[Video] Robot multi-sensor Sami PrimeSense like Kinect

[Video] Robot multi-sensor Sami PrimeSense like Kinect

This is Sami
PrimeSense robot, the company provides 3D solutions for the Microsoft sensor Kinect, has said that its products will be put to use on a robot platform named Sami CRIIF by the company (France) development. PrimeSense sensors will be integrated in the upper body of the Sami to help it identify people and at the base as to avoid collisions with objects in time travel. In the words of thanks PrimeSense the 3D sensor and open source software platform that people can OpenNI programmed to Sami "do anything humans can do, including lifting heavy things and opening ". The price of around $ 100,000 Sami and uncle have been selected as one of the 15 robots capable of commercial success at the exhibition futur e-En-Seine is happening in France.

a potential application for PrimeSense is the ability to work with people in the industry. A moderator can stand several miles before the robot and move your body, your arms naturally. PrimeSense sensor will recognize and mimic the Sami controls "identical" to that action. Also, it can also be used to support the elderly, the disabled, used in the entertainment field, replace the people who work in hazardous environments, and many other practical applications when it officially out.

Please find video of robot Sami

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