Video and picture latest leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Video and picture latest leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
On 15/8 to be for this is time that Samsung will introduce products related to the company's Note Galaxy. And yesterday, as an affirmation for this information, a promotional video Note Galaxy tablet 10.1 "has appeared on Youtube. Be put online by Step Management account, a company representing the model, this video is 30 seconds duration showed a 10.1 Note the Galaxy is equipped with S-Pen pen and capable of multitasking with an app called MultiScreen. In addition, version 10.1 "also has a feature called Shape Match can allow users to draw pie chart with a marker S-Pen. Despite a clear image, the configuration information about the end or the selling price does not appear in this episode. Video ads Galaxy Note 10.1Meanwhile, in Korea, website Brave Post said they had "hands on" the white version of this device and is accompanied by some pictures of proof. Besides the information that anyone previously heard rumors about the configuration of the Galaxy as Note 10.1 1.4GHz quad-core chip, the 5MP camera, support for HSPA + and S-Pen slots, the Brave Post said their device has 2GB RAM, and screen 16:10 7000mAh capacity battery. In terms of features, Brave Post also said that they have the upper hand machine can act as a companion for your phone: allows sending and receiving messages from the tablet or become speaker phone. It is not clear the technology behind this feature before, but HP TouchPad also use Bluetooth technology Message Access Profile (MAP) to perform similar functions. Note the image of the Brave Galaxy Post:   $ ("# Galleria_1053474104"). Galleria ({width: 490,height: 500,maxScaleRatio: 1,preload: 3,idleMode: false,trueFullscreen: false,}); Video introducing features on the notes in the PDF file Note 10.1 of Brave Galaxy Post: Video shows common features notes on Galaxy Brave Note 10.1 of Post: Source: Electronista, TheVerge, BravePost


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