RelayRides introduced OnStar service with rental car without the key exchange

RelayRides introduced OnStar service with rental car without the key exchange

In March, OnStar - a subsidiary of General Motors (GM) specializes in providing security solutions in the car, navigation voice and diagnose the state system means remote, has partnered with suppliers for car rental service under the model of P2P (person leasing the car of your spouse) RelayRides to develop a range of services new. After 3 months of work, today, the two companies announced the car rental service fast without key exchange. All operations are performed on mobile phones.

The OnStar service operates on Verizon's CDMA network infrastructure in the U.S. and Bell Mobility in Canada, together with positioning technology GPS. The cars in the GM brands like Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac have built a special system. OnStar will provide APIs for programmers and system of RelayRides will have access to key features such as determining the location of the car or lock / unlock car doors remotely. This means the RelayRides rental customers can unlock the car's OnStar assistance system with smartphones or by replying to SMS messages. Meanwhile, customers who register OnStar service can easily lease the cars do not use their market on account RelayRides directly from OnStar. Thereby, making the car to not be a profitable source of income up to hundreds of dollars each month without having to install expensive hardware or have to meet to discuss the key tenants.

OnStar service is enabled by Advanced Telematics Management Operating System (Atoms) - cloud platform specialized in technology the most powerful car on the market today and are connected to nearly 6 million customers worldwide OnStar . At the end of this summer, OnStar will provide for extensive API for third-party partners.

To better understand the technology advanced car rental partnership with RelayRides by OnStar, invited the second video you see below. In the first video, Engadget has conducted tests to unlock the ability to close the door of a Chevy Volt on the iPad remote.

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