IBM and scientists are building a large radio telescope in the world

IBM and scientists are building a large radio telescope in the world
a system of radio telescopes (radio telescope)To find out origin of the universe need to use the telescope as hard as possible by information about the history of the universe is contained in the radiation emitted by billions of years ago. Knowing this, scientists from the United States, Australia, New Zealand and India have recently started building radio telescopes world's most powerful Murchison Widefield Array name (MWA) is located in Western Australia Outback (a remote area west of Australia). Due to depend on the ability to handle the received signal, after consideration, the project has recently decided to partner with IBM to provide technology information processing resources.There are approximately 51 million cost of the 4096 dipole dedicated, MWA is expected to receive the extremely weak signal emitted from the "memory" about 13 billion years ago, before the universe. The radio signal reception is from 80-300MHz frequency will be receiving continuous infusion of cluster computing systems iDataPlex dx360 M3 IBM to transform into sky images with clarity and detail never before it. Known amounts of information transmission in a cluster on which this system to handle up to 50TB (terabytes) and transfer rate of about 8 GB / s, equivalent to 2,000 songs / s.With the help of MWA and processing system of IBM, the scientists hope they can understand the process of formation of galaxies, stars and planets. The telescope will also be used to study the election photosphere (heliosphere) of the sun during the active phase of this star as well as study the interesting astronomical object such as the pulsar (pulsar) .Picture of the system design of radio telescopes MWAPicture 3 position after completion of that systemand the video view from above of the MWA (design):Source: BusinessInsider, EquitiesAnh: NASA, MWA Facebook, ICRAR


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