Some dictionary or software for Android

Some dictionary or software for Android

Dictionary is always indispensable software on mobile devices generally include operating system Android. As it is now time that we have a lot of dictionaries developed for this operating system with a wide selection of different languages. This article will summarize some dictionary or software. Since I usually only use English - Vietnamese - English should certainly flawed, would you add another dictionary or software to be more efficient.

BlueDict with data of Babylon and MDict < br />
Google Play: BlueDict
See the original post: The Babylon dictionaries for Android phones

BlueDict Its strength is that it uses the dictionary Mdict of Babylon and therefore can say this is the data dictionary is the most massive. The current topic threads Babylon dictionaries for Android phones is a member @ Siu R has converted a lot of different dictionaries, you can use to download and use.

BlueDict Play for free on Google, the installer less than 1MB, so good data that it runs pretty fast and smooth. Once set up BlueDict, copy the dictionary file of the form. Mdx and. MDD in / sdcard / BlueDict / Dicts on the phone that can be used. (Including a dictionary. Mdx file that contains data. MDD is the file containing the image, not some dictionary file. MDD)

BlueDict also supports cross-reference in section such as browser software, ebook software. It also is full of ingredients such as transliteration, pronunciation, illustration ... This software uses text-to-services available on Android speed so it runs quite well without waste of resources. < br />

Google mSPDict Play: mSPDict
See the original post: mSPDict, dictionary indispensable for Android users

This is dictionaries that are members @ tienlbhoc development, also supports multiple languages ​​and different data sets, you can create your own dictionary with available tools. With BlueDict above, you must manually download and copy data on, also with the installer on Google mSPDict Play was available 2 dictionary including 106,063 from him, including Vietnamese and Vietnamese 42,252 from him.

Have you also can download additional adequate data: 386 710 from his Vietnamese, Vietnamese 387,517 from his (still unsigned gathering 367,669) and 444,129 from him he (wiktionary) and many other dictionaries in the original post link . Also you can add sound to mSPDict data to enable better accent.

MSPDict Version Free Play together with a Google banner ads but still fully functional . If you want to turn off the advertising process to help the program run faster, less resource consuming, batteries and do not advertise when they look up the registration you can get the activation code as below. (Although, the ad blocking ad processing is implicit resource accounting)

Google Andict Play: Dictionary Reference Andict all
origin: (Link 1) Andict - Vietnamese Dictionary for Android & (Link 2) Dictionary andict

This can be seen as the first dictionaries for Android devices. The first is the development and later I @ @ hminhngoc peacemoon repackaging, Google released through Play. Thus we can set this dictionary even easier, after installation you can choose the dictionary to use and free software download data about. Because data is slightly larger so it's best to have wifi connection.

Drawback is that we only have 2 dictionary is English - Vietnamese - English, but also enough if you do not require too high. Note that this software can not pronounce.

Google Vlook Play: Vlook

Dictionary English - Vietnamese, developed by dienmay . com, Google released free on Play but with banner ads. Ministry data English - Vietnamese software consists of 60,000 words, in addition to English dictionary 3000 words commonly used. But not many words, but it has something or is already available in the dictionary pronunciation. With no word pronunciations available, you can click on the speaker to download it free from there on pronunciation.

Adds other software that you can try:

Goldendict ColorDict-English-Vietnamese dictionary, Vietnamese-English interface
Lac Vietnamese (mtdEVA) for Android
Diotek DioDict 3: English - Vietnamese ( Vietnamese - English)



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