Microsoft improved printing features and support printers on Windows 8

Microsoft improved printing features and support printers on Windows 8
Microsoft recently published an article on his blog to talk about the improvements in the printing on Windows 8. Adrian Lannin, in the head of Microsoft's new operating system that uses the printer driver architecture 4th generation speed up operation of the device as well as reducing space for software installation. Version v3 driver for Windows 2000 and Windows 7 will still be a complete run with Windows 8. The number of printers that Windows 8 support devices available is 2500 with a total storage capacity to contain the relevant data is 184MB, while these two numbers is 2100 and in Windows 7 446MB. The older driver from the Windows Vista will be brought to Windows Update so users can download to use as needed. Microsoft says Windows 8, the company has developed a new method to reduce the number of driver pre-installed operating system, but the printer supports more than the previous version, which is the class print driver framework (temporary : frame class printer drivers). This is a scalable system to support not only for the current printer, but also for the equipment used in the future, even if it is not manufacturer design. Print class driver framework very important role for RT Windows computer (windows 8 for the ARM mirror) in the context of these devices only accept pre-installed the printer driver only (in-box driver). With print driver class framework, Microsoft said that they have taken a further step closer to providing printing experience without drivers. To successfully implement this desired co-operation needs a lot of hardware companies, but basically the above framework has set the foundation for the will of the company. Microsoft believes that the next will have more printers can be used immediately without installing Windows 8 driver. The quality and features of the driver has been enhanced, while using it increasingly easier. Microsoft's new operating system also promises a print model in which a driver or a printer page description language (page description languages ​​- PDL such as PostScript, PCL, and XPS) are compatible with many printer. For example, a printer inform the operating system (through code compatibility - compatible ID) that it can be printed up with the XPS file, Windows 8 will be out and out through the print driver overall (driver printer class) in the case failed to find specific device driver. This model will only be compatible with other devices in future integrated ID compatible. In the old model (left) and model supported by Windows (R)Microsoft adds interface elements of the printing will be separated from the driver is not common as before. This helps developers to bring richer information for users as well as simplify the print job control. It has built-in interface to devices if manufacturers feel no need to create an interface. It can also switch between windows forms or formats depending on the print Metro is emitted from common applications or applications Metro. According to MSDN


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