Nokia Lumia 1001 smartphone -leaked!

The fresh rumored in Nokia windows phone is leaked – a smartphone boasting a super-cool features and specs. According to Buzz Nokia is going to release at its first Windows s 8 phone device soon. Comes in thinner body, a high-resolution display and an almost bezel-less glass screen. 

Nokia is obviously quite heavily dependent on Microsoft’s fledging platform since ditching Symbian, and the Lumia range has been very successful so far, with Apple affiliates Steve Wosniak singing its praises not so long ago. Thus, while consumers except plenty of decent new devie thanks to the flexible dual-core supprt, the next in line to the Lumia series is rightly the most anticipated. 

Nokia Lumia Wndows Phones 8 device through Remote Device Access, a system which allows user to detect and connect the Nokia hardware. Designed for developers as opposed to snooping tech enthusiasts trying to uncover new devices.

This new Nokia Lumia 1001 smartphone is rumored to have features that’s include the use of upcoming Window 8 Operating System, 32GB on-board, 4.7-inch multi-touch screen and a 4G LTE ( Long Term Evolution) connectivity. 

On the other hand, a Nokia Lumia 1001 is not exactly out of the bounds of reality as presumably Nokia would have such a dvice label reserved for a super high, perhaps PureView Windows Phone. Still, even if it’s a hoax or just a misunderstanding, Nokia will undoudtedly be lotting a Window Phone 8 device, and personally I cannot wait to notice and see what thae Finnish company comes up with. Whatever it might be, i have our hopes high.


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