UCLA developed transparent solar cells made ​​from plastics

UCLA developed transparent solar cells made ​​from plastics

Scientists at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) has successfully developed solar cells made from a plastic almost transparent to light. This invention is really a big step toward a goal of window glass of the glass features that we normally use but it can produce electricity. Recent developments of UCLA has been published in the journal Nano ASC.

It is known that the attractive features of the solar cells made from polymer molecules of plastics, scientists study has focused on developing the materials in the past so that it can be applied widely in life. However, these materials often must satisfy two properties almost do not exist on an ordinary matter, that is, it must achieve high optical performance while allowing light to pass through completely.

Many other research groups around the world have tried to make that come true, but the results just released their materials are not perfect: either they absorb light most light, or photovoltaic performance of these materials is very low.

To solve this problem, scientists at UCLA have created a new material by combining a with special plastic film made from alloys of silver nanotubes and titanium oxide nanoparticles. The plastic used is very sensitive in terms of solar radiation in the infrared and visible light absorption. Meanwhile, the silver film will be on the role of the electrodes and the light passing through them completely.

Thanks to the unique combination of, the type of battery has just been made to balance the two criteria set out: it will absorb infrared radiation and electric current passing but transparent to visible light region (wavelengths from 0.4 to 0 , 74 micrometers). As a result, the panels can be for photovoltaic performance of up to 4% (an ideal performance for solar cells), while for 70% of the light from the outside environment from the external environment through.

Professor Yang Yang, the team leader said the results of small studies open the possibility of capacity to produce solar cells in the form of polymer materials (polymer solar cell - PCS) to equip hiet portable electronics, smart windows, photovoltaics integrated in-house as well as other useful applications. Moreover, as new batteries are made from plastic so it will be very light and can easily bends to create the appropriate shape. This is an extremely important factor to produce a large number of products and reduce costs.

Source: UCLA


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