Picture phones Samsung Galaxy S3 version London 2012 Olympics

Picture phones Samsung Galaxy S3 version London 2012 Olympics

Information about the Samsung Galaxy S3 has become "official handset" the 2012 Olympics Oplympics upcoming in London, England probably not new by Samsung have stepped up advertising campaign this superior product line ahead of the event, but the message is clear pictures of the special is still a mystery. Page ePrice has today published the pictures are for the Galaxy S3 version of the Olympics. According to sources, the machines are canned in Taiwan and will have two versions for customers to choose, both of which differ only in the back cover, a copy can later be engraved on the British flag, while the Left cover image with English soldiers.

Besides the cabinet is decorated, some quite unique accessories are also presented with Oplympics occasion place, specifically the purchase a special Samsung S3 Galaxy will be presented with three small statues in turn corresponds to the shape of a cycling athlete, a boxer and a Tae Kwon Do athletes weightlifting. In addition, this limited edition Olympics will be simulated headset to the shape of a British soldier, you do not expect too much into this by foreign soldiers listening function, his model only been used as decoration only.

The price of this particular product has not yet been disclosed, but Samsung allows pre-order the protective cover outside the UK flag for about 10 USD (nearly 210,000 dong), with which the company may give free downloads of wallpaper on the occasion of the London 2012 Olympics on 27/7 here.

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According phAndroid



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