Tablet will help the electronics market turnover exceeded 200 billion U.S. dollars this year

Tablet will help the electronics market turnover exceeded 200 billion U.S. dollars this year
Association of American consumer electronics (CEA) announced that revenue from the market of electronic devices in this country will rise 5.9% this year (higher than predicted in January) and reached 206 billion USD. If predictions are correct it will mark a major step forward in history when first purchasing these items exceeded $ 200 billion. According to analysts, the results are impressive due to the strong growth in the segment of the tablet.   CEA said that the participation of many technology companies with a lot of class software platform, the variety of configurations, sizes, styles, prices and associated applications have allowed consumers more options when buying a compact portable computer. With sales estimated at 68.5 million devices, some people buy tablet has increased dramatically at a rate of 83% compared to last year. As a result, manufacturers are expected to earn 29.1 billion dollars (10.8 billion compared to early predictions). The numbers say that the tablet is a device capable of attracting users to quickly post was produced until the present time.   Of course the market's growth was due to a contribution of other popular devices are smartphones. This year the total number of smart phones users will be taken off the shelf equipment up to 108 million, up 24% from last year. In value terms, 33.7 billion dollars will leave the bag and into the American public account of the manufacturer.   While there are TV segments capable of Internet connection is also expected to increase 56% of sales with 10 million units, corresponding to the amount of $ 9 billion (revenue up 20%). The laptop has a slight increase with the expected 21.3 million devices sold, totaling $ 14.9 billion.   CEA adds that in 2013, electronics market in the United States continues to increase by 4.5% and reached 215.8 billion U.S. dollars revenue.   Source: Yahoo NewsAnh: Marketingland


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