Humans set foot on the moon, film and broadcast live on earth how

Humans set foot on the moon, film and broadcast live on earth how
July 20, 1969, the U.S. Apollo 11 first put a man on the moon and the first steps of Neil Armstrong was filmed and broadcast live on earth. Not only for the world to see the development of the aerospace industry of the United States, but the video is streamed live from the moon also is historical evidence of human to set foot on this 43 years ago.   NASA documents have emphasized the live broadcast from the moon on the earth is very important for the authenticity of the task because so many people skeptical about the ability of Americans at that time, however it is a real challenge. Westinghouse company is charged with developing camera recording is Stan Lebar chief engineer working in the project Apollo lunar TV camera. His task was to create the camera capable of operating in the temperature range from -156 degrees C to 120 ° C and operated with 7W power (just enough to light a Christmas tree).   There are two cameras are used in this particular task. Color camera will record from the command module on Apollo 11 while the black and white cameras will record the footsteps of Neil Armstrong on the moon. The camcorder can only record 250 lines of data light black - white at a speed of 10 frames / second, worse than any phone that has video recording capability at present. But then, so is enough to prove to the world that the extraordinary ability of humans.   In 2009, NASA has restored the video recordings set foot on the moon with a high resolution version (HD). Recovery Team Leader Dick Nafzger said "nothing new is created, it is all recovered and extracted data from the old video." Signals from the moon when it is transmitted back to Earth in Australia and America, which is then converted into standard signals and sent to Houston to broadcast television. Thus, more than 40 years ago, people have set foot on the moon, recording and broadcast live on the earth at a distance of about 400 thousand kilometers to the TV in the living room of every home in the world.           Source: Gizmodo, The AtlanticHinh photo: Tokyo5.wordpress ...


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