execution Infographic] WEB BROWSER HISTORY ....... ........ [Execution Infographic] The "kingdom of bicycles" in the world [Execution Infographic] Homosexuality and the numbers [Execution Infographic] Infographic Design Process [Execution infographic] life-changing technology [Execution Infographic] 100 year history Brands Converse [Execution Infographic] 10 years of BlackBerry: From Brick to BOLD [Execution Infographic] The process to have a cup of coffee in Vietnam [Execution Infographic] extremely toxic [Execution Infographic] The human body [Execution Infographic] effects of music in life [Execution Infographic] WHAT MOST IMPORTANT [Execution Infographic] The aliens [Execution infographic] - Photography: photography - the basic theory [Execution Infographic] Happy Tree Friends (Final) [Execution Infographic] Facebook [Execution Infographic] WHAT we eat? [Execution Infographic] A bit of fun with cream [Execution infographic] I LOVE YOU [TEST INFOGRAPHIC] 5 interesting facts about the first appointments [Execution Infographic] QWERTY & more [Execution Infographic] Coca-Cola [Final] [Execution infographic] Cream birth like? [Execution Infographic] HP Envy 14 Spectre [Execution Infographic] E-commerce during the reign of Smartphone [Execution Infographic] Penguins [Execution Infographic] Solar System - Basic knowledge [Execution Infographic] Wind power and benefits. [Execution Infographic] Siri - Intelligent Assistant - has finished speaking out? [Execution Infographic] Instagram You know what? [Execution Infographic] Infographic Resume [Execution Infographic] Life begins [Execution Infographic] Vietnam War through infographic approach [Execution Infographic] smartphone do you use each day [Execution Infographic] You happy? [Execution Infographic] The financial situation of some technology giants VN [Execution Infographic] National Vietnam story [Execution Infographic] "Bug" cute - Volkswagen Beetle [Execution Infographic] The bricks build happy home [Execution Infographic] process through the development of the Windows version. [Execution Infographic] The bad habit of Civil Engineering [Execution Infographic] Titanic took what the ocean bottom. [Execution Infographic] TO BE CONCERNED OVER YOUR EYES [Infographic competition] The interesting thing about the human brain! [Execution Infographic] What's new on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean [Execution Infographic] FACEBOOK and the magic number! [Execution Infographic] Traffic jams in the city and the statistical [Execution Infographic] The Android version [Execution Infographic] Traffic accidents in Vietnam [Execution Infographic] Country and things to know [Execution Infographic] These interesting statistics about Smartphone [Execution Infographic] Google - The unthinkable! [Execution Infographic] because of the Live! [Execution Infographic] Sperm [Execution Inforgraphic] Skytree Tokyo - Tokyo's new pride [Execution Infographic] I was [Execution Infographic] aff cup ...


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