Try Nexus Q

Try Nexus Q
Google was launched at Google I / O past, Nexus Q is a rather special equipment than ever product of Google. It's a beautifully designed device, strange and good quality hardware. But what we do with it is not much. Google wants Nexus Q is a device that will help them get the content out of the big screen, loud rig instead of on a Smartphone or Tablet both content while Google is prepared. I tried the Google Music and Youtube, and watch films with services that appears after installation is complete Nexus Q but not used. Remember, we only use Android Smartphone or Tablet Android to control Nexus Q not transmit content. All content from Nexus Q to TV or audio rig is on the cloud, Google Play.  Question: Google Nexus Q used to do?Answer: to download content from the Google cloud (Music, Youtube, Movie) to see on TV or heard through the gantryQ: Can I perform music, video or image from my Android machine gantry via the TV or not Nexus Q?Answer: No, the phone or your Android tablet is just a controller. Content will come from the clouds of Google. Hardware:Nexus Q is made in America, something rarely seen in the world of civil information technology today. Nexus Q Quality of hardware, materials, ports, light is great. But there are some ridiculous that Google should have the time and later versions will be overcome as it is difficult MicroHDMI port plug and the port is located deep in the Nexus Q by its round shape. These difficulties are not much if you just set it up first and use not to take it to different places and set up again and again. Set Nexus Q:Set Q is an extreme form Nexus, I have tried several times to establish a connection between the Galaxy Nexus Nexus run 4.1 or 4.1 of its Windows 7 will also run with Nexus Q, One X running 4.0 also encounter similar difficulties while Google said on their website is just 2.3 is satisfied. NFC on Nexus Q have but it seems like the only function to download the application site on Google Nexus Play Q not help making the connection between control devices and Nexus Q. Not as easy as connecting the Nokia NFC phones with speakers or headphones with your Nokia NFC. What a shame. Nexus Q applications on Android.Q Nexus on Android applications can not download from Google Play on, it does not support Vietnam as well as many other markets, I had to find apk file on your computer and install them. After setup is complete, the Nexus on Android Q inform you about 2 or 3 things that you can do is play Google Music, Youtube and Google Movie. Meanwhile the Galaxy Nexus Nexus 7 or that part of their Google Movie not found despite the APK file installed from the outside, be sure to hide should not be played. One also saw Google Movie X but no icon to transfer content via the Nexus Q. We can choose light colors for the Nexus Q, it will correspond to the colors shown on screen music. Music is taken (stream) from Google Music and movies are from Youtube. Youtube we can see in the Vietnam market, while Google Music is not. Music is his use Google is because I have used it since the Beta, when Google have not closed the Vietnam market. TheNexus Q is a device that strange, beautiful, good quality hardware. However, we do not have much use for it and the complex connection between Q and Nexus, as well as control devices require high-speed network to stream content from cloud to cause difficulties for people user. We also can not transfer content such as picture, video and computer music in our Android Nexus Q is limited to very large. Nexus Q is selling $ 299, more expensive than $ 99 Apple TV. While the Apple TV we can not only view the content from the cloud but also can transfer content from the IOS device as well as MAC via Apple TV. Maybe Google needs a few more years to have a more efficient and Nexus Q is used.    $ ("# Galleria_1110245028"). Galleria ({width: 490,height: 500,maxScaleRatio: 1,preload: 3,idleMode: false,trueFullscreen: false,});


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