Windows Phone 8 does not affect sales of Lumia

Windows Phone 8 does not affect sales of Lumia

Nokia announced financial report Q2 2012 with the remarkable number of product lines Lumia, although hole 1.04 billion in the quarter but the Finnish company remains optimistic by Lumia's sales were not much affected after Microsoft launched Windows Phone 8 with no supporting information updated to version Lumia new operating system . Nokia CEO - Stephen Elop stated in a press conference yesterday: "The fever Lumia has been pushed up again in a few weeks after the appearance of WP8".

In addition, Nokia also first confirmed that the company intends to continue selling Windows Mobile phones before the official release of Windows Phone 8 as well as continue to update equipment. Thereby, most likely Nokia will use Windows Mobile version 7.8 for its low-cost equipment.

In the meeting, Elop stressed the decline of Symbian is a matter not affecting make a profit when the needs of users with devices running the old platform is still high and may not be offset by the Lumia.

Nokia's smartphone sales grew 45% in North America , reaching EUR 128 million mark for the first time in nearly a decade. From March to June, Nokia holes EUR 1.4 billion or 1.7 billion. "Nokia is trying to manage this transition process," Elop said. "We have sold 4 million phones in Q2 Lumia and we believe Windows Phone 8 will be an important catalyst for Lumia."

Besides array smartphone, Nokia also announced product revenue streams of ordinary phones touching landmark USD 73.5 million, up 2% over the same period last year. Analyst Francisco Jeronimo of IDC notes: "About Nokia's quarterly loss was less than expected and the number of ordinary phone sales are increasing, this is a good sign. Revenue results for the Lumia rotation strategy that the company can succeed. "

The remaining cash of 4.2 billion EUR Nokia, down from EUR 4.9 billion in Q1 this year but still better compared with EUR 3.7 billion forecast by analysts. After publishing the financial statements, ratio of the Nokia share price has bounced back 15%.

Rate of Nokia shares rebounded
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