Pure invite you to donate blood, was 2/2012

Pure invite you to donate blood, was 2/2012
Dear brothers and sisters on the board in particular and the whole Tinhte.vn general readers. It has been over 3 months from the time we went out together to donate blood before period (04/08/2012). So here is an opportunity for us to participate in blood donation, (2nd - 2012). This is an opportunity for people to meet to exchange, intimate conversation and fun. Voluntary blood donation Session will be held this Sunday at 8 am, 29/7 this weekend. Time and location as follows: Siblings City: - Location: Center City voluntary blood donation. HCM, 201 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 1. Phone: 08 3925 3045, 3925 6957, 3925 4097 - Time: 8 am Sunday, 29/7/2012- Contact Information: South Air (@ Airblade14): 0989 10 11 22Long (@ coulomb): 0908 23 6006Hoac number of blood donation centers: 08 3925 3045, 3925 6957, 3925 4097 Siblings HN: Blood Transfusion Institute of Hematology UONGDia only lasted 14 Tran Thai Tong - Hoa Yen - Cau Giay - Ha NoiThoi time: 8:30 am Sunday, 29/7/2012Dien Phone: 0438685582-38686008Fax: 04.38685582Email: vienhhtmtu@nihbt.org . vnThong contact: Harry, tel number 0986675515 (@ heaven1987) Those of you not in two places mentioned above can participate in blood donation centers in the District Red Cross district where they live, not necessarily the HN or City to donate blood! On behalf of the patients are in need of blood, send to your siblings and thank you most sincerely. Wish everyone health, success and happiness. Fill out to register to donate blood


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