[The hand] 4 of the HP Envy Ultrabook

[The hand] 4 of the HP Envy Ultrabook

4 Ultrabook Envy is a midrange laptop from HP, the machine pretty light (1.75 kg) and not too thick (less than 2 cm ). The design of the machine there is not much different from the recently released product with a metal screen cover, so scratch along from top to bottom. I really like this design because it feels luxurious and powerful. The downside is that it is the most annoying fingerprints too much grip.

Unlike the upper body, lower body of the machine is made of plastic and covered with a velvet feeling quite soft to the touch , not stiff like conventional plastics. The machine does not have USB ports, just stop at 3 ports and 2 arranged in both side. Of which only a USB 3.0 port located on the right side, the ports are basic enough rest. The height of the gate is made nearly equal to the thickness of the lower body should look neat and nice, not too harsh as some previous HP products. Grille of the machine size is very long and is positioned at the back of the machine, this position can help us use more comfortable, but not worried about the hot hand.

The keyboard design is also something I really like the HP because it is square, and very easy to press. But Envy's keyboard has four levels high, this type has not been feeling well. Along with the keyboard, the entire inside of the computer screen, including borders, shells, hand and mouse hand table is all done with a very nice black, the statistical arm is made of metal and there are tables set gill process architecture and climbing on. But fancy but actually not very well used. There will be times you have to mouse very much and dragged out the length of the touchpad, this time the fingers will touch the touchpad rim and the accused rather annoying. The surface of the gill area is also unique in that it has the consecutive circles placed close together, but it is difficult to see with the naked eye but when you drag your finger will feel the ridges of this. Feeling drag mouse on the table as normal, good speed and not be dragged much friction. Above the keyboard there is a large diaphragm speakers, the sound system using the Beats Audio for loud and clear volume.

Configuration of Envy 4 Ultrabook (1012TU):

-3317U Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge (3M Cache, 1.7GHz, 2.6GHz Turbo Boost up)
Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
4GB RAM 500GB HDD + 32GB

mSATA Display 14 "LED HD BrightView, Intel Graphics 1366x768 4000

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