Ten (10) Methods and Ways to Improve Home Safety & Energy-Efficiency with Smart Technology

Top 10 Methods and Ways to Improve Home Safety and Energy-Efficiency with Smart Technology

Think of the times you may have left the iron on, a pan on the stove, a window open, or left the garage unlocked.Smart technology gives you the means to eliminate or manage these potential disasters with new appliances. All this is done from the convenience of a smart phone.

Home Safety and Energy-Efficiency

Safety at Home with Smart Technology

1. Fire is a constant risk at home with faulty appliances, unguarded open fires and kitchen accidents. Smoke alarms are a necessity in all homes but run into disuse if they go off when just a piece of toast burns. Smartsmoke alarms know the difference between burnt toast and a burning sofa. They use a laser light to analyse the spectrum of emitted vapours and give a quick fire alert. Some smart smoke detectors can register burning insulation before any large amount of smoke is emitted.

2. Smart burglar alarm systems trigger lights and sounds when an intruder steps on or near a sensor along windows, doors or gardens. The alarm can be monitored from a smart phone. Even smarter systems send a reply to the intruder, such as the sound of a very angry barking dog. Check on the wide price range of products available if you want to find out more about home security systems.
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