[Green Summer 2012] Together participate in "the old computer - new knowledge."

[Green Summer 2012] Together participate in

I am a student of University information technology, as well as a green soldier summer 2012. Today I made this topic to mobilize people to join together a campaign called "old computer - new knowledge," this is a program very meaningful, I wish you guys heat tinhte.vn public support.

University Information Technology (IT University) under the National University of Ho. Ho Chi Minh
public university specializing in the IT industry was established on 08.06.2006
by Decision No. 134/2006/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister. University Information Technology training
Bachelor, Engineer, Master and Doctor of Information Technology majors.

From 14/07/2012, the IT University will join the 2012 campaign with
MHX about 100 students in the district in HCM City .... The main task is universal message
school for more than 1,000 people with level A certification exam informatics.

Student volunteers repair the old machine.
In addition, the commander of the campaign found that the needs of remote areas on land
water is more difficult to access the advanced knowledge society. To reach the tri
new, people in the regions and remote areas should be equipped with devices
information technology. While in our city, these devices can take advantage of donated and recovered. Getting
from MHX 2009 campaign, promoting the initial success, the campaign MHX 2012
fronts continue the "old computer - new knowledge" to donate old computers,
old events ... flexible to the students repair and reuse, assembly into the computer
awarded at the local, remote and universal implementation of the Informatics people.

Our agencies and individuals own computers or computer components
old, no longer in use, please contact we


Union Office - The IT University. Address: Km 20, Route Hanoi,
Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC. HCM.

Phone: - 08.8781929 (office group)
- 01,699,131,606 (see Hai Thanh)
- 0979134266 (see Rooms)

Email : uittinhnguyen@uit.edu.vn

Website: http://www.doantn.uit.edu.vn

We will send the students to take place to recognize the contributions of your body,
benefactors. And we also make sure that your device agencies, donors will come
correct address should be supported.

Thank interest and contribution of your body, benefactors.


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