Bob Feldstein, who helped AMD's GPU is on the popular console, have to work for NVIDIA

Bob Feldstein, who helped AMD's GPU is on the popular console, have to work for NVIDIA
U Wii, one of the gaming machine using the AMD GPUBob Feldstein may be a name unfamiliar to us but with the game console manufacturers like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft should not do this. Feldstein is deputy director of strategic development of AMD, responsible for relationships as well as licensing agreements with companies producing console. He has served as deputy technical director of AMD ATI before it was acquired. Feldstein is the man who supervised the design, integration to Xbox 360 Xenos GPU, GPU Hollywood on the Wii and the Wii graphics chip Radeon U. In the console market by large companies to develop the PlayStation 3 is used only by NVIDIA RSX GPU. However, this may soon change because recently, Feldstein has been transferred to work for NVIDIA.According to the Wall Street Journal, dated 13/7 is the last day last Feldstein worked at AMD. To date 16/7, he was officially on the NVIDIA. AMD said the transfer of this work is purely personal decision of Bob Feldstein, and the company has enhanced his contributions in nearly two decades for ATI / AMD. NVIDIA does not endorse or reject the question of whether the company has hired Feldstein to help her regain market share over the sample console GPU or not. However, an Nvidia spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that he "will help us think about the licensing of technology projects at the present time and future."Feldstein is not one of the senior staff left AMD in recent months. Earlier this year, chief technology officer Eric Demers was off work at AMD, then to May, then he switched to Qualcomm. Rick Bergman, vice president and CEO Dirk Meyer and AMD split last year.According to the verge, Wall Street Journal


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