Images and configuration of the LG Spectrum 2 leak

Images and configuration of the LG Spectrum 2 leak
Since its introduction of phones with high resolution screen Spectrum in January, LG is not any official action refers to the upgrading of his little pet when it has new LG Optimus LTE II in May. However, that time may not be far off when Technobuffalo recently said they just received a new LG phone from a provider of telecommunications network equipment for Verizon in the U.S.. The site quoted a reliable source confirmed that this is the upgraded version of the phone LG Spectrum (equivalent to the LG P930 Optimus Nitro HD) which had the opportunity to introduce tinhte.Comes with picture front and back of the phone is some information to disclose details. Accordingly, the LG Spectrum 2 is the second version of LTE is Verizon LG Optimus ordered separately with some significant hardware improvements over its predecessor Spectrum. Besides advanced screen is expanded to 4.7'' True HD IPS, a highlight is that the new version of LG Spectrum is equipped Snapdragon processor dual core 1.5 GHz clock S4, this is on the chip is equipped with high-end Android phones such as HTC and HTC One X One S.In addition to supporting Verizon's 4G LTE, the source said Spectrum 2 will integrate the signal processing chip GSM and UMTS, the two technologies are almost all other networks worldwide use. Thus Spectrum customers to buy two can easily make international roaming when traveling. Users in Vietnam would be very excited with this information so they can safely buy equipment without any worry about system compatibility issues if it is moved through the notebook. It is known that Technobuffalo phone in hand is the Android version of 4:04, however, it is anticipated to hit the market when it will be upgraded to the 4.1 platform Jelly Bean's latest Google.Here are two configurations of the LG Spectrum Technobuffalo revealed that:True 4.7-inch screen HD IPSProcessor 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S41GB Ram16GB Memory8-megapixel cameraSupport 4G LTE, GSM, UMTS (3G)NFC supportAndroid 4:04 (can be upgraded to 4.1)Source: Technobuffalo


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