3nana assessment, most readers of Vietnamese device

3nana assessment, most readers of Vietnamese device
At first I was introduced Alezaa, an electronic book reader platform Vietnamese and now we have another system to read the magazine: 3nana. 3nana background is a multi-platform support for more than 60 top Vietnamese various magazines on the computer (Windows, Mac, Linux), iPad and Android. The magazine 3nana quite diverse with many different genres, from electronic to beauty, from shopping to health effects ... Computer users can read 3nana by application or browser, users iPad also has its own application Android users are still not there, just for temporary 3nana Samsung tablet and perhaps it will soon be released widely in the future.   Experience: I've tried reading on two different tablet is the new iPad 9.7 "Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and 7.0". Reason 2 is selected products that I want to test two operating systems and two different screen sizes. Indeed, experience over 2 3nana device is not much difference, except for the iPad more convenient to use big words and the magazine loaded speeds a little faster as well.   If you have ever read foreign magazines through Zinio is 3nana also similar, however, 3nana mechanism uses a lot more disadvantages: the whole of their software platform built on Adobe Air and then combine for iOS and Android. This means that applications will respond more slowly than applications written in native code. Moreover, due to native code based on that interface, the command does not pop up under the Apple and Google standard, non-aesthetic. On the other hand, as well as Adobe Air, but on the iPad 3 interface rather bad, interface, menu written in broken because poor resolution.   So, why reading experience? When long-term purchase or put a magazine on the site, as to the application it will show up there for us to press the button to download but not download automatically. In case your not up-then you can press the refresh button to display the magazine. I do not like this way because some foreign newspapers I have purchased over Newstand, every time a new number it automatically downloads all for themselves. Meanwhile, we have to download 3nana started manually each new newspaper without loading the entire selection or automatically download.   Return to reading, as mentioned above, 3nana use Adobe tools for their applications and of course pdf format would be preferred. We can not see this pdf file it shows as a regular photo, you can zoom in and out. There is an advantage worth mentioning here: 3nana pdf using extremely high quality, 100% zoom, but his image is very sharp and detailed. Furthermore, by using pdf file that has some advantages 3nana than newspapers, magazines have a section in color, black and white, but a whole 3nana used as a color.   What disadvantages of doing this? As a friend said to me, similar applications Zinio is usually a lot lighter jpg file is uploaded from the front, then when the user last used zoom to pdf in order to ensure a smooth application. 3nana contrary, they do not use any preloading mechanism at all (or use too little memory to save RAM so efficiency is not high). Therefore, each time to the page we have to wait to reload the machine, but soon the construction site, only about 3 seconds for complex pages with multiple images, but still cause a lot of discomfort for the reader.    $ ("# Galleria_136834893"). Galleria ({ width: 490, height: 500, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, idleMode: false, trueFullscreen: false, }); On the computer, read the 3nana have experience better. It has options for automatic loading applications, display options, page numbers, page transition effects ... However, the ability to turn the page has no much improvement, although they are still quite slow to use a computer 4 of Ivy Bridge, 8GB RAM and SSD.    $ ("# Galleria_1291904146"). Galleria ({ width: 490, height: 500, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, idleMode: false, trueFullscreen: false, }); Price: A platform magazine that does not have much to read, then surely it will fail. Fortunately for 3nana that they own a diversified portfolio, approximately 70% of the popular magazines on the market. What we should care about is how the price of them. In this regard it is not really appealing 3nana when the price of the magazine is still quite high, at over 50% of the cover of the print, there are individual publications cover more than 75%.   Why say high prices when the price of these publications still cheaper than paper? This is because when using electronic journals, we do not spend money on paper, a huge cost. Moreover, with a new platform as 3nana the price is a very important thing, how many users Vietnam is willing to spend money to buy something does not exist before? Perhaps this habit only when changing the current pricing of new 3nana work.   Moreover, the cause of their suffering 3nana assessment is because they do not give up any effort to edit the magazine fit the small display that pdf file calf health resources to all devices ranging from 7 "to 10". The machine-readable 7 "almost continuously to zoom to see more clearly the user is 10" a bit more comfortable. If 3nana reconstruct each article one by each segment, each different frames, they can completely take it to the phone and the user is easy to accept this price more.   If you prefer to read a certain magazine, you can subscribe for 6 months and save 10-20% depending on the detector. There are newspaper put it off for as long as many, you should check carefully whether the long-term place enjoyed promotion or not.   Save more, you can check out the Free and Reduced Price. These are usually the first 1-2 months notice has been slow compared to the current issue but it's still worth reading is high. Of course, with this reading, you have to buy each sheet of a hand but the software does not automatically update the latest free sale.    $ ("# Galleria_1921656787"). Galleria ({ width: 490, height: 500, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, idleMode: false, trueFullscreen: false, }); Conclusion: If reading this article, you'll probably think a lot of processing 3nana but frankly the 3nana his highly rated because at least they also assembled an attractive portfolio and also magazine dared to offer a solution for Tablet PC users. However, to succeed in need of improvement 3nana thoroughly before making application to the market. How do current 3nana fit only tablets, hard to apply on the phone is popular today. Hopefully the new Alezaa upgrade, they will have native app, improved speed and load custom pages for magazines and other mobile devices.   Advantages: Image quality is very high. In full color pages First magazine rich. Support for multiple platforms   Cons: The application is not good. Prices remain high magazine. Not optimized for the phone. ...


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