[On Hand] 3 anti Xperia phone go

[On Hand] 3 anti Xperia phone go

I called the phone Xperia third go against because it can resist water, dust and scratch-resistant (screen). It has a compact shape, lightweight plastic casing, the front is a 2 layer similar machine Xperia sola should look very modern and youthful. The port of the machine with plastic covered to prevent water and dust. Inside the blue lid is lined with white very popular machine, accents have created a highly aesthetic.

The screen size of 3.5 "(with the iPhone ) should be relatively small body. The rear look pretty simple but it is a monolithic layer of plastic, not be assembled from different pieces. This is very similar to polycarbonate plastics, if authentic it's scratch resistant casing will be very high. Sony says it has equipped Xperia go a technology called "Wet Finger Tracking", allowing users to manipulate the touch screen even when the water . I tried to put it directly under a running water and saw almost no action on the screen, when the water stops flowing, the screen is still wet, then you can manipulate with high accuracy . machine has proved to normal operation after continuous flushing cisterns and even soaking in a full glass of water.

Another point which is unfortunate for your screen resolution only 320x480, quite low, not high quality display, the many broken grains. time in the machine is running on Android 2.3, fast processing speed, smooth and may be coming to 4.0.
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